Casey Anthony Net Worth Before and After the Murder Trial

Casey Anthony (born March 19, 1986) has a net worth of $10,000.

The public became well-acquainted with that name in June 2008 after the mysterious disappearance and subsequent death of her daughter, Cayleee Marie Anthony. Before she was arrested and subsequently tried for the murder of her two-year-old daughter, Casey Anthony was a high school dropout with no measurable source of income and as such, we have no way of determining her net worth at the time.

Let’s quickly explore all there is to know about Casey Anthony’s net worth before and after the murder trial of her daughter.

Casey Anthony’s Net Worth Before The Murder Trial Is Unknown

As previously noted, not much was known about Casey Anthony before the events that led to the drawn-out murder trial of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony. However, investigations following the bizarre events have helped to provide a little insight into what Casey Anthony’s life was like before the trial.

Casey was born on March 19, 1986, in Warren, Ohio, the United States. She is one of 2 children born to Caucasian American couple George and Cindy Anthony. The 38-year-old American woman grew up with a brother named Lee Anthony under the strict guidance of a father who worked in law enforcement.

Casey Anthony dealt with a lot of issues as a young person, not the least of which was lying to her parents about graduating from high school only for them to show up on the day she was supposed to graduate to find out that she had long stopped attending the classes she required to graduate with her peers. This resulted in her becoming a drop out.

Consequently it is not known if Casey worked any meaningful jobs that would have given her a net worth. Therefore her net worth before the murder trial is not known.

Caylee Anthony Became A Mother At Nineteen

While her family was still dealing with the disappointment of having a high school dropout in the family, Casey Anthony found out that she was pregnant and that didn’t exactly go down well with her and the rest of the family. When she was pressed about the identity of the child’s father, Anthony tried to pin the responsibility on her then-boyfriend Jesse Grund.

Casey Anthony

Just to be sure that she was not up to more of her lying antics, a paternity test was conducted and the test came out negative to disprove her claims. Following her failed attempt to pin the responsibility of her then-unborn child on her unsuspecting ex-boyfriend, Casey Anthony was left to deal with the prospect of becoming a single mother.

However, it was a reality she was not quite willing to deal with and after Caylee Marie Anthony was born on August 9, 2005, the young mother sought to give the child up for adoption but was ultimately unsuccessful because her mother prevailed on her not to go ahead with the adoption process.

After the disagreements regarding the adoption, Casey Antony was forced to raise her daughter in her parents’ home, an arrangement that came with more challenges as she and her parents were at each other’s throats for the duration of her 3-year stay with them. It must be noted that at this time, Casey was not gainfully employed despite the lies she told her family to the contrary about being employed at Universal Studios.

The Young Mother Left Her Family Home In June 2008

After yet another disagreement with her parents, Casey Anthony decided it was time to leave the family home. However, she did not go alone but went with an almost three-year-old Caylee Marie. George Anthony, Casey’s father, in his statement to the authorities, revealed that Casey left the family home on June 16, 2018, and that situation persisted for 31 days.

He further stated that on several occasions, when his wife Cindy asked their daughter Casey about Caylee, she always had one excuse or the other regarding why they could not see their granddaughter. If it wasn’t that she was too busy to bring her around, it was that Caylee was in the care of a nanny named Zenaida “Zanny” Fernandez-Gonzalez.

During the investigation into the disappearance and subsequent death of two-year-old Caylee Anthony, the police discovered that there was in fact a Zanny Fernandez-Gonzalez but they also discovered that the suspect had lied about her being the dead child’s nanny or that she even knew any member of the Anthony family.

Casey Anthony Was Arrested In July 2008

On July 15, 2008, about a month, 31 days to be precise, after leaving home with her daughter, Casey’s mother reported the disappearance of Caylee. She made this report after the suspect’s father had found her car in a tow yard. While going through the contents of the vehicle with the tow yard attendant, they came across a trash bag that smelt as if a dead body was inside.

Casey Anthony Arrested

Casey Anthony was arrested on July 16, 2008, a day after her mother’s phone call to the cops. Her statements about the nanny and her place of work did not add up and the judge denied her bail initially, but relented after a month while setting her bail at $500k. She was eventually taken in again when the remains of young Caylee was found and the case against Casey became a murder case.

The Murder Trial Bankrupted Casey Anthony

While facing charges that included the disappearance and death of her daughter, Casey Anthony enlisted the services of a lawyer. The lawyer, Jose Baez, did a fantastic job of convincing the court that Casey Anthony should be cleared of all the charges, including the murder of her daughter.

He even tried to blame the suspect’s father for the death of the child and also made Anthony out to be a victim of sexual abuse from her father, allegations George Anthony vehemently denied.

In the end, on July 5, 2011, Casey Anthony was acquitted of the murder charges but still bagged a four-year sentence for providing false information to cops. She ended up spending only about 12 days and was released on account of time served having been in custody since late 2008.

In 2013, Casey Anthony filed for bankruptcy, a situation she claimed she was forced into due to the more than $800k she allegedly owed in legal fees, Orange County Sheriff’s fine, and IRS fees.

Casey Anthony Has A Net Worth Of Around $10k

Following the saga that turned a lot of Americans against the negligent mother, Casey Anthony now works as a research assistant with Patrick Mckenna in his PI firm in South Florida. She has also reportedly registered her own business under the title Case Research & Consulting Solutions, a business designed to assist wrongfully accused people, particularly women, get justice.

Since filing for bankruptcy nearly a decade ago, Casey Anthony has clawed her way back to a semblance of financial solvency. As of 2022, she has a net worth of around $10,000, presumably income she has been able to acquire from her time as a research assistant at the Private Investigation firm. The disappearance and death of Caylee was later made into a documentary.

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