Angela Bassett Net Worth and Earnings From Her Movies and TV Shows

Angela Bassett’s net worth is $25 million and this amount includes what her husband, Courtney B. Vance makes from his acting career. Angela’s major income sources include her acting roles, movie production, directing gigs, endorsements, real estate deals, and more.

Angela started her career as an actress in both movies and television series before going into movie production. She has recorded over 100 movie roles and several of them ended up as high-grossing productions at the box office.

The amount that Bassett earns as monthly and annual salary cannot be accurately calculated as each role offers a different paycheck depending on variable like the total budget, the type of role she is featured in (main or supporting cast), and any other behind the scene roles she plays in the project.

How Much is Angela Bassett’s Net Worth Today?

Angela Bassett’s net worth is estimated at $25 million. It’s important to note that the said amount is the combined net worth of she and her husband of almost three decades, Courtney B. Vance. Just like his wife, Courtney also earns a living in the entertainment industry as an actor.

Angela has said that her massive fortune is a result of a lot of sweat, blood, and tears all poured into her career in the entertainment industry. Talking about her humble beginnings as an upcoming actress, she said she promised herself that she would work consistently and hopes to get paid fairly.

The movie icon said that is exactly what aspiring actors long for in their professional lives and patiently wait for that “good day” when it will happen. She also said that her desire is for fairness to pave the way for equity and fair play for every other person aspiring to hit it big.

Angela Basstet’s Net Worth Sources

Though she started in acting roles, Angela Bassett diversified her sources of income with the passage of time. It is well understood that the lion’s share of her income comes from her acting roles but she also earns handsomely from other sources like movie production and directing.

As a highly celebrated actress, Angela attracts a lot of public attention which which keeps increasing her worth as an entertainer. What she receives as a salary in one year may likely double by the time she scores another role the next year.

With that said, we must also acknowledge what she makes away from the acting scene, alongside her husband Courtney B. Vance, the actress and moviemaker has tidied a huge amount for the sale of real estate. Angela is also acclaimed as an activist.

Bassett’s Biggest Income Source is her Acting Roles

Angela Bassett is listed among the entertainment industry’s best-paid movie stars today, thanks to her acting roles on both the big and small screen. After auditioning for roles for a while, she scored her debut TV role on the set of Doubletake, where she played the role of a prostitute.

Angela Bassett

This was promptly followed up with her big screen debut as part of the cast of the movie F/X; she played a cameo as a reporter in the production. Obviously, Angela was not paid much in her first two productions but we must note that they happened before she took the life-changing decision to relocate to Los Angeles, California, in search of greener pastures.

After she moved to America’s movie capital in 1988 fortune smiled on her, as she began to score onscreen roles the next year, starting with guest appearances on the sets of A Man Called Hawk and 227.

She soon started earning fame in the movies and as her popularity increased, it had a positive effect on her earning power. After playing notable roles in Boyz n the Hood in 1991 and 1992’s Malcolm X, Angela scored her big break depicting the character of the legendary Tina Turner in the biopic What’s Love Got to Do with It.

The 1993 movie did not just earn her acclaim, it also announced her to the whole world. Apart from the huge sum she raked in for the role, Angela also won the Golden Globe Award in the category of Best Actress in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy (the first Black woman to ever win it) and became a nominee for an Oscar.

With her Tina Turner role done and dusted, the American movie icon started scoring starring roles in other high-grossing movies, including Betty & Coretta as Coretta Scott King, Queen Ramonda in Black Panther in 2018, its 2022 sequel, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Malcolm X, and many more.

Angela Bassett’s success secret is her killer triceps and commanding presence and this is the reason she is always cast to depict the characters of strong women of history like Queen Ramonda. The American movie star has been at the peak of her career since the 1980s and it comes as no surprise that she has tidied a huge fortune through some major paydays.

How Much Does Angela Bassett Make Per Movie?

The average amount the celebrated actress makes per movie is not specified but her salary is dependent on a lot of variables. First is the budget mapped out for the production of a movie. Another factor is the total size of her movie or series roles which is calculated by number of appearances, episodes, and seasons in the case of television series. Whether she appeared as lead or supporting cast also has a lot to do with how much she finally gets as income from a project.

The big bucks started rolling in for the American actress after she hit her big break on the set of What’s Love Got to Do With It. For the 1993 movie, Angela Bassett smiled to the bank with $250,000. This amount might not sound too big for an actress of Angela’s caliber but it was considered to be quite huge in 1993. The movie entitled, How Stella Got Her Groove Back also paid her $250k.

As time rolled by, the actress’ earning power got boosted by her increased fame. By the time she starred in Waiting to Exhale a couple of years later, the she received $2.5 million in payment. Angela became $3.5 million richer for her Supernova (2000) and got another $3.5 million for The Score in 2021.

What she earned for some of her notable productions like Endgame, London Has Fallen, Green Lantern, Wakanda Forever, Olympus Has Fallen, and Black Panther are not known, but the popularity of these productions indicates that they added a lot of zeros to her bottom line.

