What Happened To Josh Owens? Crash Update and Recovery

Josh Owens, a cast member of Discovery’s Moonshiners was involved in a ghastly accident on Saturday, 4th of March 2023. This accident occurred in a motorcycle race at Daytona International Speedway. Josh crashed in the heat of the race and sustained severe injuries which left him in a critical condition. Thankfully, he is responding to treatments and recovering just fine.

Following the accident, Josh Owens sustained life-threatening injuries that created panic and led to death rumors on the internet. These rumors were, however, debunked after he spoke up about the incident the first time through a proof-of-life video he posted from his hospital bed updating his fans on his condition.

Moonshiner Josh Owen’s Motorcycle Crash

Josh Owens, the professional motorcycle racer who is loved by fans for his no-nonsense attitude, practical motorcycle riding abilities, and impressive liquor-making skills was involved in a ghastly motorcycle accident that left him seriously wounded and as well hospitalized. This unfortunate mishap occurred on Saturday, the 4th of March 2022 while Josh was taking part in a sanctioned motorcycle racing event at Florida’s Daytona International Speedway.

This, however, is not the first time Owens has been involved in motorcycle accidents. Motorcycle accidents are one of the commonest job hazards that comes with his line of work as a professional motorcycle racer. Similarly, other moonshiners have also at one time or the other had their own fair share of motorcycle accidents and will continue to do so, as long as they are still in this line of profession.

Earlier in 2022, Josh was in a motorcycle accident where he sustained a broken collarbone, shoulder blade, and broken ribs after his vintage motorcycle tire blew, leaving him crash-landing on the race track. Surprisingly he recovered pretty fast from that accident and got back into the game. Currently, His fans are praying and wishing he recovers from this as he has always done in previous times.

What Caused Josh Owen’s Accident?

As of now, the circumstances surrounding Josh Owens’s accident have not been officially announced. However, the facts about his accident as reported by the Independent on their online magazine have it that he was injured in the heat of a motorcycle race.

Following the report, the news went viral on the internet with an overwhelming display of support, messages, and prayers for Josh’s speedy recovery. However, false rumors about his death were also in circulation on social media as well.

These death rumors were, however, debunked as Josh Owens posted a video of himself for the first time after the accident. This went a long way to assuring his fans that he was still alive even though he’s still in critical condition and under intensive care.

What is the Nature of Josh Owen’s Injury?

Josh Owen sustained life-threatening injuries after the motorcycle crash. Opening up about this accident that has left him in pieces, Owens revealed that he sustained multiple injuries, including a broken neck, back, arm, legs, and shoulder. He has since undergone numerous surgeries on various parts of his body and still has more surgeries to undergo as his body gradually heals.

Josh Owen’s Update

Josh posted a video from his hospital bed, giving his fans an update on his current condition after the deadly accident. In the video, He only displayed one of the wounds on his leg, which was held together by 50 staples, leaving it with a significant scar. While Josh Owens admits that he’s hanging on by a thread and admittedly he looked very weak and tired, he was also remarkably confident that he’ll bounce back to the motorcycle race track sooner than his fans think.

Also in the video update Josh shared with his fans, he acknowledged that he survived the crash only by the grace of God and added “I’m still here and I love ya’ll.” Soon after he posted the video update, Richard Landry, his co-star on the TV show Moonshiners, posted a video after speaking to people who had spoken to Owen’s family.

In that post, Richard said “Everybody should keep praying because he (referring to Josh) isn’t out of the woods yet, but he is doing better,” Indeed, one could tell that Josh still has a lot of recovering to do if we will get to see him on the race course anytime soon or ever again.

Later on, Jessica Read, the Moonshine Daisy then shared an update on Facebook about Josh Owen’s condition. To the delight of Moonshine fans and everyone that cared, she made it known that Josh Owen was in stable condition and is indeed recovering from the accident. Nevertheless, similar to what Richard said, Jessica also pleaded with Josh’s fans and the general public to put him in their prayers for his speedy recovery.

Both of Josh Owen’s Hands Have Started Functioning

Being that Josh has not been able to give more updates about his recovery by himself, another of his colleague Tim Smith, a fellow moonshiner, tweeted “Both of his arms are working fine, so he’ll still be able to make some shine but keep praying please”.

Recall that in the accident, Josh suffered severe injuries which resulted in a broken neck, back, arm, legs, and shoulder. So for both of his arms to have started working, it means that he is pretty much on his way out of the hospital bed.

Owen’s friend, Ray Llanes, launched a GoFundMe account to help cover the hefty hospital bills Josh is accumulating due to the severity of his injuries and the multiple surgeries he must have to undergo to get fully well. The GoFundMe account was opened when it was discovered that Josh Owens doesn’t have health insurance.

The GoFundMe account was created for supporters to donate financially to Josh Owen. In addition to settling his medical bills, part of the money generated from the account is also intended to cover the cost of his upkeep while he makes a full recovery as he will be unable to work or earn income throughout his recovery. In all of this, Josh Owens has maintained an optimistic attitude and it is hoped that he will be on his feet very soon.

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