The Truth About George Clarke’s Illness

Celebrated TV presenter, George Clarke revealed in 2021 that he was suffering from an illness known as Muscular Dystrophy (MD). The ailment is associated with progressive muscle loss and weakness which causes increased levels of impairment.

Each gene has a unique path and a different gene is responsible for passing on muscular dystrophy. However, the disease is always progressive (becomes worse over time), and at some point during the illness, muscle fibers are damaged or killed. Learn more about how this sickness affected George Clarke and how he has coped with it.

George Clarke Does Not Have A Neoplasm Or Brain Tumor

George Clarke has never been diagnosed with a brain tumor or neoplasm. Information available shows that he lost a close friend (his ex-wife’s brother), Swiggy Drummond to brain tumor. According to George who took to Twitter to pen down a touching tribute to his brother-in-law, had been suffering from cancer but never realized it as he did not show symptoms early.

George also revealed that he has lost close relatives to cancer like his cousin who died of severe bone marrow cancer and his uncle who also died of throat cancer. Tweeps certainly took his tweet out of context and assumed he had the said ailment.

George Clarke Opened Up About His Health Condition on His Show

George Clarke opened up about his illness to his fans in one of the episodes of Amazing Spaces where his illness was described through a friend of his simply known as Paul who made an appearance on the show. Coincidentally, Paul has also been diagnosed with the same health condition as George Clarke which was probably why he was on the show.

It was a particularly touching episode of his show and this brought both the viewers and the host himself (Clarke) to tears. He revealed to his fans  that he had just discovered that he had a very uncommon type of illness known as muscular dystrophy, a condition that causes muscle loss.

According to the National Health Service (NHS), this set of hereditary genetic diseases known as muscular dystrophies gradually weakens the muscles, resulting in a rising level of disability. It is a progressive condition, thus it gets worse over time.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for muscular dystrophy at this time, so George will have to live with it for the entire duration of his life. It results from modifications in the genes in charge of determining how one’s muscles are built and work.

George Clarke Might Be Undergoing Treatment But Hasn’t Undergone Any Surgery

Self-preservation is a behavior or set of behaviors that ensure survival. There hasn’t been any news about George Clarke undergoing any form of surgery for his health condition but we have every reason to believe that he has been undergoing treatment.

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Physical therapy, speech therapy, respiratory therapy, orthopedic support devices, and corrective orthopedic surgery are all possible forms of treatment. Corticosteroids (used to halt muscular degeneration), anticonvulsants (used to regulate seizures and some muscle activity), immunosuppressants (used to postpone some harm to dying muscle cells), and antibiotics (used to treat respiratory infections) are part of the drug therapy for various kinds of muscular dystrophy.

Some individuals could benefit from occupational therapy and assistive technologies for this health condition. Some people may require a pacemaker for cardiac problems and assisted breathing to treat respiratory muscle weakness.

Who Is George Clarke?

George Clarke is a well-known TV host who is most known for his work on the program “The Home Show.” He is a British architect, TV host, educator, and writer. He was an architect before finding himself in the media business – by chance.

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