Apart from her highly rewarding movie roles, Angela Bassett also earned handsomely from her roles in a good number of television roles. Notable among them are ER, Close to the Enemy, and American Horror Story. She also recorded appearances in AHS (five seasons) and was part of the cast of Did You Say Money.

It is common knowledge that A-list actors who play recurring roles in top series like the ones mentioned above negotiate for a salary that can run from $75k to $150k per episode. Leveraging this piece of important information, it was rumored that Angela was raking in around $1.8 million per season for her TV series.

Gross Box Office Income of Some Movies That Have Contributed To Angela Bassett’s Net Worth

Angela Bassett has starred in several high-grossing movies and it goes without saying that these A-list productions paid her the highest earnings. After she depicted the starring character of Amanda Waller on the set of the movie, Green Lantern in 2011, it grossed $116 million at the box office.

Olympus Has Fallen, which hit the movie stand a couple of years later in 2013 became one of the highly successful thrillers of our time and it came as no surprise that its box office earning got as high as $98 million. Angela’s role as Diane in the 2001 movie, The Score was well received by the viewing public, and her stellar skills attracted massive box office revenue of $71 million when it was released.

The combined stellar cast of Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett, Gregory Hines, Lela Rochon, and Dennis Haysbert made the movie, Waiting to Exhale a highly successful rom-com after it dropped in 1995. Needless to say, expectations were high when the film hit the box office a while later and it didn’t disappoint with a gross income of $67 million

London Has Fallen is another of the American actress’s high-grossing productions. Released in 2016, it received mixed reviews from both the viewing public and movie critics but still managed to gross a box-office income of $62 million. The crime fiction movie Boyz N the Hood which dropped in 1991 with Angela playing Reva Styles also did well as it grossed $57 million.

Angela Bassett shared the screen with A-listers like Tom Hardy, Roose Witherspoon, Chris Pine, and Chelsea Handler on the set of the 2012 romantic comedy, This Means War. The film recorded a gross income of $54 million. Malcolm X where the American movie superstar starred as Dr. Betty Shabazz followed closely behind with $48 million, though it got mixed reviews from both the viewing public and film critics.

$41 million was the gross earnings from her movie, Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns which dropped in 2009. The biographical musical film which paid the actress handsomely recorded a total earning of $39 million. In the movie, Angela’s depiction of the main character received positive reviews from critics.

The above-mentioned are Angela’s older films and although they did admirably well, their earnings cannot be compared with what her more recent productions are raking in at the box office. Movies like Wakanda Forever reportedly earned $855 million while Endgame generated a massive, $2.8 billion.

Her 9-1-1 Salary made Headlines

When it hit the airwaves that Angela Bassett was set to receive $450,000 per episode of the fifth season of 9-1-1 in 2021, it set the media outlets into a reporting frenzy. The ensuing stories revealed that her income from the Fox series would make her the highest-earning Black woman for a drama series.

With $450,000 per episode, Angela would be raking in $8.1 million for the 18-episode season, and when you factor in the fact that the TV show is currently airing its sixth season, the payouts get bigger and bigger. Her payment include stuff like royalties from syndication deals, bonuses, and more.

Angela Bassett’s House

Angela Bassett
Angela’s Californian home image source

It is not in doubt that Angela Bassett has made tons of wealth through her acting roles in both movies and television series. However, she has also tidied up some cool cash from buying and selling of real estate.

In the 1990s, Angela and her husband, Courtney B. Vance, acquired a house in Hancock Park, Fremont Place in Los Angeles, and although the original worth of the house is not listed, it cannot be compared to the fortune they made from selling it.

The said abode is quite plush, boasting 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a wonderful interior, a gym, 24/7 security, huge park-like grounds, a gourmet kitchen constructed to open into a family room, and counting. What’s more, it sits on an expanse of land totaling, 4,828 square feet with extensive outdoor area.

In 2007, the celebrity couple put this piece of property on the market after living in it for a decade. It eventually went for a whopping sum of $6 million. It is well understood that this amount contributed to the couple’s joint net worth.

Angela Says It Is Not All About Big Paychecks

Despite the huge fortune she has amassed through her career in the entertainment industry, Angela has remained humble. Talking to Essence in an interview session, sher said she does not always look at the money while working on a project.

Elucidating, Angela said she has been paid less after earning $250k for her role in What’s Love. She also revealed situations where she has worked as a movie director where they may not even pay her. Talking about her reason for accepting less than what she is worth, the celebrated actress said she wasn’t even checking for it since she takes it all in her stride as a learning process.

After she started earning $ 450,000 per episode in the fifth season of 9-1-1, she told InStyle in a 2022 interview that fame and fortune have never been her only motivation but she is just glad to be fairly paid at the end of the day. Angela reveals that it has always been the sheer joy of following her dreams and that is exactly what makes her feel alive.

She recounted a lot of times she took the hard decision of turning some projects down just because they don’t feel right – the story may not be right, it may be the situation that is totally off, or the entire project itself. T

hese productions, she said, were quite lucrative and would have added some extra zeros to her bottom line but they weren’t just for her. Angela revealed that some plots make the muse show up easily and in conclusion, she said, “All money ain’t good money.”

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