Jeff Foxworthy Net Worth and Career Earnings

Jeff Foxworthy’s net worth is $120 million. He earned his fortune from comedy, movies, TV series, TV and radio hosting, business, real estate, book sales, and more.

Jeff started life as a staff of IBM after he dropped out of school. It was while working at IBM that he discovered his forte in comedy and from there, he moved into other career paths in the entertainment industry. He managed to find his way to the top and today, he is listed among the most successful comedians of all times.

How Much Is Jeff Foxworth’s Net Worth?

As of the beginning of August 2023, Jeff Foxworth’s total net worth was estimated at around $120 million. He was not this rich decades ago. The first time his net worth surfaced on the internet space was in 2007 when it was pegged at $3.1 million.

Since then, the hilarious comedian has come a long way. Fast forward to 2018 when a thorough review was carried out on his income head and total bank balance, the results showed an admirable boost with $60 million.

Through hard work and dedication to his numerous career paths, Jeff kept on broadening his horizon which in turn increased his income heads, His bottom line for 2019 was $70 million and $80 million was calculated as his net worth in 2020.

In 2021, Jeff was worth $90 million, in 2022, $100 million was recorded for him, and by the middle of 2023, a recent review pegged his fortune at an astounding $120 million.

What Is Jeff Foxworth’s Salary?

The same review that pegged Jeff Foxworth’s most recent bank balance at $120 million also revealed his annual remuneration to be $10 million. Jeff reportedly takes home $1 million on a monthly basis, according to the review.

As one of the entertainment industry’s most in-demand performers, Jeff charges higher than what an average performer might be satisfied with.

Sources of Jeff Foxworthy’s Net Worth

Jeff Foxworthy is one astute entertainer that did a great job of diversifying his sources of income. He earns huge revenue as a comedian, television personality, actor, movie producer, voice actor, TV producer, screenwriter, presenter, radio personality, author, and more. Below is a Bullet list of his income sources.

  • Comedy
  • Acting
  • Hosting
  • Business
  • Endorsements and commercials
  • Real estate

Jeff Foxworthy’s Early Career Led him to Comedy

Jeff Foxworthy’s dad, Jimmy Foxworthy, worked at IBM and was one of its executives. Thus, after Jeff dropped out of Atlanta’s Georgia Institute of Technology, he opted to join him at IBM as mainframe computer maintenance unit staff.

While discharging his duties at the company, Jeff would find himself entertaining his colleagues with rib-cracking jokes. As time rolled by, it became glaring that he enjoyed making people laugh more than the job he was paid to do. Thus, when Atlanta Punchline comedy club dropped the announcement for their 1984 Great Southeastern Laugh-off competition, all of Jeff’s colleagues that knew what he was capable of urged him to enlist in the contest.

Jeff eventually heeded their advice and went on to register and after emerging as the winner, he took the conscious decision to quit IBM and went to concentrate on building a career in the comedy industry and the rest is history. What he earned during his short stint at IBM wasn’t much but it was a good start for him.

Foxworthy Launched his Comedy Career in the Latter part of the 1980s

After he left IBM, Jeff Foxworthy started building his career life around the comedy industry. With time, he began scoring stand-up comedy gigs to perform at events and occasions, honing his natural skills to develop an exceptional comedic style. Jeff’s unique style was what led him to emerge on the other side as one greatest comedian of all time.

He gained massive fame for his signature jokes dubbed “You Might Be A Redneck”, and in 1993 he produced a hit comedy album entitled, “You Might Be a Redneck If;” it was this particular album that triggered the trend of what is known today as “You Might Be a Redneck” fad. The album recorded massive success and went on to become a chart-topper, ranking at #38 on the Billboard 200 chart.

The hilarious comedian went on to drop an additional five comedy albums, including Games Rednecks Play (1995), Crank It Up, Totally Committed (1998), Greatest Bits (1999), and more to come.

Games Rednecks Play gave him additional exposure when it was nominated for a Grammy in 1996 in the category of the Best Spoken Comedy Album. A cumulative of all his album sales gives Jeff Foxworthy pride of place as the best-selling comedy recording performer of all time.

