Who is Brandi Worley and Where is She Now?

Brandi Worley is the Darlington, Indiana, resident who murdered her two children in cold blood on the 17th of November 2016. Born on December 28th, 1985, the 38-year-old Brandi Worley is currently serving time at Indiana Women’s Prison

Brandi married her husband, Jason Worley, in 2009, and their union was blessed with the birth of two children – Tyler Daniel Clinton Worley (son) and Charlee Rose Jean Worley (daughter). After Jason, who worked as a software engineer, discovered Brandi’s infidelity, he filed for divorce, and his action led Brandi to murder her own children in their sleep. The Indiana native was said to be going through mental ill health at the time, which contributed to her decision to go ahead with the heinous act.

Summary of Brandi Worley’s Biography

  • Full Name: Brandi Worley
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 28th December 1985
  • Brandi Worley’s Age: 38 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Brandi Worley’s Husband (Wife): Jason Worley (ex-husband)
  • Brandi Worley’s Children: Tyler Daniel Clinton Worley (son) and Charlee Rose Jean Worley (daughter).
  • Famous For: For Murdering her own children

Brandi Worley Was Born in Indiana in 1985

Going by the content of several police reports that surfaced after her murder case, Brandi Worley was born on the 28th of December, 1985. Calculations from her date of birth peg Brandi’s current age at 38. The same reports also revealed her place of birth to be the small Midwestern state called Indiana in the US.

With that said, it is glaring that Brandi is an American by nationality, however, her ethnic background never earned a mention. Also, Brandi never mentioned her father throughout her murder case, thus, nothing is known about him, but references were made to her mum, who was the first to visit their home after the gruesome murder of her grandchildren.

Talking about her academic pursuit, the Indiana native is said to be educated to an extent though the details are not known.

She Was Married To Software Engineer Jason Worley

Brandi Worley and her husband, Jason Worley, were married for almost seven years before tragedy struck. Reports did not reveal any information about the couple’s dating period or when they met for the first time, but it is a common fact that they exchanged wedding vows in 2009.

Following their nuptials, Brandi and Jason settled down to a comfortable marital life in Darlington, Indiana, where they proceeded to have a beautiful family.

Brandi’s ex-husband is an expert in software engineering. Prior to his wife’s murder case, Jason Worley was living a peaceful life well away from the prying eyes of the media and the general public, but things changed in 2016. It was then that a few details about him started filtering into the public arena. During that period, we got to hear that he was born in 1986, but his exact date of birth wasn’t disclosed.

At the time he met and married Brandi Worley, Jason was gainfully employed as a software engineer, but the company he worked for was never mentioned.

They Shared Two Children Namely Tyler and Charlee

As earlier mentioned, Jason and his ex-wife, Brandi Worley, wedded in 2009, and before the year ran out, the couple welcomed their first child Tyler Daniel Clinton Worley.

Before he was murdered, Tyler was a seven-year-old first grader. The little boy was studying at Sugar Creek Elementary School located in unincorporated Montgomery County, Indiana. According to his dad, Jason, Tyler was loving, energetic, social, and very good at making new friends. Brandi Worley’s only son was also a sports-loving kid.

Four years after they had Tyler, Jason, and Brandi became second-time parents when their daughter, Charlee Rose Jean Worley, announced her entrance. Little Charlee was going to school in Crawfordville, precisely at Wilson Early Learning Center Preschool. Jason described his little girl as someone who loves to dress up and braid her hair.

The Couple’s Union Took a Nose-dive Because of Brandi’s Infidelity

Brandi Worley and Jason Worley were barely into their sixth year in marriage before things began to get sour. According to Jason, he started suspecting his wife of having extra-marital affairs around 2015. His suspicion was triggered after she put a password on her phone.

When confronted, Brandi told her spouse that she just wanted to spin a pleasant surprise on him, claiming she contracted their next-door neighbor to build him a home office. Jason found his wife’s tale even more suspicious, and he started snooping. He got lucky the day he found Brandi’s phone unlocked and discovered some sexually suggestive texts between his wife and the next-door neighbor that was supposed to build him a home office.

Unfortunately for Jason, he couldn’t lay his hands on any hard evidence as Brandi Worley hid her infidelity carefully by using an auto-delete program. At this point, Jason was sure that he was onto something substantial and decided to install tracking software on Brandi’s phone. The software did not only give him access to her messages, but it also revealed her locations to him.

When he finally collected enough evidence, he confronted the two lovers. Jason actually read out one of their text messages where Brandi and her lover were declaring their love and affection to each other, and according to him, he had to hold himself from knocking his neighbor off the couch.

When they realized that there was no more hiding place for them, the two finally admitted that they were secret lovers.

Brandi Manipulated Jason into a Reconciliation Before Cheating on Him Again

With her cover Blown, Brandi expected Jason to server her divorce papers, and she wasn’t far from the truth. The software engineer wasted no time in setting the divorce ball rolling, and at a point, they got separated.

After it was agreed for Brandi to move out, Jason said he returned home the following day to find his children shedding tears. He later found out that Brandi told the innocent kids he was kicking them out because he was mad at her.

At this point, Brandi Worley threatened Jason that she would take the children away from him by exposing his high school suicide attempt and convincing the authorities of his incompetence in taking care of the children.

