Who is Eamonn Holmes’ Wife Ruth Langsford and How Long Have They Been Married?

Ruth Langsford is the wife of Eamonn Holmes, the American television personality. They have been married for 13 years and counting. Ruth is an English television host and presenter mostly famed for being half of the duo that presented the British breakfast show, This Morning. She hosted this show alongside her husband, Eamonn Holmes. As a result, Langsford and Holmes weren’t just a couple offline, they were also a formidable duo on-screen for close to fifteen years.

In addition to the show she hosted with Eamonn, Ruth has presented so many television programs like the British lifestyle show How the Other Half Lives and the popular ITV talk show Loose Women. The television guru has been active on TV for close to 18 years and in this period of time, viewers have seen her evolve from being a continuity announcer and newscaster to becoming one of Britain’s longest-lasting female TV hosts.

Most recently, shows like the ITV teatime quiz show Gift Wrapped and Fashion Edit, have seen Langsford grace their panels as a special presenter. Apart from building an impressive journalism career, Ruth has also made a few forays into the twin industry of entertainment, appearing in the 15th installment of the dance competition show, ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

If Ruth Langsford could finish ninth place in such a high-energy competition, it would be prudent not to underestimate her talents. In this read, we promise to reveal everything you need to know about the television host and her marriage to Eamonn Holmes.

Who is Ruth Langsford?

Ruth Langsford’s Biography Summary

  • Full Name: Ruth Wendy Langsford
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 17th March 1960
  • Ruth Langsford’s Age: 64 years old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: British
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Ruth Langsford’s Husband: Eamonn Holmes
  • Ruth Langsford’s Children: Jack Holmes (son)
  • Ruth Langsford’s Parents: Dennis and Joan Langsford
  • Ruth Langsford’s Sibling: Julia Langsford (late)
  • Ruth Langsford’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Ruth Langsford’s Height in Centimeters: 170 cm
  • Ruth Langsford’s Net Worth: £4.1 million
  • Famous For: This Morning, Loose Women, The Very Useful Show
  • Ruth Langsford’s Instagram: ruthlangsford
  • Twitter: Ruth Langsford
  • Facebook: Ruth Langsford

The British Presenter Was Born In Singapore In The Early Sixties

Ruth Wendy Ruth Langsford (also Holmes) was born in the South-Eastern Asian city of Singapore to parents named Dennis and Joan Langsford. Young Ruth traveled a lot with her family, and by the time she was 10 years old, had lived in about five countries including Germany and four North African countries.

She grew up with her sister Julia and the two of them were quite close to each other as the constant traveling nature of their family did not allow them to make permanent friends.

As a result of the nomadic nature of the Langsfords, Ruth attended many primary schools, most of which are not documented anywhere. She, however, attended and graduated from high school at Saltash Community School, located in Saltash, Cornwall, England, where she was a student from 1977 to 1978.

Ruth Langsford Is 64 Years Old

The daytime television queen turned 64 last March as she was born on the 17th of March in 1960. There is no doubt that Langsford has enjoyed such a wonderfully fulfilling career in the past thirty years or more, but Ruth herself has opened up about how she initially felt about her chosen career.

On her 60th birthday, the Loose Woman anchor admitted that she never expected to last as long as she did in the television industry as the television networks had a penchant for swapping out the older female presenters for much younger ones.

According to Ruth, female presenters her age were very scarce to find in the late nineties. But thankfully, she has overcome all those odds and is now one of the most celebrated female personalities in British television.

Eamonn and Ruth Dated For More Than A Decade Before Finally Walked Down The Aisle In 2010

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes will mark their 12th wedding anniversary this year, 2022, but the story of their love began about a decade before. They met in 1997 through a mutual friend and colleague, Sally Meen, and fell for each other immediately. At that time, Eamonn worked as a GMTV host while Ruth, who was working in satellite television shows, had relocated to London a short while before to break into mainstream television.

At that time also, Eamonn’s marriage with his first wife and mother of his three children, Gabrielle Holmes, had been over for two years. As a result of their separation, Eamonn ensured that he kept his relationship with Ruth respectful and as a result, they kept it very low-key, not holding hands in public or attending events together. According to Ruth, this thoughtful gesture by Eamonn made her fall deeper in love with him.


