Is Richard Simmons Still Alive Today?

Richard Simmons is still very much alive despite the rumors of the fitness personality’s death due to his long disappearance. 

Teagle, Milton Richard Simmons is a fitness expert and former motivational television presenter well-known for his Sweatin’ to the Oldies workout. He was responsible for developing some great exercise movements that are still in use today. He was in the public eye for years but suddenly disappeared 2016. His disappearance raised questions about his whereabouts. Here is all to know about his whereabouts and what he has been up to for over six years.

Richard Simmons Was Born In Louisiana

The fitness expert was born to show-business parents on July 12, 1948, in New Orleans, Louisiana United States. His father, Leonard Douglas Simmons, worked as a master of ceremonies and later in thrift stores. Simmons’ mother, Shirley May, worked as a traveling dancer and later as a cosmetic store saleswoman.

Richard Simmons grew up alongside his elder brother Leonard Jr. in the French Quarter of New Orleans. They all attended Cor Jesu High School, now known as Brother Martin High School. He continued his studies at Lafayette University of Louisiana but eventually earned a degree in art from Florida State University.

Is Richard Simmons Still Alive?

Yes, Richard Simmons is still alive. When he vanished years ago, rumors followed that he was dead. Richard Simmons suddenly decided to stay off the media and away from friends in 2016. The situation lingered and lasted for years. While he was away, reports had it that some of his old clips were still being uploaded on his social media platforms. This made it even more confusing for his fans.

Not only was he rumored dead during his long disappearance, it was also speculated that the fitness expert was in the process of transitioning into a woman. However, his brother, Lenny Simmons spoke up to quiet the rumors about his sexuality. He confirmed in his reply and a report published by PEOPLE that he spent Christmas with Richard and is sure that the fitness trainer is not interested in any gender change.

Richard’s longtime manager, Michael Catalano, eventually spoke up to clear the air. He insisted that Richard was okay. He maintained that the fitness expert still holds his slim physique and is still lightweight, but he wants to isolate himself for some time.

In a report published by, Simmons himself confirmed that he is alive. In the phone interview reported by the media outlet, the fitness expert confirmed that he is alive and healthy and not being held hostage by anyone, as rumors have it.

Simmons Was Hospitalized in 2016

A few years after Richard Simmons’ public self-isolation, TMZ reported that he had been hospitalized. According to their report, someone working in Simmons’ Hollywood Hills house decided to call the authorities over his increasingly weird behavior. After the paramedics carefully examined him, they took him to Cedars Sinai, a hospital located in Los Angeles.

However, the reports didn’t state the medical problem or whether it was treated. Some people speculated that Richard Simmons’ bizarre behavior must be part of why he decided to stay away from the public and his close friends, but this is yet to be confirmed. To finally clear the air and settle the rumors associated with Richards’s disappearance, Lenny Simmons stated that his brother had just decided to rest after over 40 years of being active.

Where is Richard Simmons Now?

Richard Simmons stepped out of retirement in 2019 to re-release some of his past works, encouraging people to exercise during the pandemic. He is currently 75 years old and spends his downtime at home with his dogs.

Following Richard Simmon’s years of silence, the fitness guru, through his spokesperson, Tom Estey, disclosed that he is alive and enjoying his new lifestyle. He made this disclosure after the fitness expert released a TMZ documentary about his disappearance. Richard also made a post on Facebook, showing his gratitude to his fans worldwide for their concern.

He Rose to Fame As A Fitness Trainer

When Richard was younger, he struggled with being overweight. The issue inspired him to pursue a profession in fitness. He weighed 182 pounds, and at some point in his life, he understood that his extreme weight was unhealthy.

When Richard Simmons acquired additional weight and reached 268 pounds (122 kg), he worried more about his health, which inspired him to start a weight-loss program. When his program worked well for him, it attracted attention to him. Soon enough, he had people showing interest in using his routines and program.

Richard rose to fame as he dominated the fitness industry for many years. While assisting hundreds of thousands of people in losing weight, he made exercise enjoyable.

As he progressed in his weight-loss program, Richard Simmons developed much interest in running an exercise club. He founded The Anatomy Asylum, a business that includes a fitness house. Initially, the business had a salad bar restaurant named Ruffage, but it was scrapped when The Anatomy Asylum focused exclusively on physical activity.

Richard Simmons changed the business’s name from The Anatomy Asylum to Slimmons. As he rose in popularity, tv shows came calling. The Richard Simmons Show, which won an Emmy Award, and Slim Cookin’ were the two programs Simmons hosted at the beginning of the 1980s. In both programs, he stressed the need to maintain one’s health through proper nutrition, exercise, and personal hygiene.

Numerous fitness buffs attended The Richard Simmons Show, including SAG/AFTRA actress Lucrecia Sarita Russo, who brought a busload of Pam’s Figure Tique women for a fun workout. Simmons continued to run the business in Beverly Hills and led aerobics and motivational classes every day of the week. However, when Richard Simmons went off the grid, Slimmons closed down in November 2016.

Richard Simmons Got Featured In Several Movies

Richard Simmons also made some movie appearances and performed Boone’s voice in the 1998 movie Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: The Movie. He played an animated version of himself as a workout instructor leading a class of huge, anthropomorphic animals in the Rocko’s Modern Life episode No Pain, No Gain.

He has appeared on some television shows, including Who’s Line Is It Anyway?, Saturday Night Live, CHiPs, The Larry Sanders Show, and the Arrested Development episode Bringing Up Buster. He served as the host of the brief 1999 television series DreamMaker. Simmons taped the PBS pledge drive show Love Yourself and Win in 2007.


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