It was at that moment that the software engineer realized that Brandi was set to drag their children through hell if he went ahead with the divorce. Not knowing which way to go, he decided to give their marriage another trial for the sake of his children.

The couple’s union trudged along for another year before Jason caught his wife at it again. Obviously, Brandi couldn’t resist cheating, and this time around, Jason wasn’t going to allow anything to sway him from divorcing Brandi.

He, however, went to seek advice from Reddit by leveraging the username, JasonInHell, to explain the situation he found himself in. While many users advised him to get a divorce as soon as possible, Others asked him to try couples counseling.

Taking the advice to try counseling, Jason requested that Brandi come for the session, but she refused and left without any other choice; the software engineer filed for divorce claiming infidelity on his wife’s part; this happened on the 15th of November 2016.

Jason’s Request for Divorce Led Brandi To Kill Their Children

After filing for divorce, Jason’s family went to their daughter’s dance practice later in the day and had dinner upon their return. With the pretext of going to purchase pipe cleaners that Tyler was meant to use in his school project, Brandi rushed to Walmart.

At Walmart, she bought the murder weapon, which was later revealed to be a Kabar combat knife, and hid it in her son’s room. Important to note that Jason was at home on that faithful day and played with his kids before personally putting them to bed. After he was done with the kids, Jason refused Brandi’s request that he spend the night on the couch and opted for the basement

In the wee hours of the next day, November 17, 2016, Brandi took Tyler into his sister’s room, straddled, and stabbed him to death. While she was at it, Charlee woke up and asked her mom what she was doing but was commanded to go back to sleep.

Leaving a lifeless Tyler on the bed, Brandi repeated the action with Charlee and also stabbed herself in the neck but survived the injury. From what is obvious, Brandi was more adept at killing the children than taking her own life.

Earlier, Brandi Worley called her mother to come to their home, but she couldn’t make it. After her ordeal, the murderous mother called 911, and the message she left with the dispatcher was, “I just stabbed myself, and I killed my two children.” The dispatcher couldn’t believe his ears and asked Brandi’s mum to go check on the kids, and it was her scream that woke Jason from the basement.

On sighting Jason, an emotionless Brandi said, “Now you can’t take the kids from me.” The deceased children were interred a few days later at Greenlawn Cemetery in Darlington.

Why Did Brandi Worley Kill Her Children?

When quizzed about her reasons for murdering her own children in cold blood, Brandi said she didn’t want Jason to get the children after he divorces her.

Jason, who was totally heartbroken by the brutal murder of his children, regretted his decision to choose the basement over Brandi’s suggestion that he pass the night on the couch.

While it is true that Brandi said she killed her children to stop her husband from getting custody, Psychology experts advised that the statement be taken with caution. According to findings, the Indiana native was extremely distressed, and at the time she placed the 911 call, she was found to be in an unstable state. It was concluded that Brandi was battling with mental health issues.

Obviously, the state of her mental health erroneously led Brandi to believe that murdering the children was the only way to stop their father from getting custody after the divorce is finalized. The expert report also said the belief may not reflect reality as it was probably influenced by the lady’s mental state.

Ultimately, Brandi Worley’s main motive for taking the life of her own kids may never be fully revealed. However, it is glaring that her mental struggles played a major role in the murder. The tragic case only goes to highlights the importance of identifying and treating mental ill health in people before it gets out of hand

Where is Brandi Worley Now?

Following the heinous murder of her children, Brandi was arrested and remanded at Montgomery County Jail, where she awaited trial. At her initial arraignment, the Indiana native pleaded not guilty. At one point, she was contemplating claiming the insanity defense but changed her mind on January 2018 by pleading guilty.

Her ex-spouse, Jason, was present at her trial, and according to what he told Indy Star, Brandi was as unremorseful as she was after calling 911. Even while describing her crime, Brandi spoke in a matter-of-fact manner, and it broke Jason’s heart to hear her speak that way

When asked to recommend a sentence for his ex-wife at the trial, Jason said he never wants to set his eyes on her again, and she was eventually sentenced to 120 years in jail later in 2018.

Brandi Worley spent the first few months of her prison sentence at the Indiana Department of Corrections, and in 2019, the authorities moved her to Indiana Women’s Prison, and that is where she is to date.

Following his wife’s court trial, it was recommended that Jason maintained a low profile, but he surfaced on Reddit from time to time. His last post on the platform was witnessed after Brandy’s conviction, where Jason revealed the level of suffering he underwent after his children’s murder.

Brandi Worley’s husband also talked about how he took to the bottle, consuming alcohol at an alarming rate. There was even a time he contemplated suicide, and the consequences of his unstable emotional state landed him in the hospital.

As his life spiraled, Jason also lost his software engineer job. However, he later enlisted the help of his family and loved ones in turning what remained of his life around. Jason is said to be working once more and is still in the software engineering field.

Through the same Reddit update, Jason narrated his volatile encounter with Brandi’s parents, who had the audacity to use his name in launching a GoFundMe account to fund their murderous daughter’s trial.

He later deleted his posts on Reddit, and since then, nothing has been heard about him. At a point, rumors started making the rounds that Jason remarried, but this is yet to be confirmed.

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