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The Zac Brown Band is very popular among lovers of country music. Likewise popular is the lead vocalist and guitarist of the band, who is also the main man behind its formation, Zac Brown. An award-winning singer, he has been on stage since 2002 in a musical journey that would see him taking home more than a couple of Grammys. Here is all to know about Zac Brown, his family, net worth and more.

Zac Brown Bio

The singer was born Zachary Alexander Brown on July 31, 1978, in Atlanta, Georgia. It was, however, in Lake Lanier that he was brought up by his mother and stepfather.

Coming from a very large family as only the 11th of 12 children, he seemed to be cut out for music as his family was a music-loving one. While his dad was into playing folk guitar, his brother Wynn was a bluegrass guitar and banjo player. What this means is that by the time Zac Brown was able to start talking, he was also singing.

Even before going to high school, Zac had been trained in playing guitar when he was only 8. From then, he would also be tutored on vocals. For his education, the country music star went to the University of West Georgia. He began a solo career since he was in high school. Before 2005, he had already started his band and had already released their first two albums, Far from Einstyne (2004) and Home Grown (2005). They would go on to have more albums, The Foundation (2008), You Get What You Give (2010), Uncaged (2012), Jekyll + Hyde (2015) and Welcome Home (2017).

The band has got many nominations and a number of awards including the Academy of Country Music, CMT Music Awards, Country Music Association Awards, and iHeartRadio Music Awards. The group has also taken home the 3 Grammy Awards: the Best New Artist of 2013, Best Country Collaboration with Vocals for As She’s Walking Away, and Best Country Album for Uncaged in 2013.

Dad, Wife, Family, and Kids

Zac Brown
Zac and Shelly Brown (Image Source)

Whenever the talk about Zac’s dad begins, one of the first things that you get returned to is the song; My Old Man which he released with his band. The song tells of his father, Jim Brown, and all that he has taught him as well as the examples he has set for him to follow.

Although he is from a broken home, Zac still has great regards and love for his dad, and he revealed how much pleased he is that his dad got to listen to the song. Interestingly enough, at almost every time that he performs the song, Zac finds himself choking back tears.

The country singer has been married since 2006 to Shelly Brown. Like many things about him, his relationship story is very interesting. He met his wife on a New Year’s Eve night after his date stood him up. He was walking after a show that night alone and was wondering if he was not going to kiss anyone that night. That was when he met the woman that would go on to become his wife.

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Shelly gave him the first kiss that night as the world entered a new year and with the kiss, the singer knew he had found the woman that would be with him as his better half for years to come.

In 2006, they got married and from then on, Shelly Brown had not only continued running her jewellery business but has also supported her husband’s music. The two have five kids, Alexander Frost Brown, Lucy Brown, Justice Brown, Joni Brown, and Georgia Brown.

Net Worth

The Zac Brown Band frontman has worked very hard over the years, recording many songs with his band that has been accepted globally and have won a lot of accolades.

According to the Forbes magazine’s Country Cash Kings of 2014, the Zac Brown Band had netted in 29 million to stay at the 6th spot. Their achievement that year was thanks to the success of their Grammy-winning album of 2012.

As an individual, Brown has an estimated net worth of $25 million. He has been able to make his fortune as a member and lead singer of his band, as well as from the sales of their music. More so, he has made a lot of money with his band from their different endorsement deals including with Bose, Bai, and Jack Daniel’s partners.

Height and Weight

The singer may not necessarily be the tallest at a concert, but he sure has a good height. He stands a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.8 m) and a weight of 90 Kg (198 LBS).

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