In 2005, he was made the focus of a Comedy Central Roast. The news about his Grammy nomination barely died down in 1996 when he won the People Choice Awards and in 2001, he emerged as the winner in the category of Personality of the Year.

Jeff’s Comedy Tours were Money Spinners

Performing as a stand-up comedian at comedy nights and churning out comedy albums were lucrative enough, but that was just the starting point for Jeff Foxworthy as he went on to launch what is known as Blue Collar Comedy Tour which grew to become one of the most popular comedy troupes in the United States.

The troupe comprised comedy greats like Bill Engvall, Ron White, Larry the Cable Guy, and of course, Jeff who is the originator.

Jeff’s comedy troupe hit the ground running in the early part of the 2000s, bringing new audiences for Foxworthy and his gang of jokesters. The four eventually spent three long years touring every nook and cranny of the United States. When it was launched, the Blue Collar Comedy Tour was scheduled to run for only 20 shows. However, its popularity was what led it to stay relevant for three years, and on the long run, it churned out three DVDs that sold like wildfire.

How Much Does Jeff Foxworthy Make From Comedy?

Foxworth’s time is quite expensive. A single comedy night where he would perform for a few minutes rakes in $250,000 and his comedy nights in the past year made him $5 million richer. A culmination of what he had made from his stand-up gigs in recent times came to $10 million and counting.

Apart from his stand-up comedy performances, the hilarious jester’s comedy albums have also proved to be a lucrative venture and he has created a good number. When he released the comedy album, “You Might Be a Redneck If…” in 1993, it went on to sell an astounding three million copies, grossing 3.1 million within a short while of its release.

His 1995 album entitled Games Rednecks Play was another big hit for him. In addition to making him a Grammy nominee, the album sales raked in $3 million in total revenue.

Jeff Foxworthy’s third comedy album entitled Crank It Up did admirably well in terms of sales, though it couldn’t measure up to what he earned from the previous two. From the sales of Crank It Up, the comedy giant’s bank balance was boosted with an additional $1 million.

The comedy albums that Jeff churned out during the latter part of the 1990s didn’t come with glowing results; Totally Committed dropped in 1998 and amassed $500k while Greatest Bits, his 1999 album only made $150k.

Jeff Foxworthy’s TV Shows and Series

The comedian created The Jeff Foxworthy Show which started airing on ABC in 1995. Though it got canceled after its first season, the sitcom was picked up by NBC and ended up airing for an additional season before it got canceled again. We later saw reruns of it in 2005 cum 2006 on both CMT and Nick at Night.

Jeff’s 1998 show, Totally Committed, birthed an HBO stand-up special of the same name. 2004 was when he launched the TV series, Blue Collar TV that aired on WB; it came as the production credit of the crew of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, including Jeff, Larry the Cable Guy, and Engvall who also acted as its executive producer. After WB canceled the show in 2005, it was picked up by CMT in 2006 and went on to run for one more season.

Jeff’s podcast, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, started airing during the summer of 2020 and was a huge success. In 1998, Jeff joined the discussants on the popular animated discussion show called Space Ghost Coast to Coast; the show went down as one of the most prominent episodes of the Quirky Show.

The hilarious comedian was also behind the success of Jeff Foxworthy: Inside & Out – a web series featuring his cronies as they chronicled fishing outings, hunting trips, and land conservation on Jeff’s Georgia property,

Jeff is a TV Host

Jeff worked with the TNN cable network for three long years as the host of its Music City News Country Awards. He worked with Game Show Network as the host cum producer of the Great American Bible Challenge. The show lasted for a couple of seasons between 2012 and 2013.

In February 2019, Jeff Foxworthy acted as a judge for NBC’s comedy competition series entitled, “Bring the Funny.” Contestants were admitted as solo comics, troupes and more, and the grand prize was $250,000.

When his podcast, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? evolved into a quiz show on TV, he was the one that acted as the host. After Fox aired it for four seasons, Nickelodeon picked it up and John Cena replaced Jeff as the host.

He takes the credit for hosting The Foxworthy Countdown – a weekly radio show featuring Top 25 hits” including interviews with stars from 1999 to 2009.

