Who Is Gad Saad’s Wife? Inside the Professor’s Relationship

Gad Saad is currently married to an unnamed woman whom he says identifies as a Korean man. The couple met at a corporate seminar he conducted over two decades ago, and have been married for over 20 years

The topic of Gad Saad’s wife has been shrouded in mystery for almost as long as he has been married. According to the leading psychologist, he is in an interracial marriage with the mystery woman. Since their marriage, Dr. Gad has carefully refrained from mentioning his wife’s full name on social media or even showing pictures of her face. The only clue about Dr. Gad’s wife’s name is that it begins with an A.

The Identity of Gad Saad’s Wife is Unknown

At this point, there is very little known about the woman Gad Saad married. The psychologist himself has further protected his wife’s identity by refusing to mention her name or occupation. He also does not post pictures of her except for when she has her back to the camera, which still leaves her identity concealed. So nobody knows her full name, her date of birth and age, or exactly where she comes from. 

On the other hand, Gad Saad is very well known in academic spaces. He is a Canadian professor renowned for his invention of applying evolutionary psychology to marketing and his study of consumer behavior. The professor was born on October 13, 1964, in Beirut, Lebanon. He was born into a Jewish family that later relocated hastily to Canada, in October 1975 during the Lebanese Civil War.

Gad Saad attended college at McGill University from where he obtained his B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science, and an M.B.A. Gad later enrolled at Cornell University where he obtained his M.Sc. and Ph.D. Meanwhile, there is nothing known to the public about his wife’s educational qualifications yet. She happens to be a chef and runs a cooking blog. However, it isn’t clear whether she is a professional or not.

Gad Saad Met his Wife in an Elevator on Their Way to a Seminar 

Fortunately for the public, Gad doesn’t have many reservations when talking about his marriage. The famous psychologist did not hesitate to spill all the juicy details of his first encounter with his wife. In December 2019, the author, who runs a popular column on ‘Psychology Today’, wrote an article titled “How I Met My Wife”, detailing how he met her for the first time.

The two reportedly met in an elevator, while headed to a corporate seminar that Gad was conducting. The fateful seminar was on the subject of Consumer Psychology and The Psychology of Decision Making. The author even revealed that he almost did not accept the invitation as the pay wasn’t very impressive, however, his love for teaching eventually overrode all other desires.

The professor first set his eyes on Mrs. Saad as he was about to step off the elevator for the initial seminar. She, on the other hand, was not very pleased to be attending what Saad described as “a boring corporate event on a Saturday”. They became acquaintances quickly after th and started having several conversations about his work. At some point, Gad even received a hot cup of tea from his new friend when he fell ill with bronchitis.

A few days after the seminar had ended, Gad went on to reveal how his mysterious lady friend showed up with picnic supplies at his workplace. They later went on a movie date together, and finally began a romantic relationship. The two accidental lovebirds finally got married in 1999.

Their Marriage Has Lasted for Over 22 Years

As already stated, Gad Saad and his mystery woman got married in early December 1999. Their two-decade-long marriage appears to be extremely happy and fulfilled, at least going by Saad’s social media posts. Gad Saad regularly makes cryptic, romantic posts about his wife on Twitter and, surprisingly, he has managed to keep her identity hidden for so long. 


While on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Gad admitted that jealousy was a foreign emotion in his marriage. He said, “I’ve been married to my wife for 23 years… She’s never once, that I can remember, triggered a jealous response from me.” The award-winning psychologist also revealed that he and his wife had formed a secret code that stopped them from testing each other’s love by triggering jealousy.

He also went further to say that his happy marriage secret was the fact that he simply enjoyed his wife’s company. He explained that there wasn’t any secret to maintaining a long-lasting, happy marriage save for the fact that he genuinely liked his wife. Gad Saad vehemently condemned the idea that people with different core values could last long together and urged birds of a feather to flock together.

Gad Saad’s Wife is Biologically Female

According to multiple well-sourced reports, Gad Saad’s wife is biologically female and not transgender. As a result of the extreme secrecy surrounding Gad Saad’s wife, there have been many discussions surrounding her gender and sexuality. However, Saad himself responded to a troll who accused him of being a homophobe by saying, “My wife is a biological female but she self-identifies as a Korean man. Hence I’m in an inter-racial same-sex marriage.”

The only issue is that there is no way of knowing whether the author and professor was being serious or if he was simply being sarcastic. While the professor seems open enough on the issue of sexuality, he has expressed reservations about the culture of canceling people who either use the wrong pronouns or misgender others. 

The Couple Has Two Children Together 

Gad Saad is a proud father to two children—a son and a daughter. There happens to be very little information on the two children, just like their mother. Their names are a well-kept secret, the same as their dates of birth. However, Gad has revealed that his two children are very athletically inclined. They especially love to play football. They are most likely to be in high school at the moment. Finally, although it is not a solid confirmation, the fact that Gad Saad’s wife birthed two children further lends credence to the school of thought that she is biologically female. 

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