Who Is Trace Ayala and Is Samantha Robertson His Wife?

Trace Ayala (born November 26, 1980; age: 43 years old) is an American actor, fashion designer, and co-owner of the clothing company called William Rast. He is married to American actress Samantha Robertson and they have two children together. 

Although Trace Ayala is known to be an American actor, he has not been very active in movie roles. However, he has focused more on fashion and all that is associated with it, thereby making marks as a fashion designer. He has in recent times hit top search on the internet based on the controversy surrounding his relationship with Samantha Robertson, his wife. Read on as we take a look at why their marriage has gotten lots of attention.

Who Is Trace Ayala?

Trace Ayala, born on November 26, 1980, is an American actor and a fashion designer. He was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States. The 43 year old holds an American nationality and is of white ethnicity.

The actor stands 5 feet 6 inches or 1.67 meters tall and among his prominent features are his dark brown eyes and black hair.

Trace is a very private when it comes to information about himself and his family. As a result, nothing is known about his parents and siblings. Reports have it that he attended a private school in his hometown for basic education but he has never been open about his academics,. However, we believe that he is a graduate of a university in the United States.

Meet Trace Ayala’s Wife, Samantha Robertson

Samantha Robertson is the wife of Trace Ayala. Although she became famous after she got married to the fashion designer, she has in recent times been developing her own profile in Hollywood. She has taken up roles in Remember Me (2020) and Reckoning (2021).

Just like her husband, the celebrity spouse is also keeps her personal life private as she has kept all her personal details away from the media. As such, there are no details of her date, month, and year of birth, thereby making her exact age unknown. The names and location of the schools that she attended are also not known.

Trace Ayala and Samantha Robertson Started Dating In 2010 and Allegedly Tied the Knot in 2013

It is quite difficult to ascertain how Trace met his wife, Samantha. However, reports show that they started dating in 2010 and after two years, they decided to take their relationship to the next level by getting engaged.

The following year (2013) some reports claimed that they had tied the knot. However, there are no available information regarding when and where the wedding took place. or who and who attended it. This left the public in a state of confusion, as some other reports asserted that they never got married.

Being a couple who prefers to keep their personal business away from the media, neither Trace not Samantha have reacted to the claims and even though we hope they do, we do not think they would for obvious reasons.

Their Marriage Has Produced Two Children

Trace and Samantha has welcomed two beautiful children since their alleged marriage in 2013. Sophia Ayala is the couple’s first child and she was born on September 27, 2011. Their second child is named River Grace Ayala and was born on June 14, 2014. In line with their preference for privacy, the proud parents shield their children from the media and the celebrity lifestyle.

Their Marriage Has Been Rocked By Infidelity Rumors

In May 2022, reports emerged that Jay Cutler, former Chicago Bears quarterback, was caught “hooking up” with the wife of his good friend while his family and the family of the friend were vacationing together.

According to InTouch Weekly, an insider told them that Cutler’s friend was aware of the affair and and “is pissed off.” A second source also told the media outlet that the husband of the woman Jay was involved with was not only his good friend, but they were also neighbors and their children are all friends.

The source further allegedly disclosed that while both families were having a good time during their vacation, the husband “confronted” his wife and the former NBA player about their relationship, adding that he learned the duo’s affair had been going on for a long time.

The informant went on to claim that the friend informed Jay’s then-wife, Kristin Cavallari, about the messy situation and that she did not want to be involved in it.

The news was reported by multiple media outlets but none of them mentioned the name of the alleged friend or his wife. So, in a bid to unravel their identities, online detectives set to work.

Not long after, a source posted direct messages from people speculating that the woman might be Samantha Robertson on an Instagram account known for publishing and dissecting Hollywood rumors. However, there was nothing to prove that she was truly the woman.

Meanwhile, neither Jay Cutler nor Samantha Robertson has publicly addressed the allegation. However, history shows that Cutler may have previously been involved in an act of infidelity as his now ex-wife, Kristin, accused him of “inappropriate marital conduct” in her divorce filing from April 2020.

Speaking about her failed marriage during the third season of her reality series, Very Cavallari, Kristin Cavallari claimed that Jay had an extramarital affair with Kelly Henderson. In reaction, the former NFL quarterback denied the allegation when he appeared on the Sofia with an F podcast in August 2022.

He said, “Nope, never cheated. I guess she fell out of love, or it was toxic, I mean, depends on the day I guess. I’m not for sure what she said, and I frankly don’t care what she said. Like I said, it’s been two and half years. We’re done here. And I’m sure there will be a rebuttal to this, so stay tuned for that one.”

The Scandal Notwithstanding, Trace Ayala and Samantha Robertson Are Still Married

Following rumors of Samantha’s infidelity, some people might have been expecting to hear that her marriage to Trace has hit the rocks, but that never happened. She and the fashion designer are still going strong. They are occasionally spotted having a good time, which makes us believe they are very much happy together.


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