WJSN (Cosmic Girls) Updated Members Profile, Info & Trivia

The WJSN or the Cosmic Girls consists of 13 young and talented girls who have steadily built their careers in the Chinese and South Korean entertainment industry. The thirteen members are of Chinese and South Korean origin and the group was formed by a collaboration between Starship and Yuehua Entertainment initially with 12 members which are Exy, Seola, Bona, Xuanyi, Soobin, Dawon, Luda, Cheng Xiao, Eunseo, Dayoung, Yeoreum, and Meiqi. The 13th member Yeonjung was added in 2016.

The group has released seven Extended Plays (EP) with several singles that have done well on various charts and has earned them series of awards.

Updated WJSN Members Profile

1. EXY

EXY (Image Source)

She was born Chu So Jung in Busan South Korea on the 6th of November 1995. She is the leader of the group and is also the main rapper. Although she began her idol training as a vocalist, she ended being a rapper and writes and composes her raps. She has also made significant writing contributions to the group’s album.


Seola (Image Source)

She was born Kim Hyun Jung is Seoul, South Korea on the 24th of December 1994. She is the lead vocalist and has the uncanny ability to turn any song into a ballad. She has featured in several collaborations outside her group which has made her quite popular.


Xuan YI (Image Source)

She was born Wu Xuan YI in Hainan, China on the 26th of January 1995. She is the lead dancer and vocalist in the group and was a contestant on Produce 101 China where she came 2nd. She won the ‘Most Popular Female Singer’ category in the 2018 Fresh Asia Music Award.


Bona (Image Source)

She was born Kim Ji Yeon in Gwangyeoksi, Daegu, South Korea on the 19th of August, 1995. She is a lead dancer and rapper in the group and has featured in some drama series including “The Best Hit” (2017) and “Your House Helper” (2018).


Soobin (Image Source)

She was born Park Soo Bin in Seoul, South Korea on the 14th of September 1996. She is one of the main vocalists in the group and also plays the piano, flute, and violin.


Luda (Image Source)

Lee Lu da was born on the 6th of February 1997 in Seoul, South Korea. She is one of the lead rappers and also a vocalist in the group. Before their debut, she was the most popular member of the group. She has been involved in several collaborations outside the group and has released a single titled ‘DreamWorld’.


Dawon (Image Source)

Nam Da Won was born on the 27th of May 1997 in Seoul, South Korea. She is the main vocalist in the group and plays the guitar and piano very well. She once participated in the singing show “Spirit Girl”.


Eunseo (Image Source)

She was born Son Ju Yeon in Incheon, South Korea on the 27th of May 1998. She is one of the lead rappers and vocalists in the group and also plays the tambourine, guitar, drums, and piano. She is also a model.


Cheng Xiao
Cheng Xiao (Image Source)

Cheng Xiao was born on the 15th of July 1998 in Shenzhen, China. She is the main dancer and vocalist in the group. She spent 10 years learning the Chinese dance and is very flexible. She is one of the dance mentors of Idol Producer.

10. MEI QI

Mei Qi (Image Source)

Born Meng Mei Qi in Luoyang, China on the 15th of October 1998, she is a dancer and vocalist in the group. She came first in Produce 101 China and is in charge of sexy concepts for the group. She has featured in a number of Chinese movies.


Yeoreum (Image Source)

She was born Lee Jin Suk on the 10th of January 1999 in Seoul, South Korea. She is a lead rapper and vocalist in the group and plays instruments like the piano, janggu, and pipe.


Dayoung (Image Source)

Lim Da Young was born on the 14th of May 1999 in Jeju, South Korean. She is a lead vocalist in the group. She has been a contestant on K-Pop Star 1 and plays the tambourine and triangle well.


Yeonjung (Image Source)

Yu Yeonjung was born on the 3rd of August 1999 in Gwangmyung, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. She is the youngest member of the group and also the last member to join the WJSN. She is a main vocalist and also plays the guitar.

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Info & Trivia

1. What does WJSN stand for?

The group’s name WJSN represents the sub-units in the group as the girls were further put in categories depending on their Korean or Chinese ethnicity.

  • Wonder Unit has Dayoung, Bona and Cheng Xiao.
  • Joy Unit consists of Xuanyi, Yeoreum, and Xuanyi.
  • Sweet Unit has Seola, Exy, and Soobin.
  • Natural Unit has Yeonjung, Dawon, Meiqi, and Luda.

2. Albums

The group has released one studio album, Seven Extended Plays (EP) – with the 8th scheduled to be released on the 19th of November 2019 – and several singles.

3. Awards and Recognition

Following their debut, they won the ‘Rising Star Award’ at the 2016 Asia Artist Awards. In 2017, they won the ‘New Artist Award’ at the Korean Entertainment Arts Awards. They also won the New Wave Award at the Asia Artist Awards 2018. They won the ‘M2 hot Star Award’ at the 2019 Genie Music Awards among several prestigious awards and nominations.


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