What Happened to Lady Victoria Hervey’s Face?

Lady Victoria Hervey’s face was once rumored to have experienced temporary paralysis caused by Bell’s palsy.

Lady Victoria Hervey is an English model, aristocrat, socialite, and former It girl. She was once rumored to suffer from ‘face palsy,’ an illness that temporarily paralyzes one’s facial muscles. Read on as we unveil all that is known about what happened to Lady Victoria Hervey’s face.

What Happened To Lady Victoria Hervey’s Face?

So far, there has been much speculation on what really happened to the English model’s face. It was discovered that she had a facial drop, which some speculators claim to be palsy. Others also rumor it was caused by a stroke. Since she has not responded to any of these rumors, accepting or refuting any, no one can say for sure what is wrong with her face.

However, what is obvious is that something went wrong with her face. Even though she hasn’t openly disclose what the illness is, it cannot be far from the rumor that she has a face drop or palsy.

What Caused Lady Victoria Hervey’s Face Drop?

The cause of Lady Victoria Hervey’s face drop is bell’s palsy also called acute peripheral facial palsy. It doesn’t have a major cause. Medical experts believe it is mostly a reaction after a viral infection.

These medical experts also believe that Bell’s palsy is a sign of a stroke. Meanwhile, the socialite was also rumored to have had a stroke, confirming that Bell’s palsy caused her face drop.

We believe that the rumor about Lady Victoria Hervey having a stroke resulted from the speculation that Bell’s palsy is a sign of a potential stroke. However, the rumor began with a tweet from a Twitter user, @amc88ken, stating that Victoria Hervey had a stroke. Lady Victoria’s fans on Twitter quickly debunked the news as fake.

Has Lady Victoria Hervey had Face Surgery?

Lady Victoria Hervey allegedly had stem cell treatment at a London clinic. She confirmed this in one of her social media posts, where she was on a bed with a cannula fixed to her hand.

The socialite and model, who spent over 20 years living in the US but recently returned to London, claimed she is getting the surgery done at a clinic in Chelsea. She was treated by Doctor Tunc Tiryaki, one of the world’s famous plastic surgeons. He is also a professional in stem cell-assisted facelifts, a procedure that gives one a younger and more natural facial look.

Before she started the surgery, she posted a picture of herself with Dr. Tunc Tiryaki with the caption, ‘I started my stem cell journey today, can’t wait to see the results.’ She further posted another picture, confirming that the procedure was successful and that she was doing very well.

After the stem cell treatment, Lady Victoria was seen at the British Fashion Awards with a new facial look. However, a report claims that Lady Victoria Hervey lied about why she was at the clinic. They claimed she didn’t undergo any cosmetic surgery or use any stem cell procedure. They further stated that the English model treated her face drop with the use of acupuncture and not with any surgery.

Acupuncture is a complementary therapy that makes use of thin needles inserted in specific parts of the body. It is believed to be a treatment procedure for different kinds of ailments but is also known to have neurological effects.

Meanwhile, since the report is not backed by any proof like the former, which showed a picture of the model, we are forced to believe it may not be true. So for all intents and purposes, the actress had a stem cell procedure.


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