Lisa LaFlamme Health: Does She Have Brain Cancer or Surgery?

Lisa LaFlamme’s health has been the subject of much speculation, of which the former Canadian television journalist has confirmed non. It was reported that the disappearance of the CTV journalist was due to ill health. It raised the speculations that she had brain cancer and also had surgery.

After working for CTV for over three decades, the rumors surrounding her dismissal sparked several health-related speculations. Some speculated that Lisa LaFlamme’s health condition led to her dismissal. Read on as we unfold all that needs to be known about Lisa LaFlamma’s health.

What Happened To Lisa LaFlamme? 

Lisa LaFlamme’s health started gaining much attention after she took a sick leave in October 2021 to have abdominal surgery. It was speculated that she may have gotten the COVID-19 virus, but CTV cleared the air, stating that she was on medical leave. They also revealed that she was recovering from an illness unrelated to COVID-19.

When she returned, she didn’t comment on the cause of her sick leave and the illness she had treated. Likewise, CTV ignored further updates on what made the CTV News chief anchor take a sick leave.

Did Lisa LaFlamme Have Surgery?

Yes, the former CTV News chief anchor once had surgery. The report from CTV that informed the public about the reason for Lisa LaFlamme’s absence from the CTV News reports stated that she is undergoing abdominal surgery.

However, fans were still curious to know the particular illness she treated during the break. To these fans, it is not just enough to tell them that Lisa LaFlamme had abdominal surgery. They needed to know in what part of the abdomen she was having issues that got to the extent of having surgery. She didn’t bother to further clear the air on that as she moved on with her normal activities, thus keeping the rumor-mongers in suspense.

Lisa LaFlamme’s Dismissal from CTV Fueled the Speculation Of Her Alleged Brain Cancer

Since there are no credible sources to support this claim on the internet at this time, Lisa Laflamme does not have brain cancer. Numerous news reports concerning her illness were published online in the days that followed her unexpected departure from CTV. However, she hasn’t confirmed that she had brain cancer or surgery for its treatment in the past few years. Checks on her social media accounts gave no proof that she had brain cancer.

After expressing remorse about quitting CTV, Lisa Laflamme’s illness and present condition of health has come to the attention of many of her fans. She had a lot of people wondering if she was sick now or had been for a while.

Some sources still claim that Lisa Laflamme’s brain cancer was part of why her contract with the CTV was terminated. However, these claims may be false, as reports from Today point to her grey hair as the reason for her dismissal. They further reported that LaFlamme’s dismissal made other organizations like Wendy’s and Dove temporarily change their logos to include grey, thereby encouraging awareness of women’s aging.

This report may be accurate, as there hasn’t been any concrete information from Lisa LaFlamme’s end confirming if her health is the reason for her dismissal. Since she has not confirmed having brain cancer, we believe she is in good health. Lisa recently tweeted her unwavering appreciation for her supporters and followers.

Where Is Lisa LaFlamme Now? 

Lisa LaFlamme got a new position almost a month after CTV News revealed that her contract would not be renewed. According to the report from, the veteran news anchor will be in charge of CityNews in London as the network begins in-depth coverage after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.


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