Speaking to the Daily Mail in November 2017, she said that Eamonn’s action spoke volumes about the kind of man and father he was and the integrity he had, adding that it made her love him more, not less. After dating for many years, Eamonn Holmes finally proposed in 2010 at the Cheltenham races. This was after he had already asked Ruth’s mother for her daughter’s hand in marriage because, by that time, her father was down with Alzheimer’s, and was already in the late stages of the disease.

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes might have been long-term partners/lovers, but they did not get married until five years after the finalization of Holmes’ divorce in 2005. They got married in a lavish wedding on 26 June 2010 at Elvetham Hall, Hampshire, when Ruth was 50 and Eamonn was 51, becoming partners in every true sense of the word.

The exclusive rights to report on their wedding ceremony, including the reception, were sold to Hello Magazine.

Who Is Ruth Langsford’s Husband, Eamonn Holmes?

Eamonn Holmes is a journalist and broadcaster who is most popular for his broadcasting work on the daytime television show, This Morning. Eamonn was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on the 3rd of December 1959, and is currently 64 years old, making him a year older than his wife, Ruth. He attended Holy Family Primary School and St Malachy’s College, both in Belfast, before moving on to the Dublin College of Business Studies where he studied journalism.

Before he venture into journalism, Holmes worked for a business magazine based in Dublin. He later joined Ulster Television (the ITV franchise contractor for Northern Ireland) in 1979 as a reporter and host of the channel’s program called Farming Ulster.

Subsequently, he began to cover sporting events in the province alongside Jackie Fullerton and Leslie Dawes, who were sports reporters with Ulster Television at the time. In 1982, he was moved from sports to reporting news and current affairs and started off in this field as an anchor for the key station’s program, Good Evening Ulster. 

In addition to the above-mentioned roles he performed, Holmes also served as host of other of the station’s productions one of which was the 1985 and 1986 Miss Northern Ireland gala specials. However, in 1986, Holmes left Ulster Television, having gotten a job with British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). He worked as a presenter at the corporation’s studio in Manchester, presenting the daytime program, Open Air, which was aired across the nation on BBC1 broadcast.

While still working with the BBC, Eamonn Holmes started working at GMTV in 1993 and co-hosted the very first show on GMTV with Anne Davies on 1 January 1993. He later departed from GMTV in April 2005 and joined Sky News half a year later to present the program, Sunrise, initially co-hosting it with Lorna Dunkley and later with Charlotte Hawkins then Isabel Webster. After eleven years of being on the program, Holmes announced his departure in September 2016.

Between December 2005 and March 2007, the media personality served as the presenter of a BBC quiz show called SUDO-Q. In 2006, he became a presenter on ITV’s daytime magazine program, This Morning. He eventually became famous for hosting the daytime show alongside Ruth Langsford who would later become his wife, hosting the show every Friday plus during holidays. However, despite being a part of the reason behind the huge success of this show, it was reported in November 2021 that Holmes had resigned from his position on it.

Apart from his work on This Morning, he has also worked with his wife on television projects like the Channel 5 documentary series entitled Eamonn & Ruth: How the Other Half Lives, a lifestyle show that portrayed the lavish lifestyles of the very wealthy in Britain.

Other television shows Eamonn has worked on in the course of his career include Jet SetThe Rich List, The Feelgood Factor, Songs of Praise, Have I Got News for You, and Gift Wrapped. He has also appeared on It’s Not Me, It’s You, Good Morning Britain Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, Through the Keyhole, and Guess the Star amongst many others.

In December 2021, it was announced that Holmes was set to move over to GB News where he eventually resumed on January 4th, 2022 as a co-presenter of the channel’s new breakfast show. Meanwhile, apart from his career on TV, Holmes also has an active career on radio. Also a writer, he currently writes a column for The People newspaper. He also published his autobiography titled This is My Life in May 2006.

Eamonn is allegedly worth about £3 million, most of which was earned from his many lucrative TV deals. According to information from the Daily Mirror, the former This Morning presenter raked in a yearly income of £2 million in 2017, and £1 million the previous year.

