Who Is Damien Prince? How Old Is He and What is His Net Worth?

Damien Prince is a 32-year-old American social media star, musician, and YouTuber born on February 18, 1992, with a net worth of $5 million. 

Damien’s YouTube channels titled D&B and The Prince Family have amassed a large fanbase of over a million subscribers. He is known for sharing prank videos and short videos on couples’ life on YouTube. The vlogger and his wife have collaborated on several music videos including Shees, Now We Up.

Summary of Damien Prince’s Bio

  • Full name:Damien Antwon Prince
  • Nickname: Damien Prince
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: February 18, 1992
  • Place of birth: Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States of America
  • Damien Prince’s Age: 32 years old
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Pieces
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Education: South Side High School
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Damien Prince’s Wife: Bianca Raines
  • Damien Prince’s Children: DJ, Kyrie, Nova, and Ayla Faith
  • Damien Prince’s Parents: Damion Cryer and Sybrena Cooper
  • Siblings: Late Deonte Antone Cooper, Darion Cryer, Sypairra Cooper, and Margaret Foster
  • Damien Prince’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 9 inches
  • Damien Prince’s Height in Centimetres: 175 cm
  • Damien Prince’s Weight: 68 kg
  • Body measurements in inches: 44-32-39 inches
  • Body measurements in centimetres: 111.76-81.28-99.06 cm
  • Damien Prince’s Net worth: $5 million
  • Famous for:Sharing prank videos and short video on couples life on YouTube
  • Damien Prince’s Instagram: @demianprincejr
  • YouTube: D&B channel and The Prince Family

How Old is Damien from the Prince Family?

Damien Prince is 32 years old and was born on February 18, 1992, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the United States of America. He grew up in a middle class family who are all Christians. The vlogger is an American by nationality and an African-American by ethnicity.

Damien grew up alongside his four siblings in Indiana, USA, under the watchful eyes of their parents. His younger brother, Deonte Antone Cooper, passed away in 2017 by drowning in a lake after he smoked weed. The names of his other siblings are Darion Cryer, Sypairra Cooper, and Margaret Foster.

Details of what his siblings do for a living are currently unknown. The vlogger attended South Side High School. Details of his early school years and if he attended a university have remained under wraps.

What is Damien Prince’s Real Name?

The vlogger’s real name is Damien Antwon Prince. It has become a norm that most social media sensations always shorten their names or take totally new names or nicknames. He has also joined the league as he usually goes by his two names, Damien Prince, leaving the middle name Antwon. He is better known by his first and last name, which he is usually addressed with.

Who Is Damien Prince’s Dad?

Damien Prince is the son of Damion Cryer. Damion is a businessman and has also pursued a career as a social media sensation. He is known for creating mukbang videos and also sharing family vlogs and reaction videos on his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel, The Cryer Family, has over 500,000 subscribers. The views gotten on the account also run in millions on a monthly basis.

Who Is Damien Prince’s Mom?

Sybrena Cooper is the mother of the YouTube vlogger, Damien Prince. It is not certain if she has her hands on anything yet, but reports have it that she is a housewife. She has contributed immensely to the career paths of her children and husband.

What Is Damien Prince’s Net Worth?

Damien Prince is seen to have a net worth which is estimated at $10 million. Through his various careers, he has been able to build his net worth. The vlogger earns massively from his YouTube channels, where he constantly posts vlog videos that have hooked his followers to the channel.

He also has may songs to his name as a musician. With his engaging posts on his social media handles, he has garnered millions of followers. Damien equally endorses various top brands. Below is a look at how his net worth has seen a meteoric rise over the years:

He Has Millions of Followers Across His YouTube Channels

Damien Prince

Damien Prince started his journey as a vlogger on YouTube in March 2016, after creating the D&B channel with his wife, Bianca Raines. The two created the channel with the notion of using it to have fun, but it became a sensation over a short period. The channel went viral for the pranks they created together and short videos on the couple’s life.

This has helped to bring him closer to his fans who do not have a close contact with him. The channel now has over 4.1 million subscribers and 296 million views. Damien Prince, together with his wife, created a second YouTube channel known as The Prince Family.

They usually share documentaries of their family life, which include their family members and children. The channel has over 9.1 million subscribers and 2 billion views so far. Reports have it that he has an estimated monthly earning of $4,630 to $7,400 and an annual earning of about $5,600 to $89,000 from his YouTube videos.

The Vlogger Has A Booming Music Career

Damien is without doubt bent on entertaining the masses. He has released several songs, in which his wife has featured with him in many of the music videos. He takes to his YouTube channel, D&B Nation to promote his songs. The songs that he has released so far include Now We Up, 12 Year Old Brother Diss Track, Can’t Stop Won’t Stop, Sheesh, and many more.

Endorsement Deals And Other Ventures That Increased Damien Prince’s Net Worth

For someone like Damien, who has succeeded in growing a large fan base through his social media handles, he is sure to bag ambassadorial deals. He landed an ambassadorship with CapBeats, a company that customizes hats, snickers, bags, and many more. Asides from this, there are also various other brands that he endorses that have not been revealed to the public.

Damien also earns from paid promotions and advertisements. He usually takes to his YouTube channels to promote and advertise brands and is seen to earn well following his  large fan base. The vlogger also makes money through sponsorships from companies or brands.


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