In addition to the aforementioned, the celebrated comedian hosted The American Baking Competition – the food reality competition series that lasted for a single season during the summer period of 2013. The show was adapted from The Great British Bake Off.

Jeff Foxworthy’s Earnings from Television and Radio

When the situational comedy entitled The Jeff Foxworthy Show started airing on ABC in 1995, Jeff Foxworthy was reportedly making $32,500 per episode, the sitcom was centered on his personality as a stand-up act and was quite successful while it lasted. However, ABC decided to drop it after just a single season.

While he was functioning as the host of the popular quiz television show called Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? Jeff was polishing off $150k for each episode. The show eventually lasted from 2007 to 2008 but the broadcast version surfaced in 2009 and continued with Jeff as the host until its termination in 2011. With that said, it is glaring that an accumulation of the number of years he lasted as the show’s host multiplied by his per-episode pay of $150k would run into millions.

For his radio and TV show hosting gigs, Foxworthy was making $43,000 per episode on average. However, his pay ranged from $25,000 to $92,000.

He Is Also A Movie Star

Jeff Foxworthy’s bottom line gets a lot of boost from his acting gigs. His movie entitled The Smurfs grossed a box office income of $563.7 million against a budget of $110 million.

When the sequel, The Smurfs 2, was released, it recorded over $347.5 million in revenue generation. The film titled The Aviators followed closely behind with a box office collection of $213.7 million. While Racing Stripes made $90.8 million, The Fox and the Hound 2 accumulated $63.5 million.

Jeff’s other movie roles were witnessed on the sets of Bunyan and Babe, Phineas and Ferb, Banner Times, Cybill, Reno 911!, Blue Collar TV, Crackerjack, Ozzy, and more.

Endorsement Deals made Huge Contributions to Jeff Foxworthy’s Net Worth

Celebrities of Jeff Foxworthy status are known to attract lucrative commercials and endorsements and he lives up to expectations.

Jeff is said to have accumulated lucrative agreements, numerous promotional advertisements, and top-notch endorsement deals from multi-billion-dollar brands and organizations.

Notable among them is the commercials he did for the fondue fountain which was shot at Golden Corral; the comedian was also the ad’s spokesperson, meaning additional income.

Jeff is a Shrewd Businessman 

In addition to his escapades in the entertainment industry, Jeff Foxworthy has proved that he has a good business head on his shoulder. The funny comedian owns Barbecue Sauce and Beef Jerky. The two businesses combined record over $1 million in income generation.

He also launched his own merch in August 2011 selling Foxworthy-branded hunting and outdoor kit; he sells these through his official website. Jeff is reported to have made millions of dollars from the sale of his merchandise.

Foxworthy’s Real Estate Investments 

Jeff Foxworthy
Jeff’ current abode image source

Jeff invests heavily in real estate. His current abode located in Alpharetta, Georgia, very close to Atlanta, reportedly costs above $2 million. The dwelling is described as an impressive farm with 1000 acres in land mass.

The celebrated comedian also has another landed property called Blue Springs Farm with 40,000-acre and there is a third one located in Harris County’s Chattahoochee with 3000 acres. Though their individual worth are not known.

Jeff Foxworthy Generates Income from Book Sales

Jeff Foxworthy has written many books. In 1989, he wrote the book, “You Might Be a Redneck If….” His autobiography called “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem!” hit the book stand in 1996, and in 2005, he released two publications – a cookbook titled “The Redneck Grill” and another with redneck jokes called “Redneck Extreme Mobile Home Makeover.”

Between 2005 and 2007, he published the Three-Book Jeff Foxworthy’s Redneck Dictionary series. Jeff takes the credit for writing a good number of children’s books, including Dirt On My Shirt released in February 2008; two more kiddies books followed in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

From his experience as a staff of IBM, Jeff Foxworthy wrote the book, How to Really Stink at Job: A Guide to Making Yourself Fire-Proof While Having the Most Fun Possible.

His Earnings From Book Sales

On average, the multi-talented American entertainer makes a lot of money from the sales of his published books. His earnings from these publications range from $30,000 to $83,000 on an annual basis.

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