Many Years Down The Line, The Power Couple Is Still Going Strong – Here’s Their Secret

For over two decades, we have seen Holmes’ and Langsford’s relationship with each other grow into something strong, reliable, and incredibly warm. Speaking about her marriage to Holmes, Langsford has admitted that she does get extremely annoyed by her husband, and that patience with him could be an extreme sport, but she was sure of the strong foundation of their relationship which was why both had stuck together for so long.

In the 27 years they’d been together, there have been no cheating scandals or debilitating rumors about this couple – a feat which is near impossible especially when it concerns people who are both in the public eye. Both have continuously continued to support each other in the best possible way.

In April 2021, it was revealed that Eamonn had dislocated three of his spinal discs, and was suffering a bad case of sciatica. However, Ruth has been there to help him through his condition even though she had confessed to feeling exasperated at times. A true case of unconditional love.

Raving about the very strong bond she shares with her husband in 2017 during the time she participated in Strictly Come Dancing, Ruth said that Eamonn will be the first to make fun of her but he will also be the first to floor her with his thoughtfulness. According to her, when she gets home after a rehearsal, he will have a bowl of ice out for her feet and a gin and tonic on the side.

He will pause one of his documentaries on the Second World War just to listen to her endless speech about back, toes, what Anton said and how she has forgotten a step. “I’m giving him zero attention but I know he won’t be thinking that. He just gets it. He gets me. That’s why we work,” Ruth added.

During one of the Friday’s This Morning show in June 2019, Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes shared the secret of their happy marriage with the world, giving very honest information about what keeps them inseparable. This was after author Jilly Cooper admitted that almost everything in her book, How To Stay Married, was wrong.

Addressing the over 50-year-old book which claims that a woman needs to be, among other things, a “housekeeper, cook, hostess, seamstress and glamour girl,” Ruth asked her husband what he thought was the secret to a happy marriage. And in response, Eamon mentioned compromise, consideration, and a lot of “conjugals”.

Expressing her own thought about their own marriage, Ruth said one of the things that keeps them together was their shared sense of humor and laughter. She went further to add that they have a very equal relationship in their marriage. “…he’s not the boss and I’m not the boss – in modern relationships that’s probably how it should be,” said.

Earlier in 2019, the amazing couple disclosed another secret that keeps them happy as a couple – separate televisions. Ruth explained that each of them has a room where they watch the TV and that, to a great extent, is because her husband talks a lot when shows are on. She told the Radio Times in January 2019 that Eamonn likes discussing everything whenever they are watching the TV together and will pause the program over and over again. As a result, she prefers not to watch with him.

Ruth further joked that her husband has a preference for black-and-white war documentaries whereas she prefers soaps. Countering his wife, Eamonn claimed that she is more annoying as she asks him to explain things that are happening. “What we watch and how we watch it are very incompatible….”

How Many Children Does Ruth Langsford Have with Husband Eamonn Holmes?

Ruth Langsford had always wanted children. In fact, she had admitted in an interview that she would have walked away from Holmes had he not wanted more kids (as he already had three from his previous relationship). Luckily for her (and him too), their first and only child together, Jack Alexander Holmes, was born February 26, 2002, about eight years before his parents tied the knot.

Now 22 years old, Jack started university in 2020, and even though he is the child of famous parents, he prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Speaking on Loose Women in September 2020, Ruth Langsford admitted that it was very hard for her to send her son to the university while the coronavirus pandemic was still on. According to her, she was “absolutely bereft” but that’s all in the past now.

On Jack’s future ambition, his parents have stated that they will support him in whatever he decides to do. During a 2019 interview with Hello! magazine, Eamonn said he thinks Jack would make a good journalist but added that whatever career path he chooses is completely up to him. Ruth, on the other hand, has also said that they wouldn’t have any issues if he decided to go into the media industry considering the fact that she and her husband have had great careers and a great life doing what they do.

As a result, they would give Jack as much help as they could. According to her, their son is very much like Eamonn, “he’s very interested in news and politics, which at 17 I wasn’t interested in.”

