Does Tieghan Gerard Have an Eating Disorder?

Tieghan Gerard does not have an eating disorder. Over the years, many rumors have sprung up on the possibility that the 54 year-old food blogger, recipe creator, and author might have an eating disorder.

However, contrary to the widespread rumors, Tieghan has been confirmed to have a healthy eating pattern and not an eating disorder. Tieghan Gerard’s interest in food started growing when she was about 13 years old, and she nurtured it fully with the contents she gathered from the several food blogs that she followed. Read on to discover the bestselling author’s lifestyle and eating pattern.

Is Tieghan Gerard Anorexic?

No, Tieghan Gerard is not anorexic. A couple of years ago, several rumors went around the internet that the famous food blogger might have an eating disorder due to her physical appearance. However, these rumors are unfounded and very untrue because it has been confirmed that Tieghan does not have anorexia or any other form of eating disorder.

Why People Think Tieghan Gerard Has an Eating Disorder

For someone who is into the art of food creation, most fans of the author of the Half-Baked Cookbook might have expected her to have a plumpy body from enjoying all the meals she creates. However, contrary to their expectations, Tieghan has a skinny body, and this has sparked several rumors among her followers that she might have an eating disorder.

In addition, the fact that she never has a bite of the meals she makes, and even when she does, she never swallows it on camera has further instigated the query into what the celebrity food blogger’s eating habits might be like. No doubt, it is weird that she does not eat the same food she cooks on camera.

While speaking on the Mimi Podcast, Tieghan told Mimi Bouchard that the rumors about her eating habit are baseless and that while she was initially hurt by the negative comments, she has learned to look past them and focus on what is most important. She also revealed that she maintains a healthy diet that is mostly made up of vegetables and healthy grains.

What is Tieghan Gerard’s Weight and Why is She Skinny?

Tieghan weighs about 57 kg (126 lbs) and has a very slim and fit physical appearance. Although the Half Baked Harvest founder appears to be too skinny for her weight, it balances out pretty well with her 5 feet 7 inches height to give her a perfectly normal BMI. On the other hand, her skinny appearance could be attributed to her genes in addition to her healthy vegetarian diet.

Has Tieghan Gerard Always Been Skinny?

Tieghan has not always been skinny. From the before and after photos of the Half Baked Harvest founder, one can easily tell that although she was slim when she was younger, she did not look nearly as skinny as then as she does now.

While speaking about her lifestyle, Tieghan revealed that she climbs every day. And in addition to her mostly vegetarian diet, involving in such a rigorous daily activity must have contributed to the decline in the celebrity chef’s body size.

While her Instagram account features several of the sumptuous meals she makes, Gerard rarely uploads pictures of herself. In some photos of her family’s trip to Cabo, while everyone else was seen wearing sundresses or swimsuits, Tieghan was spotted in an open sweater. This is an open indication that the popular blogger is not confident in her new body.

Meet Some Celebrities Who Suffered from Anorexia

While the spotlight seems to be on our favorite Instagram foodie, let’s all be reminded that several celebrities have had to live with one eating disorder or the other at some point in their lives and were able to win the fight. Below is a list of some celebrities who fought anorexia and emerged victorious

  • Tess Holliday
  • Taylor Swift
  • Jojo
  • Camila Mendes
  • Gabourey Sidibe
  • Lily Collins
  • Demi Lovato
  • Zayn Malik
  • Hilary Duff
  • Paula Abdul
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