Who is Ivana Rodríguez? All About Georgina Rodríguez’s Sister

Ivana Rodriguez is the elder sister of Georgina Rodriguez, the girlfriend of famous football star, Cristiano Ronaldo. Ivana Rodriguez is a Spanish Instagram influencer and brand model born on the 21st of May 1990 and currently 34 years old. 

Ivana and Georgina passed through some tough times while growing up but they have stuck together and triumphed against all. They have prospered both in their personal lives and careers and remain as close as ever. Ivana regularly showers praise on her sister on social media and she returns the favor.

Ivana Rodriguez’s Bio

  • AGE: 34 years old
  • BIRTHDAY: 21st of May 1990
  • BIRTHPLACE: Jaca, Spain
  • BIRTH SIGN: Gemini
  • ETHNICITY: Argentinian and Spanish
  • FATHER: Jorge Rodriguez
  • MOTHER: Ana Maria Rodriguez
  • SIBLINGS: Patricia Rodriguez and Georgina Rodriguez

How Old Is Ivana Rodriguez, Georgina Rodriguez’s Elder Sister?

Ivana Rodriguez is 34 years old as she was born on the 21st of May 1990. Her birthplace is Jaca, northeastern Spain, and she has Argentinian and Spanish nationalities. Ivana Rodriguez hails from a family of four which includes her late mom – Ana Maria, her late dad – Jorge Rodriguez as well as her younger sister – Georgina Rodriguez. She also has an elder paternal half-sister named Patricia Rodriguez.

Ivana Rodriguez’s father, Jorge, is a former football coach turned drug trafficker. He was incarcerated for several years in Spanish prisons for attempting to smuggle cocaine from Spain to France in 2003 and cannabis from Morocco to Spain in 2013. He was eventually freed in 2013 and spent several years as a freeman before dying in 2019.

She and Her Famous Sister Remain Close To Date 

Ivana Rodriguez and her younger sister spent their formative years in Huesca, Spain, and attended school there. They also studied dance and eventually moved to England where they studied English while working as au pairs.

The duo will later return to Spain where Georgina went to work as a sales assistant at luxury stores such as Gucci. It was in the course of this that she met Cristiano Ronaldo and they started dating in late 2016. That romance has made her quite famous and she is now a well-known model, dancer, and even reality TV star.

Despite it all, she and her sister, Ivana, remain quite close. Ivana regularly felicitates her on social media on her birthday. Ivana also sends good wishes to her children. Georgina is not unmindful of the support that she gets from her elder sister. Following the successful release of her Netflix series in 2022, she thanked Ivana for accompanying her on the journey of life and described their bond as unconditional and inseparable.

Ivana Rodriguez is an Instagram Influencer and Brand Model

Ivana Rodriguez has utilized her sister’s fame to become a popular personality herself. She now has over half a million followers on her Instagram account and uses the platform to shed a light on her personal life. She has also turned her Instagram account into a money-spinner. She is a brand model and Instagram influencer and focuses on the areas of beauty, fashion, health, wellness, etc.

She is in a Relationship with Spanish Sculptor Carlos Garcia

Ivana Rodriguez is dating Carlos Garcia, a well-known Spanish sculptor whose work also covers photography, painting, installation, and video. Ivana Rodriguez met Carlos Garcia through her sister’s partner, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Carlos Garcia is a close pal of Ronaldo’s and the soccer player introduced them in 2018. They started dating that same year and remain together to date. They are yet to tie the knot but they did welcome a daughter named Deva in December 2021.

They Share a Daughter Named Deva 

Ivana Rodriguez now lives in Spain with her sculptor partner and their daughter. She is enjoying every inch of the family life and regularly shares pictures of her motherhood journey with her followers. She also never forgets to shower lovely praises on her partner.


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