Meet Maria Burton Carson, Elizabeth Taylor’s Daughter

Maria Burton Carson is the daughter of Elizabeth Taylor, the legendary British-American actress. Aged 62, Maria earns a living in the fashion industry and once ran a talent agency with her first husband.

Elizabeth Taylor did not give birth to Maria, the iconic actress adopted her from Munich German when she was barely three. Elizabeth and her then-husband, Richard Burton went on to raise Maria into the woman she is today.

Summary of Maria Burton Carson’s Biography

  • Full Name: Maria Burton Carson
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: August 1st, 1961
  • Maria Burton Carson’s Age: 62
  • Ethnicity: German-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Maria Burton Carson’s Husband (Wife): Daniel Steve Carson and Tom McKeown
  • Maria Burton Carson’s Parents: Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton
  • Siblings: Michael Jr, Christopher, and Liza Todd
  • Famous For: Being the Adoptive daughter of Elizabeth Taylor

How Old is Maria Burton?

Maria Burton Carson is 62 years old. She was born on August 1st, 1961 in Munich, Germany, and she is a German by nationality and Caucasian by ethnicity.

Details about her biological parents have never been mentioned in the public space, but she was barely three when she was adopted into a new home. Her adoptive parents happen to be the celebrated model and movie star, Elizabeth Taylor and her fifth husband, Richard Burton, who was also a known name in the acting scene.

Elizabeth is a British-American actress who debuted on the screen at a very young age. She became popular between the 1950s and 1960s, appearing on the sets of several projects on both the big and small screen. She died on the 23rd of March 2011 in the Los Angeles-based health facility called Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. The cause of her death was cardiac arrest among other minor health issues.

Richard Burton, on the other hand, was a Welsh actor who gained massive popularity, thanks to his mellifluous baritone voice. Reports have it that Eliza and Richard met when on the set of Cleopatra, where they played starring roles. Richard also played a lot of roles in Shakespearean plays in the 1950s and his performance of Hamlet has remained one of the best ever seen in theatre productions. Richard died a few days following Maria Burton Carson’s 23rd birthday.

Maria Burton Carson’s Adoption Process

Maria was barely three when Elizabeth and her fifth husband, Richard Burton, adopted her from Munich Germany.

When Elizabeth started the adoption process for Maria, she was still married to her husband number four, Eddie Fisher. However, she divorced Eddie in earlier in1964 and married Richard later in the year. Within a short while of her marriage to Richard, Elizabeth completed her adoption process for Maria and Richard assumed the status of her father.

Maria Burton Carson has Three Siblings

Before Elizabeth Taylor adopted Maria Burton Carson, she already had three, including Michael Wilding Jr. and Christopher Edward Wilding whom she shared with Michael Wilding, her second husband. The iconic actress had her only biological daughter, Liza Todd with her husband number three, Michael Todd.

Michael Jr. followed his parents into the entertainment industry and works as a movie and television actor. He has recorded appearances in productions like Guiding Light.

Elizabeth’s second son, Chris, is also part of the movie world, albeit in behind the scene roles. He earns his living as a movie editor, while Liza prefers to live her life away from public scrutiny, thus, nothing is known about her.

What Happened to Maria Burton Carson?

Maria Burton Carson was born with a serious deformity. She had a genetic hip defect that called for a series of corrective surgeries. Before the physicians were able to get her back into shape, she underwent 22 surgical procedures for her congenital disabilities and that is the reason she can walk normally today.

Maria Burton Carson and Maria Burton are Two Different Individuals

As earlier mentioned, Maria Burton Carson is the type that shies away from public appearances but many have mistaken her with another woman who also goes by the name, Maria Burton.

However, it has been clarified that both women are different individuals. The other Maria Burton is in the show biz industry and functions as an actress. She also plays a lot of behind the scene roles as producer cum director. Some of her production credits include, “Old Guy” and the television series “Good Eggs.”

What Does Elizabeth Taylor’s Adoptive Daughter do for a Living?

Being brought up by a celebrity of Elizabeth Taylor’s caliber must have put pressure on Maria Burton Carson to follow in her footsteps. Thus, she went to try her hands at modeling from an early age. She later decided that walking and working for fashion and cosmetics brands was not her forte and channeled her energy into fashion. Though the details of her work as a designer are not known.

Alongside her first husband, Steve Carson, Maria launched a talent agency, however, no one knows what happened to the business after the couple’s divorce.

Maria Burton Carson has been Married and Divorced Twice

Maria Burton Carson
Maria and her first husband, Daniel Steve

On February 13th, 1981, Maria Burton Carson exchanged wedding vows with her first spouse, Daniel Steve Carson. The details of their nuptials are not known but it was said to be a private ceremony. After spending almost two decades as husband and wife, Maria and Daniel’s union came to an end in 2000.

Maria waited for a couple of years before getting married for the second time. This time around, she found love in the arms of a man called Tom McKeown. Though the exact date of their nuptials has never been disclosed, it’s known that it was short-lived.

Elizabeth Taylor’s adoptive daughter experienced domestic violence from both of her husbands. In the case of Tom, she even had to run away from their home and get a restraining order against him. A similar situation happened with Daniel but she didn’t need to go as far as getting a restraining order against him.

Since her second divorce, she has not bothered to get married again. Maria is currently single and lives in Idaho in the United States.

Maria Burton Carson is a Mother of Two Children

With her first husband, Daniel, Maria Burton Carson had one daughter named Elizabeth Carson. Elizabeth was born in 1982 and named after her grandmother, Elizabeth Taylor. Maria’s daughter is all grown up and forging her own path in life but like her mum, she does not court public attention.

Her son, Richard, was born from her second marriage to Tom. In the same way as his big sister, nothing is known about Richard except that he was named after Maria’s adoptive father, Richard Burton.

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