My 600-lb Life Deaths: 12 Participants Who Unfortunately Passed Away

My 600-lb Life is a reality TV show which has been airing on TLC since 2012, and the likes of Henry Foots, Robert Buchel, James Bonner, Lisa Fleming, Sean Milliken, and Coliesa McMillian make up the sad list of people who have all died after participating in the TV Series. Iranian-born American resident doctor Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, has been in charge of this program and has treated many patients since launching the show.

The show aims at telling the stories of obese people and their journey to weight loss. Most of the participants in this show have been successful in losing a little or even their desired weight and have been living good lives after filming. Unfortunately, not all have been lucky; while some suffered complications, others lost their lives. Here is a list of 12 participants that are among the My 600-lb Life death casualties and the cause of their death.

1. Destinee LaShaee

  • Date of Birth: 1990
  • Date of Death: 8 February 2022
  • Cause of Death: Unknown 
  • Weight at Time of Death: 500 pounds

First on our list of My 600-lb Life deaths is Destinee LaShaee, aka Matthew Ventress, who was the first transgender participant of My 600-pound Life. She was cast in season seven, which was televised in 2019. Destinee used food to soothe herself from her depression.

The socialite was almost 700 pounds when she joined the show and eventually lost over 200 pounds. She hoped the show would help her forget her old self because she didn’t see herself being alive the following year judging by her initial weight. About two years after the show, her brother, Wayne Compton, posted an obituary message on Facebook to confirm Destinee’s death.

2. Gina Krasley 

  • Date of Birth: 1989
  • Date of Death: 1 August 2021
  • Cause of Death: illness 
  • Weight at Time of Death: 170 lbs 

Gina Krasley was more than 600 lbs when she joined the show in season eight with her wife, Beth. She struggled with mental problems caused by neglect and abandonment during her childhood. Consequently, she used food to comfort herself while growing up but gained a lot of weight.

Gina and her wife moved from New Jersey to Houston to seek Dr. Younan’s help. It was a delight for many when she shared on Instagram that she had lost over 170 lbs in March 2021. Unfortunately, the former My 600-lb Life star died five months later, surrounded by her family. She received medical care from home and passed on two days before her appointment with a neurologist.

3. Renee Biran 

  • Date of Birth: 1965
  • Date of Death: 14 May 2021
  • Cause of Death: unknown 
  • Weight at Time of Death: 250 pounds 

Renee Biran is one of the most painful My 600-pound Life deaths. She joined in season six with 631 pounds and was able to lose over 250 pounds. The 56-year-old became obese while fetish-influencing viewers who paid to watch her eat. Everything was going well until she was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

Biran’s obituary did not state the cause of her death, but people close to her speculated that the Guillain-Barré Syndrome caused it. The syndrome has deadly complications like cardiac arrest, lung clots, muscle paralysis, and a blood infection that prevents one from breathing.

4. Ashley Randall

  • Date of Birth: 1980
  • Date of Death: 2 October 2021
  • Cause of Death: Sepsis 
  • Weight at Time of Death: 252 pounds 
My 600-lb Life Deaths: 12 Participants Who Unfortunately Passed Away
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One of the youngest persons on this list of my 600-lb life deaths is Ashley Randall, a Texas native, who was 24 when she started documenting her weight loss journey in 2004. It was featured in the opening season of My 600-lb Life in 2012. Ashley, who weighed 617 pounds at the beginning, got down to 252 by the end of her time on the show thanks to a weight loss surgery.

Ashley inspired empathy from viewers after stories of some members of her family — especially her mother — who failed to support her emotionally throughout her weight loss journey. Unfortunately, her weight loss efforts stalled in the wake of her father’s death in 2011. Ashley Randall died of sepsis in 2012, which arose out of an infection.

5. Coliesa McMillian 

  • Date of Birth: 1980
  • Date of Death: 22 September 2020
  • Cause of Death: unknown 
  • Weight at Time of Death: 150 pounds 

Coliesa McMillan developed an unhealthy coping mechanism and weighed 460 pounds by her 25th birthday. Additionally, she suffered a heart attack at 39 after her fiancé died in a car crash and became a food addict while escaping from reality.

The Louisiana native was featured in My 600-lb Life in March 2020. She was able to lose about 150 pounds. In June 2020, McMillan suffered severe complications from one of her surgeries. Subsequently, she passed on at a hospital on 22 September 2020, and her story is also one of the saddest of my 600-lb Life deaths.

