Meet Aja Crowder, Channing Crowder’s Wife

Aja Crowder is the wife of Channing Crowder, the American former NFL player. Born on June 10, 1986, and currently 38 years old, she is an American reality television personality, realtor, and savvy businesswoman. She and Channing  started dating in 2009, got married in 2011, and have welcomed three children in the course of their marriage.

Channing Crowder has been a household name when it comes to American football. His fame as a former linebacker in the NFL has a way of getting those associated with him into the spotlight, especially his wife. Learn more about Aja Crowder and the timeline of her relationship with former NFL linebacker Channing Crowder.

Summary of Aja Crowder’s Bio

  • Full name: Aja Crowder
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: June 10. 1986
  • Aja Crowder’s Age: 38 years old
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Aja Crowder’s Husband: Channing Crowder
  • Aja Crowder’s Children: Channing Crowder, Ava Milan Crowder, and Chaz Lee Randolph Crowder
  • Aja Crowder’s Height in Centimetres: 170 cm
  • Aja Crowder’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Aja Crowder’s Weight: 64kg
  • Body measurements in inches: 34-27-34
  • Body measurements in centimeters: 86-68-86
  • Aja Crowder’s Net worth: $1.5 million
  • Famous for: being the wife of Channing Crowder
  • Aja Crowder’s Instagram: Aja Crowder
  • Twitter: Aja Crowder

Aja Crowder Was Born in 1986

The reality TV star was born on June 10, 1986, and is currently 38 years old. For a long time, no one knew where Aja Crowder was born and raised, as she preferred to keep details of her private life away from the public. However, in 2022, she disclosed in one of her Instagram posts that she was born and raised in Miami, which is a coastal metropolis in Miami-Dade County in South Florida.

The reality TV star was raised by her mother, whose name has not been disclosed. She has praised her mother on several occasions, saying that she raised her to be the woman she is today.

Aja Crowder spent a portion of her formative years with her grandma as well. She once said that her grandma had a significant influence on how she was raised and how she became the person she is now.

As she grew older, her bond with her grandmother increased, and even as an adult, she continued to pay the elderly woman visits in Opa-Locka, which is a city in Miami-Dade County, Florida. Sadly, she passed away in 2020 and losing her left Aja distraught and feeling like a large part of herself had been taken away.

Meanwhile, Aja Crowder has not disclosed where she had her high school education, but it was reported that during het time in high school, she played tennis. After she graduated, she moved on to Howard University in Washington, D.C. from where she earned her first degree. Meanwhile, Aja continued played tennis (Division 1) during her time in the institution. Sadly, she did not pursue a career as a professional tennis player.

The TV Personality Grew Up Without The Knowledge Of Her Father 

Unlike other children who grow up with both parents, Aja Crowder grew up not knowing who her father is. It took her several years as an adult before she could find her dad.

According to reports, Aja Crowder’s mother met a man in the early 1980s, and they eventually got into an intimate relationship. Meanwhile, the relationship only lasted for a few months before they broke up. However, before their split, Aja Crowder’s mother was already pregnant, which she wasn’t aware of.

She noticed her pregnancy when they had already gone their separate ways, but her mother decided to give birth to her and raise her all alone. Additionally, Aja’s mother also chose not to inform her father of her birth (which means that her father was unaware of her existence), a very harsh truth she only got to know about in her second year in college.

At the time, she also learned that her father was a man named, after her mother finally spoke up to her about how she came about. Aja wasn’t really hurt by the revelation, rather, she became very curious about meeting her father.

She Found Her Father Through A Tweet on Twitter

After she became aware right away that her father had left without knowing about her existence, she began looking for him. She combed through everyone she suspected was close to him but only received negative responses.

Aja Crowder was not discouraged and continued the search even after she got married to Channing Crowder. Meanwhile, using the information given to her by her mother that Bruno attended Miami High School during the 1970s, her husband decided to help out with the search.

Aja Crowder’s husband decided to take the search to his Twitter account. He tweeted about the identity of his wife’s father and urged anyone who knew him to contact him. Aja Crowder likewise did the same on a local radio station. Reports have it that it wasn’t quite long after the tweet was made before Aja got a call from someone who identified himself as her father.

Immediately after the call, Aja and her father met for the very first time. Her father stated that from the moment he saw her, he knew that she was his daughter. Currently, the father and daughter have bonded so well and are very close to each other. Likewise, Bruno is very proud of his daughter’s children, who are naturally his grandchildren.

