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In an age where social media is almost at the forefront of everything, there are some faces that one cannot miss in a room of crowded faces not because they are social media personalities but because they have been used as memes so much that almost everyone is used to them. One of such people is Phil Swift.

Swift is a businessman, a web sensation, as well as a comedic person who has come to be known for different things such as his work for the Flex Seal products. Phil has been in the marketing industry for a very long time, since the 1980s. Thanks to the internet, he is now famous. What is more, is that he has now become some sort of a pop culture icon.

Bio (Age) – Who Is Phil Swift?

Phil Swift is a businessman who is also the co-founder of Flex Seal Family of Products as well as its spokesman. He is famous for different advertising campaigns that he has been part of for the company, which has attracted attention to his product while also making him an interesting person on social media.

Inasmuch as he has come to be known as Phil Swift, he was actually born as Philip Swift in the United States in his hometown of New York in 1944.

He was brought up in a very humble background alongside two brothers, Rick Swift whom only little is known about and Alan who joined his older brother to found Flex Seal. It is not known if he has any other siblings apart from these two.

For his education, Swift went to the University of Houston from where he graduated. In the early 1980s, he launched himself into the marketing and direct sales market. He started his company, Swift Response together with his brother, Alan, who is also into the marketing and direct sales industry. They have successfully sold specialty products into the thousands and have promoted many other products.

One of the main things that would push the company forward is the manner in which Swift does commercials, which are always funny. Phil Swift’s fame came in 2017 after a video was posted on YouTube by Jon Tron centering on Flex Seal infomercials in the past. The video changed Phil Smith from a popular meme to a real celebrity after it attracted more than 40 million views.

His Net Worth

A man with so much talent to make great ads campaigns to easily move someone, Phil has achieved a lot in his career as a businessman who runs his company, Flex Seal, as well as its spokesman. With that said, he has become famous and rich thanks to it. Phil Swift has a net worth that is estimated at between $10 and $15 million.

Is He Dead?

The internet has announced so many celebrities dead in the past, even when such people are very much alive. Phil Swift has, unfortunately, found himself in this class. There have been rumors in the past that the man had died; first in 2011 and then in 2018, the rumor resurfaced.

Nonetheless, Swift is not dead. While because of advanced age he is not as active as he used to be, he is still very much alive, and from all indications, he is in relatively good health. He still shares contents on his social media and still releases videos including a Christmas infomercial for the 2018 Yuletide.

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Other Facts About Phil Swift

Phil Swift
Phil Swift and son Nic (Image Source)

1. Even though it is known that he has been married in the past, there is no information available on his wife. However, it is known that he has children including two daughters. He also has a son whose name is Nic Swift. Nic is a music producer who lives in Los Angeles.

2. He is said to have been brought up by his mother after his father had left the family, he lost her to the seas when he was a young adult.

3. Phil Swift has a height of 5 feet 6 inches. However, his body weight is not known.

4. He is famous as a meme and has good followership on social media, with more than a million followers on Instagram.

5. He has been nicknamed “Destroyer of Worlds”.

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