Meet Angela Howard, Matt Stone’s Wife

Angela Howard is the wife of Matt Stone, an American celebrity actor, writer, animator, producer, director, and singer. Angie was working as an executive at Comedy Central when she first met her husband, however, her current career path is unknown.

Angie and Matt met sometime in 2001 and, according to reports, they dated for seven long years before going on to tie the nuptials in 2008. Being a couple from different racial backgrounds, people never expected them to take their relationship to marriage, but they obviously defied all expectations and today, their union has surpassed one and half decades and still going strong. The couple share two children, though nothing is known about them.

Summary of Angela Howard’s Biography

  • Full Name: Angela Howard
  • Nickname: Angie
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Black-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Angela Howard’s Husband (Wife): Matt Stone
  • Angela Howard’s Children: Two
  • Famous For: Being the wife of Matt Stone

What is Angela Howard’s Nationality?

Reports revealed that Angela Howard’s place of birth is the United States which confers American nationality on her. However, she comes from an African-American ethnic background. This fact is evident in her physical appearance. With that said, nothing more is known about Angela’s early life and family background. Her parents’ names are not known and it is not equally known whether she has siblings or grew up as a lone child.

Another aspect of Angela’s life that has remained concealed are the details of her academic journey; the names of the academic institutions she attended have never been mentioned in the public space and no one knows the level she attained in school.

How Angela Howard Meet Her Spouse, Matt Stone

As earlier mentioned, Angela Howard first crossed paths with Matthew Richard Stone, aka Matt Stone, in 2001 when she was a staff of Comedy Central. Matt is a University of Colorado Boulder alum who has gained fame in the entertainment world as an actor, writer, animator, producer, director, and singer. Important to say that Matt is also associated with the Comedy Central, thus, he met couple met Angela in the line of duty.

Reports have it that Angela captured Matt’s heart at their first meeting and they commenced dating immediately. Being an interracial couple, the odds were truly against them, as many thought it was something that would fizzle out with time. However, Angela and her love interest defiled all odds and went ahead to become officially engaged following which they tied the nuptial knot.

Angela Became Matt Stone’s Wife in 2008

Barely seven years after their first encounter, the interracial couple’s wedding announcement hit the airwaves. Their wedding ceremony eventually occurred in 2008, though details like the exact venue, type of ceremony, and guest list have remained under wraps to date.

Fans were only told that Matt’s close friend, Andrew Sullivan ,was the one who conducted their wedding ceremony. Though he wasn’t previously qualified to wed a couple, Andrew leveraged that opportunity to get certified so he would be able to join his great friend and his wife.

Angela Howard
Angela and Matt image source

How Long Has Angela Howard Been Matt Stone’s Wife?

Counting from 2008 to date, it is glaring that Angela Howard’s union with Matt Stone has completed two and half decades and still going strong. The couple’s continual absence from social media platforms makes it somewhat difficult to know what happens in their personal lives, but a few tidbits keep filtering into the public space from time t time.

The couple’s happy face whenever they make public appearances is a testament to the fact that their relationship is running on oiled wheels. With several celebrity marriages crashing within a few months, Mat and Angela have proved themselves to be the exceptions.

The duo’s commitment to each other is one worth emulating. Besides, we must mention the fact that Angie and her husband, Matt, have earned recognition as one of the most popular interracial couples in the entertainment world.

What Does Matt Stone’s Wife do for a Living?

Because she is the type that values confidentiality, Angela Howard doesn’t bother to answer questions from the media when making public appearances with her husband. Fans only got to know that she once worked at Comedy Central as one of its production executives because that was exactly where she met her celebrity husband.

According to reports, Angela was among the top staff of Comedy Central when she started dating the man who would become her husband. However, after they tied the knot, nothing was heard about her career endeavors again. While many fans speculated that she gave up her job at the comedy house to go and become a full-time wife and mother, others believe that she may still be working.

Angela Howard is Her Husband’s Biggest Support System

A supportive partner, Angela Howard has been severally spotted with her celebrity husband on different events such as premieres, award ceremonies, and many more.

In 2018, the interracial couple was spotted at the NYU Langone Health’s 2018 FACES Gala hosted at Pier Sixty, Chelsea Piers in New York City. They were previously seen at The Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, California, attending BAFTA LA 2012 Britannia Awards in 2012.

In addition to the aforementioned, Angie and Matt have graced other important events together, and being a couple that met in the line of duty, they have so much in common.

How Many Children does Angela Howard Have?

As a couple that loves to keep the details of their personal life far away from the penetrating eyes of the media, Matt and Angela have managed to shroud facts about their children in secrecy. However, it was revealed that their one and half decades of marital bliss have already produced two children.

Reports from NY Magazine said that the interracial couple welcomed the first fruit of their union sometime in 2010 and this is all that is known about the child. Nothing has been said about its gender, exact date of birth, name, and more.

It was later reported that Matt Stone and Angela Howard has a second child but again, they were very adept in withholding all the vital information.

As an actor, Matt has done his utmost best in maintaining a clear boundary between work and family. However, he talks about his kids from time to time. Talking to The Guardian in a January 2013 interview, he revealed his unconditional love for his two kids. According to Matt Stone, he previously believed that becoming a father would change him into an emotionally tender person but that does not appear to be happening.

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