Who is Natalie Halcro’s Baby Daddy? All You Need To Know

Natalie Halcro has not yet revealed who her baby daddy is, however, there are speculations that the man responsible for her child would be one of these three men; Aygemang Clay, Shaun Philips, or Andre Drummond.

The model caused a frenzy on the internet when she revealed her bundle of joy, a baby girl she delivered on February 4, 2020. The post was greeted with mixed reactions among fans.

Along with the numerous congratulations that flooded her page came several questions about her baby’s paternity, however, Natalie is yet to answer these questions. Also, none of the three men mentioned above has come out to claim Natalie’s child as theirs yet so we will have to wait and see.

Meet Aygemang Clay, One of those Rumored to be Natalie Halcro’s Baby Daddy

Aygemang Clay (born April 25, 1983) is an American actor, model, blogger, entrepreneur, and CrossFit workout trainer. He holds a degree in business from the University of Florida. Also, he heads a start-up company called Top of the Line Tickets and Entertainment.

Before Natalie Halcro made her pregnancy public, she and Clay used to be a couple. None of them have revealed when and how they met but their relationship became public during the second episode of Relatively Nat & Liv titled Wet Your Whistler. The actor was featured in the sitcom.

This celebrity couple have been on and off in their relationship. After about six months of not being together, Clay accompanied Natalie for her family holiday which made their fans believe they were possibly back together, but again, it also seemed like a smokescreen.

Although the reality TV personalities have confessed that they have a strong chemistry, Natalie doesn’t seem ready to commit to Aygemang Clay. According to her, she wants to focus more on her career and following the revelation of her daughter, Dove, fans have been on the lookout for who her father is. The model has not confirmed who her baby’s father is yet, but there are suspicions that it’s Aygemang Clay.

These suspicions arose because he was Natalie’s last public boyfriend, yet neither of them has confirmed the rumors.

She Has Two Other Suspected Baby Daddies

Aygemang Clay is not the only one suspected to be Dove’s father even though all fingers seem to be pointing at him at the moment. There are two other men who the public suspect to have gotten her pregnant. Here is what you should know about them.

Andre Drummond Is Also Suspected To Be Dove’s Daddy

Andre Jamal Drummond (born August 10, 1993) is a professional basketball player. The American NBA player is a member of the Chigaco Bulls team and is an alum of the University of Connecticut.

In recent times, there have been speculations that he is Natalie’s baby daddy. The Andre-Natalie story seems to be double-sided. On one side, it is a given that the well-rated basketball player has never dated the beautiful fashion designer because Natalie Halcro has been public about her previous relationships, but has not said a thing about Andre.

On the other side, SportsGossip alleged that Natalie Halcro came to watch Andre play at the Pistons Game in March 2019. In addition to this, Natalie’s cousin, Olivia shared an image on Instagram in May 2019 which pictured Andre with his arms around Natalie’s waist.

Similarly, Andre Drummond was alleged to be recovering from his injury in April 2021 with his baby mama who was alleged to be Natalie Halcro. In a video clip, he was seen in the Soiree with Natalie that Easter Sunday.

Also, fans have drawn a seeming resemblance between the NBA player and Halcro’s daughter. However, despite all the pointers and suspicions, none of the parties involved have affirmed or refuted the claims. Thus, no one can tell for certain if Andre Drummond is Dove’s father.

Shaun Philips’ Name Has Also Been Thrown Into The Fray Of Being Natalie Halcro’s Baby Daddy

Natalie Halcro's Baby Daddy

Another person that is suspected to be Dove’s dad is Shaun Philips. Shaun Philips and Natalie Halcro were in a relationship when she appeared on the WAGS TV series. They have shared an inconsistent bond since 2013, and were rumored to be dating again in July 2016.

The fashionista’s ex-boyfriend, Shaun Philips (born May 13, 1981) is a former American football linebacker. He was born in Pennsylvania but was raised in New Jersey. He holds a degree in restaurant, hotel, and institutional management from Purdue University.

Shaun and Natalie have not been publicly together in a while, but fans are not ruling anything out as they believe a lot happens behind the scene that are not captured on camera or in public.

Natalie Halcro Revealed Her Pregnancy After 29 Weeks

The Instagram celebrity and Kardashian BFF have enough reasons to be grateful for 2019. In an Instagram post she shared, the picture was captioned “one more reason to be thankful this year, #29weeks.”

Talking about her November 2019 post, the picture showed the pregnant model with her growing baby bump. She sat on a white stool wearing a white leotard, and knee-high boots coupled with hoop earrings.

As the pregnancy grew older, the TV star did not reveal the baby’s other parent, but she documented her pregnancy journey on Instagram and shared beautiful pictures of her expectant self up to her delivery.

Halcro’s Daughter Was Born In The Early Stage Of The Covid Pandemic

As the nine-month journey came to an end, Natalie Halcro had her baby on February 4, 2020. The new mom shared a picture of herself breastfeeding her baby in a hospital bed. The post which received tons of congratulatory comments was captioned, “My heart is full, DOVE 02|04|2020.”

The 36-year-old mom has created an Instagram account for her daughter, Dove Alayah. This proud mom shares her daughter’s growth on the page and as expected, fans continue to ask questions about who Dove’s father is, but she has completely ignored them.


Although the beautiful fashion model has not revealed her baby’s daddy yet, she is currently managing her career and motherhood perfectly well. And fans can only hope that in one of the subsequent episodes of her sitcom, she would unveil the identity of her daughter’s father.

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