Meanwhile, Eamonn’s older children from his first marriage to Gabrielle Holmes are Rebecca, Declan, and Niall. In August 2018, Declan, the eldest of the children, got married to a beautiful lady named Jenny Gouk at Castle Leslie in Ireland and welcomed a baby girl named Emilia shortly after.

What Does Ruth Langsford Do For a Living?

Ruth Wendy Langsford started on her broadcasting career path quite early, and quite at the bottom. She worked as a continuity presenter and newscaster for ITV, a regional television station, and was assigned to the Television South West (TSW) branch in Plymouth, England. Her work with TSW, however, came to an end when the company was bought over by Westcountry Television on 1 January 1993, leading to the closure of the station.

In 1995, Ruth hosted Mysterious West and The Really Useful Show and The Great British Garden Show in 1997. By 1999, she had become one of the contributors on ITV’s daytime talk show, Loose Women. She worked as a regular panelist on this show until 2002. She eventually returned to the show in 2010 as a stand-in anchor, left again in 2013, and returned for the third time on the 8th of January 2014 as a regular anchor.

Presently, Ruth anchors Loose Women in rotation with fellow presenters Christine Lampard, Jane Moore, and Charlene White.

Meanwhile, during the time she was still serving as a regular panelist on Loose Women in 2000, Ruth Langsford also became a guest presenter on the breakfast/news show, This Morning. Subsequently, she was made a regular presenter on the show in 2006 and hosted it together with Phillip Schofield. This earned her the title of the longest-serving anchor of the program. Later in 2006, Ruth’s then-future husband, Eamonn Holmes, was brought on board, and the two began to co-host the show on Fridays.

Langsford became one of the main presenters on the British television channel known as TV Travel Shop, which was launched in April 1998 and later shut down in March 2005. In between this period she also hosted The Answer Lies in the Soil; The Great British Garden ShowLangsford Late; and Gardens of the Millennium – all in 1999.

Also in the course of her television career, Ruth Langsford became a narrator for the hit television series, Zoo Story in 2004 and guest-presented five episodes of the show GMTV with Lorraine, which featured the latest fashion, food, and celebrity gossip, in 2010. In February 2017, she also started co-presenting Ruth Langsford’s Fashion Edit for the UK-based television shopping channel, QVC, together with Jackie Kabler.

In 2019 and 2020, the TV personality also served as a co-presenter with GP Amir Khan on Channel 5’s dieting series, Lose a Stone in Four Weeks for Summer.

The Television Presenter Has Been A Contestant On A Handful Of TV Shows

Even though she is majorly a television presenter, Ruth Langsford has appeared on a number of television shows as a contestant. She appeared in shows such as Marco’s Kitchen Burnout in 2010 and Born to Shine in 2011. In 2017, she also took part in Strictly Come Dancing, a British TV dance competition in which celebrities pair up with professional dancers to compete in Latin and ballroom dance.

Ruth worked together with Anton du Beke, however, she was voted out in the 8th week, and left the show on the 12th of November 2017, making her the 7th celebrity to be evicted that season.

Did Ruth Langsford’s Relationship Breakup Eamonn Holmes First Marriage?

As mentioned before, years before he had even met Ruth, Eamonn was married to a woman named Gabrielle Holmes, his first wife, with whom he has three children. Information gathered from The Mirror revealed that he separated from Gabrielle way back in 1996 after nearly 20 years together, having first met her in 1976.

In his 2008 autobiography titled This is My Life: The Autobiography, Holmes revealed that he and Gabrielle had first drifted apart emotionally before they finally split up. According to him, they became more distant from each other in the days following the demise of his father.

He finally realized that both of them had become emotionally indifferent to each other. They were also struggling with intimacy issues, as Eamonn’s work kept him in London every week while Gabrielle and their kids stayed in Belfast, an arrangement that didn’t sit well with Gabrielle. They finally separated from each other in 1995, and two years later, he and Langsford met and began dating.

Eamonn’s marriage to Gabrielle was finally annulled in 2005, about 10 years after their separation. Eamonn, however, insists that it was an amicable divorce, saying that “the marriage was over, and not the relationship.” This means that the two of them still maintain healthy communication, for the sake of their three children. A fact that doesn’t seem to bother Ruth in the least.

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