Yado Yakub – Bio & Facts About Margaret Brennan’s Husband

Yado Yakub is a lawyer and a successful one at that but that was not enough to bring him fame or announce his name to the world until he met the woman he would eventually call his wife. Yakub is doing his own thing and is his own man, but when it comes to the spotlight, he is known mostly for one thing – his marriage to CBS correspondent, Margaret Brennan. Still, this doesn’t detract from Yado’s personal and career achievements.

The story of Yakub and Brennan from the moment they first met to the moment they tied the knot is one for the books. Here we lay out everything we know about Yado Yakub, his achievements as a lawyer and his relationship with his wife, Margaret.

Early Life

Besides his age and the identity of his family members, every other information available concerning Yado’s life only begins when he met Margaret.

Yado was born Ali Iyad Yakub sometime in 1978; the exact date of his birth is unknown. His father is Dr. Nabil Y. Yakub and his mother is Rolana I. Yakub. Dr. Nabil works at Fairfax Hospital, in Falls Church, Virginia as a nephrologist, while his mother Rolanda works at the County Day School in McLean, Virginia. He also has a sister named Samia Yakub.

Yakub had his university education at the University of Virginia. Then he went to obtain a graduate degree at the University of Miami School of Law.

His work experience is relatively vast but the few that stand out are his time at the Capitol Hill where he did a fellowship after his time in Law School. He was also a former judge advocate for the United States Marine Corps. Presently, a visit to his LinkedIn profile will reveal that he is currently employed at a financial services firm known as Pricewaterhouse Coopers. He works there as a senior associate.

After many years of uncertainty between them, Yakub Yado finally made Margaret Brennan his wife on April 11, 2015. The ceremony held at the Decatur House in Washington. Like Yakun, Margaret got her bachelor’s degree from the University of Virginia. She studied Foreign Affairs and Middle East Studies. She then went on to Yarmouk University in Jordan for her graduate studies.

The journalist has previously been employed by the financial news outlet Bloomberg Television. Here she anchored her own show, InBusiness with Margaret Brennan. The program aired on weekdays. She was also a CNBC correspondent lending her experience to various NBC news programs. Currently, she is on CBS’s payroll. And is known mostly as the moderator of the show Face the Nation on CBS News. Brennan was previously a White House correspondent for the network.

Facts About Margaret Brennan’s Husband

1. Yado’s baby was announced to the world on Stephen Colbert’s late-night talk show

Many celebrities love to announce their pregnancy on choice platforms ranging from social media to talk shows. For Yado Yakub and his wife, it was the latter. Yado’s wife was invited for a sit down on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on April 30, 2018.

It was here that much to the host’s anticipation, she finally announced that she and Yado were expecting a baby. The crowd applauded their approval. At the end of the show and true to Colbert’s comic side, he gave one piece of sage advice to Brennan. He humorously advised her between fits of laughter to have all the sleep she could have before the baby came.

Yado Yakub and Margaret Brennan finally became parents on September 11, 2018. They had a son and named him Eamon Brennan Yakub.

2. His son came late

The due date given to his wife didn’t work out as their son, Eamon came later than expected. Margaret, heavily pregnant at the time, decided to squeeze in more work on her due date weekend in lieu of staying at home.

That weekend she recorded one extra episode for they Face the Nation program where she interviewed the United States Vice President, Mike Pence. She was subsequently replaced temporarily by her colleague, John Dickerson, pending her return from maternity leave.

After Ramon had finally arrived, Brennan posted a picture on her Instagram of her and their son watching Face the Nation.

3. Yado Yakub married Margaret almost 20 years after their first meeting

Going by their perceptions of each other after their first meeting, it is surprising that Yado and Margaret are married. Yado was a student at the University of Virginia, same time Margaret was there. At the time of their meeting in 1998, Yado was a senior while Brennan was a freshman.

Yado Yakub and his wife Margaret Brennan
Yado Yakub and his wife Margaret Brennan

Brennan perceived him to be the party going, laid back kind of guy. This was aided by the fact that Yakub liked to dress in t-shirts and flip flops. Yakub, on the other hand, thought the opposite of Brennan. He thought her too serious, uptight and conservative for him. Even though they crossed each other’s part frequently, nothing came of it in their undergraduate days.

After their time in Virginia, Brennan moved on to Yarmouk University in 2000. As fate would have it, she ended up as a roommate to Samia, Yado’s sister. They grew to become really good friends and Samia kept her abreast of what was happening in Yado’s life. It was through her that Margaret learned that Yado was at the University of Miami School of Law at the time.

Brennan and Samia lost touch after their graduation but found each other again in 2012 via Facebook. Surprisingly, they both lived in Washington and made the time to catch up with each other. At the time, Yado was also pursuing his fellowship in Washington as well.

Margaret and Yado Yakub eventually ran into each other at a bus station. Margaret saw him first and went to say “hi”. Yado ended up inviting her to his house for a party he was organizing. She accepted the invitation and that was the beginning of their romance.

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4. Yado is a polyglot and has a background in Journalism

Margaret may have minored in the Arabic language in school but it is Yado that takes the cake when it comes to multi-lingual prowess. The Syrian American is fluent in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic.

The attorney also dabbled in journalism during his time in Miami. At the University of Miami International and Comparative Law Review, he fulfilled the role of Articles and Comments Editor. Yakub also wrote the occasional think piece for the journal. This included his 2004 article titled “The Islamic Roots of Democracy”.


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