Zach Edey’s Parents: Meet His Mom and Dad

Zach Edey’s parents are Julia Edey and Glen Edey. His mother, Julia is a beekeeper while his father, Glen, is a former basketball coach.

Due to Zach’s performance on the court in recent times, there has been a heightened interest in his private life, especially concerning his parents. However, Zach Edey’s parents are not celebrities in any industry and rather prefer a low-key life. Read further to find out more about all about them in this article.

Who Is Zach Edey’s Mom?

Zach Edey’s mother is a woman named Julia Edey. Although Julia is said to be a Canadian citizen, we cannot, at this moment, ascertain whether she was born in the country or if she moved there with her parents. In the same way, there are no reliable details about her date of birth and consequently, her age.

Judging by her looks, Julia appears to have Asian ancestry with roots in China, but we can’t say for sure as there is not much information on her origin just as details about her background are unavailable. As a result, nothing is known about her childhood, parents, siblings, and educational qualifications (if at all she went to school) among others.

Zach Edey Parents

Fortunately, there is one small detail about Julia Edey that many people don’t know; the celebrity mom is a beekeeper, according to her Twitter bio. This makes her one of a kind since there aren’t many celebrity mothers who do something as unique as beekeeping.

Although she is not much of a public person, Zach’s mom is very active on social media, especially on Twitter where she has more than two thousand followers. She is also active on Instagram on the handle @beejules21 and has a sizable number of followers there. On both platforms, Julia keeps her followers updated from time to time.

It seems like she is content sharing only snippets of her seemingly happy family life but she tries as much as possible not to reveal too much about herself. This explains why there is very little information about her anywhere even on her social media pages.

Meet Zach Edey’s Dad

Zach Edey’s father is Glen Edey. Like his wife, he is of Chinese descent but his nationality is Canadian. Information about his childhood and origins is still unknown for now and there is also no information on where he was born, his date of birth, or even his parents. Although we do not know Glen Edey’s exact age at the moment, we guess he is in his late forties to early fifties, judging by his looks.

He is described as a Pittsburgh Steelers fan and an avid lover of sports. It is said that he coached his famous son in sports like ice hockey and baseball. He also influenced his son’s decision to get into basketball since Zach was growing extremely tall for his age. According to several reports, he hit 6 feet 4 inches while he was still in middle school. During the early part of his career, Zach was coached extensively by his father until he finally got into college.

Surprisingly, very little is known of Glen’s career as a basketball coach. He might be working in the sports industry but this isn’t confirmed information. Unlike his wife, Glen has no social media accounts and prefers to appear on the internet as an appendage of either his wife or son.

Zach Edey’s Parents Have Been Married for Over Two Decades

There isn’t much of a backstory when it comes to Glen and Julia’s love story. The two met in the nineties in Canada, Toronto, and got married soon after. The Asian couple refuses to give any further details on their wedding date and location. By our calculations, it’s clear that their marriage has lasted for over two decades, and still counting.

The couple has two sons named Zack and Doug. Zach was born in the year 2000 while his younger brother followed two years later in 2002. Doug reportedly plays basketball in high school and also loves to stay on a low profile like his father.

Glen and Julia Welcomed Their First Son, Zach Edey, in 2002

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Zach Edey was born in 2002, on May 14, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Being the son of Chinese-Canadian parents, Glen and Julia Edey, he also has Chinese roots and is a citizen of Canada. However, looking at Zach, it’s clear that he isn’t fully Chinese as it appears he has Caucasian ancestry as well. Meanwhile, his zodiac sign is Taurus.

A well-known basketball player, Zach stands at an intimidating height of 7 feet 4 inches (76 inches) and currently weighs 134 kg. He attended Leaside High School before transferring to IMG Academy where he matriculated.

While at Lease High, Zach began playing basketball with the Northern Kings in the Amateur Athletic Union program. He is currently in his second year at Purdue college where he plays in the center position for the Purdue Boilermakers. H

He reportedly turned down several offers from other prestigious institutions like Baylor and Santa Clara just to play for Purdue. He is known as the tallest player in the Big Ten Conference.

Zach Appears to Be Extremely Connected to His Parents

Julia and Glen have been such dedicated supporters of their son’s basketball career. Before Zach was anywhere close to fame, he was partially coached by his father in various other sports before finally settling in basketball, as we mentioned earlier.

His mother, Julia refuses to be left behind in the show of love as she has several pictures of her in various jerseys supporting her son’s team. She shows up regularly to watch her son on the court and is already a certified sports fanatic like the men in her family.

Zach’s relationship with his parents appears to be very close considering the way they support him tirelessly and endlessly. Even though he does not really express how he feels about them in words, there is no doubt that Zach truly has so much love for his parents as it is very obvious to the public.

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