6. James King

  • Date of Birth: 1979
  • Date of Death: 3 April 2020
  • Cause of Death: health complications 
  • Weight at Time of Death: 200 pounds
My 600-lb Life Deaths: 12 Participants Who Unfortunately Passed Away
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James King weighed 791 pounds when he first appeared on the My 600-lb Life in the fifth season in 2017. His poor family background led him to overeat and weigh over 250 pounds in high school.

King weighed over 840 pounds the second time he appeared on the TLC series. He suffered several health issues, including liver cirrhosis, high blood pressure, sepsis, anemia, leg infections, kidney failure, and cellulitis. He died on 3 April 2020.

7. Sean Milliken

  • Date of Birth: 1981
  • Date of Death: 17 February 2019
  • Cause of Death: cardiac arrest
  • Weight at Time of Death: 400 lbs.

Sean Milliken made his first appearance in season 4 of My 600-lb Life in 2016. He became obese when he was only ten after his parent’s divorce. He weighed over 900 lbs when joining the show.

He was able to lose 400 lbs, but his mother would give him unhealthy food, encouraging him to disregard Dr. Nowzaradan’s instructions. As a result, his weight increased to 1,003lb. After his mom’s death, he got an infection that led to a cardiac arrest and, subsequently, his demise on 17 February 2019.

8. Kelly Mason

  • Date of Birth: 1978
  • Date of Death: 15 February 2019
  • Cause of Death: heart disease 
  • Weight at Time of Death: 300 pounds
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Kelly Mason weighed over 700 pounds when joining the TLC series in season 7 and was able to lose 300 pounds. She was struggling with a thyroid problem, diabetes, high blood pressure, a blood clot, arthritis, and a pulmonary embolism before meeting Dr Now. Unfortunately, Kelly Mason died in her sleep after suffering from heart failure before celebrating her 42nd birthday. It turned out her heart was too damaged to be fixed.

9. Lisa Fleming

  • Date of Birth: 1968
  • Date of Death: 23 August 2018
  • Cause of Death: heart attack 
  • Weight at Time of Death: 200lb.

Lisa Fleming has been obese since she was a child. The mother of three weighed over 700 pounds when she appeared in episode 7 of My 600-lb Life season 6 in February 2018. Lisa knew she needed help after finding maggots in the folds of her skin. However, she passed away in her home due to a fatal heart attack.

10. James Bonner

  • Date of Birth: 1988
  • Date of Death: 2 August 2018
  • Cause of Death: suicide 
  • Weight at Time of Death: 200lb.
James Bonner
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James Bonner’s story is another sad story in the My 600-lb Life deaths. He joined My 600 lb Life and lost about half his weight after undergoing gastric bypass surgery. He suffered from obesity after an accident that claimed his right leg. He turned to alcohol and food and hit 642 lbs.

James was able to hit 316 lbs when the show ended its sixth season. However, the 30-year-old would commit suicide the following week after thanking everyone who stood by him on Facebook. His body was recovered in a park ditch in Lexington, South Carolina.

11. Robert Buchel

  • Date of Birth: 1976
  • Date of Death: 15 November 2017
  • Cause of Death: heart attack 
  • Weight at Time of Death: 124 lb.
My 600-lb Life Deaths: 12 Participants Who Unfortunately Passed Away
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Robert Buchel was able to lose 124Ib after surgeons removed one of his lymphedema masses through surgery. However, a few months after the surgical treatment, he developed an addiction to painkillers.

He refused to get out of bed and exercise when Dr.Nowzaradan tried to take him off the pain-killing medication. Robert suffered a heart attack in November 2017, leading to his death. He had joined My 600 lb Life to shed weight before his upcoming wedding.

12. Henry Foots 

  • Date of Birth: 1979
  • Date of Death: 6 May 2013
  • Cause of Death: heart problems 
  • Weight at Time of Death: 275lb.
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Henry Foots’ case is probably one of the most surprising My 600-lb Life deaths. His weight dropped from 750 lb to 275lb after an exercise regimen, strict diet plans, and gastric bypass surgery.

Although Henry’s heart stopped for a bit during his skin removal surgery to remove excess skin, the surgery still went well. However, it was devastating for viewers after Henry Foots passed on in 2013.

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