Ellen DeGeneres’ Height, and The Secret to Her Ageless Glow

How Tall is Ellen Degeneres? Ellen Degeneres is 5 feet 6 inches and the TV personality weighs 64 Kg. To maintain her youthful glow, Degeneres eats a plant-based diet that includes vegan foods like tofu dishes, fresh garden burgers, remastered avocado Reuben sandwich created by her chef, banana oatmeal pancakes, and more.

Over the past few decades, numerous television shows have been created in America but not a lot of them have been able to appeal to an international audience. Among the few that have managed to do so is the self-titled show hosted by comedian Ellen DeGeneres.

Since 2003, Ellen has hosted her syndicated television talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, a platform through which she has not just been able to entertain people but also touch the lives of many by engaging in numerous charitable activities and championing various causes. Some of the causes she holds close to her heart include those affecting members of the LGBTQ community which she is a part of having come out as a lesbian in 1997.

Ellen Degeneres Biography and Profile Summary

Name Ellen Degeneres
Date of Birth 26 January 1958
Profession TV Show Host, Actress, Writer, Comedian, and Businesswoman.
Age 66 years old
Height 5′ 6″ (171 cm, 1.71 m)
Weight 141 lbs in Pound and 64 Kg in Kg
Exactly How tall is Ellen Degeneres? (171 cm, 1.71 m)
Net Worth $550 Million


Exactly How Tall is Ellen DeGeneres?

Ellen Degeneres’ height is 5′ 6″ in feet and inches, 171 cm in centimeters, and 1.71 m in meters while her weight is about 141 lbs in Pounds and 64 Kg in Kilograms.

The Secret to Ellen DeGeneres’ Ageless Glow

Judging by her looks, a lot of people may not believe that Ellen is above sixty years of age as she has practically maintained the same stature and body for as long as we can remember. This explains why the internet went wild when she announced that she had turned 60 on the 26th of January, 2018. A number of factors have contributed to making her look this young and this includes her choice of food.

Speaking to Shape magazine, Ellen DeGeneres revealed how important food used to be to her and how much she enjoyed eating steak, hamburgers, and all other foods that had meat. However, her quest to educate herself on animal cruelty led her to read books such as Diet for a New America and watch documentaries like Earthlings and Meet Your Meat, both of which focus on animal rights. This opened her eyes to how ‘irresponsible’ she was eating meat as she understood that the meat she loved to eat so much came from animals, which are not only living things but also had feelings.

With this new knowledge, Ellen just couldn’t shake off the reality of how badly these animals were being treated and in 2008, she decided to become a vegetarian. As much as the vegan diet appeared to be a sacrifice, it was to her own benefit, she said, as she became healthier than she had ever been. In addition to improving one’s health, studies have also shown that eating a plant-based diet can greatly improve the skin.

Ellen was not alone in her diet change as her partner Portia also joined her. During an interview with Parade, Portia revealed that they ate a lot of red beans and rice, which happened to be Ellen’s favorite meal. Speaking on the Rachael Ray show, the couple also said that they loved to eat pizza without cheese, thanks to their personal chef Roberto Martin who crafts up different vegetarian dishes for them and makes their favorite foods to suit their vegan lifestyle.

Some of the other vegan foods that Ellen DeGeneres loves to enjoy include tofu dishes, fresh garden burgers, a remastered avocado Reuben sandwich created by her chef, and banana oatmeal pancakes among other things. Later on in life, however, Ellen and her partner had to integrate one animal product back into their diet following the advice of some health professionals but 90% of what they eat still comes from plants.

The comedian and television host continued her vegan diet for so many years, however, she later confirmed in December 2018 during an appearance on Netflix’s stand up special, Relatable, that she no longer strictly followed a vegan diet as she now eats fish and eggs. That notwithstanding, she is still very mindful of what she eats – no sugar, no processed foods, which means she does not eat cake, candy, cookies, and the likes. This is a major contributing factor to Ellen’s ageless look as research has proven that consuming sugar is so bad that it can make one look older.

Ellen DeGeneres
Michelle Obama, Ellen DeGeneres and others dancing on her show

In addition to her diet, the multi-talented lady also does a lot of yoga, hatha yoga especially, which she uses to start her day. Stress is one of the major causes of early aging and yoga has stress-reducing powers. Additionally, engaging in yoga regularly helps to build lean muscle mass and can stop weight gain and this makes it possible for Ellen to keep looking young even with her busy schedule.

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