What is Jeff Bezos IQ Level and Score?

Jeff Bezos’ IQ level and score haven’t been made officially public yet though it is estimated to be about 150.

Jeff has made a great name for himself in the the world as an entrepreneur and has, therefore, made many wonder about his intelligence level. His IQ has garnered public interest, especially because of his numerous successful endeavors. He is the CEO and founder of Amazon as well as Blue Origin, a private spaceflight service. Jeff has received praise for his leadership and entrepreneurship skills, though his IQ level is not known.

What Is Jeff Bezos’ IQ Level?

As earlier mentioned, there is no public data available on Jeff’s IQ level as he hasn’t revealed it to the public yet probably due to personal reasons. But based on the estimates, his IQ is approximately 150. It is no surprise that a man in his position and caliber will have an IQ of less than 150 which is similar to business mogul, Elon Musk.

Jeff is the founder and owner of one of the largest companies in the world (Amazon) and he is directly responsible for the development of the company and its investments.  Handling such a huge business empire requires a great deal of intelligence.

Therefore, experts have attached an estimated IQ of 150 to Jeff. Although we are yet to know whether or not this estimate is correct, it does not take away the fact that he is one of the most intelligent men alive.

Jeff Bezos’ Educational Background Shows He Is Intelligent

Jeff Bezos was a guru in school. He graduated from Princeton University in 1986 with a degree in electrical engineering and computer science. At the time, Princeton was one of the top-ranked universities in the United States. To be precise, it ranked no.4, and as of 2022, it is ranked no.1 among the national universities and no.16 globally.

Before Princeton, Jeff attended the gifted program at River Oaks Elementary school. It was when he participated in River Oaks’ gifted program called the Vanguard program that he was able to harness his passion for inventions, computers, engineering, and space.

Additionally, Jeff graduated from high school in Miami as one of the best in his class; he was also his class’ valedictorian. In addition, he had a high enough score on his SATs which gained him admission to Princeton. Bezos graduated from the prestigious ivy league university with a 4.2 GPA. All of these feats would never have been possible if he did not have a high IQ.

Moreover, in the book titled ‘The Bell Curve’, the authors, Herrnstein and Murray revealed that those who score high on mental tests in elite universities are bound to be intelligent. This is because to get there, you need impressively high scores. That score can be converted into an IQ score that falls amongst the top 1% of the population with exceptional intellectual abilities.

Therefore, since Jeff Bezos graduated from an elite university, he’s probably among the top 1%. In addition, Bezos made it to the peak on Forbes’s wealthiest billionaires list between 2020 and 2021. Maintaining second place on the Forbes list of 2022 is still quite impressive considering the affected markets. All these prove how intelligent the American businessman is.

Is Jeff Bezos A Genius?

The answer as to whether Jeff Bezos is a genius or not depends on the angle analyst sees it from. In the area of invention and discovery, one can say Jeff isn’t a genius. He never really discovered anything, rather, he’s just smart enough to figure out the business to invest in and the best that works for him.

Therefore, Jeff Bezos is no genius like Einstein or Hawking. Notwithstanding, we can compare his level of intelligence to that of Elon Musk. Both entrepreneurs were not the brain behind the creativity in their various business ventures.

In the aspect of choosing the best business venture, profitable investment, and making healthy financial choices, one can conclude that Jeff Bezos is a genius! Jeff’s intelligence can be compared to the likes of Thomas Alva Edison and Steve Jobs.

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