Aja Crowder and Channing First Met Each Other At A Charity Event 

Aja Crowder and Channing Crowder began dating in 2009. They first connected at a charity event held at the radio station where Aja was employed at the time. She caught Channing’s eye, and he made the decision to approach her. Soon after, they began to talk and Aja was intrigued by him.

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Aja subsequently admitted that, despite being attracted by Channing’s attractiveness, she did not make things simple for him the first time they met. She took her time and avoided him for a long time at the event in order to determine if he was sincere with her. Finally, she gave in to his persistence.

When they finally began dating, they were madly in love with each other. The entire encounter, according to Aja, felt as though they were meant to be together from the beginning of time. Together, they travelled to several locations and made some very unforgettable memories.

She Became Channing Crowder’s Wife in 2011

Aja and Channing made the decision to get married after just a few years of being together and walked down the aisle in 2011. Information regarding how their marriage was conducted is unavailable. However, given how well-known Channing Crowder is as a football player, it is assumed that family, friends, and a number of other celebrities must have attended the event.

Since becoming husband and wife, the pair have remained together and it seems that their love keeps growing deeper as the day goes by.

The Couple Has Welcomed Three Children in Their Union

Aja Crowder and Channing Crowder’s union has produced three beautiful children, two boys, and a girl, whom they adore with all of their hearts. Their three children are Crowder III, Ava Milan Crowder, and Chaz Lee Randolph Crowder.

In 2011, the same year they were married, Channing III, their first child, was born. In actuality, Aja was severely pregnant at the time of their wedding. Both of his parents adore Channing III, who is growing quickly into a gorgeous young man.

In 2013, just two years after their wedding, their second child and only daughter, Ava, was born. In 2020, they welcomed Chaz, their last child. Aja is quite popular on social networks, so when she found out she was pregnant with Chaz, she apparently decided to inform all of her followers and kept them updated during the pregnancy by posting frequently on Instagram. When Chaz was born, she informed everyone about it and received a deluge of congratulations on her social media handles.

Aja Crowder Has A Multifaceted Career

As much as Aja Crowder is in the spotlight as the wife of a famous former football player, she is also making a name for herself. She has her hands in a couple of careers which are all flourishing.

Here is a rundown of her diverse careers.

Aja Has Worked as a Promoter For Top Companies

Aja Crowder has worked as a marketing and advertising agent for top companies and created a market-friendly environment for those companies in the Miami market. To date, she is considered one of the promoters in the Miami market. Some of the brands that she has promoted include Live Nation, Universal Studios, Coca-Cola, and many others.

Aja Crowder is also a Real Estate Professional

Aja’s successful career as a promoter made her venture into the real estate business. She is currently a real estate professional and is associated with Sotheby’s International Realty. The real estate company is a luxury real estate brand founded by Sotheby’s fine art dealers in 1976. It operates as a franchise and is focused on the marketing of residential real estate.

Aja Crowder guides clients through the home-buying and home-tour processes. Since she was born and raised in South Florida, she has mastered the city’s market, which has given her an edge in her career. She has been successful in the real estate business and takes to her social media accounts to celebrate her wins. Aja Crowder’s husband also supports her career and has helped her get clients.

She Has Appeared In a Few TV Series

Aja Crowder has some onscreen projects under her belt. She has appeared in a few TV series where she proved her acting prowess and gained more popularity. In 2017, she appeared in Baller Wives, a docuseries that portrayed the wives of famous athletes. It shows the drama and disagreements that come up when the ladies are together and the exciting time that happens when their families have fun in Miami.

In 2020, she made another appearance in the TV series, I Am Athlete, and also in 2022 she made yet another appearance in the television series titled Tamron Hall.

She Worked in a Radio Station

At the time that Aja Crowder met her husband, she told him that she worked in a radio station. Meanwhile, she did not reveal the name of the radio station that she worked for and her position there. She has also kept track of how long she worked as a radio personality and why she quit the job away from the media.

What is Aja Crowder’s Net Worth?

For someone who has a flourishing career, it will come as no surprise if she is worth a fortune. Aja Crower has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million which she made from her work as a radio personality, promoter, real estate professional, and TV appearances. Although the exact amount she makes from her various endeavors is not known, we believe it’s worth the stress.

Aja Crowder’s Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Aja Crowder stands at 5 feet 7 inches, which can be translated 170 cm or 1.70 m. At her height, she is considered above the average height of adult females over the age of 20 years. Based on records, the average height of American women is 5 feet 4 inches, and the realtor stands 3 inches taller. She weighs 64 kg, which fits her height.

The realtor’s body measurements is 34-27-34 inches(for her bust, waist, and hips respectively).


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