Is Willow Smith Dating Anyone, If So Who Is The Person?

Willow Smith is Hollywood royalty. While she has created a niche for herself using her own talents, she is best known for being the daughter of the A-list celebrities, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. Like her parents, she also toed the entertainment line, establishing herself as an actress, singer, and dancer. She began her career at an age when most of her mates were still worrying about mundane things like toys. When she was seven years old, Willow appeared in her first movie, I Am Legend, starring alongside her father. She then went on to feature in Kit Kittredge: An American Girl, for which she earned a Young Artist Award.

At age ten, Willow became the youngest artist to get signed to Roc Nation, Jay-Z’s record label under which she released her debut single Whip My Hair, which became a global hit. Since then, she has matured as an artist and has released several beautiful projects that have been critical and commercial successes. While Willow’s career trajectory will always hold a lot of interest to the media and public, her love life is also a hot topic. Many people want to know if the gifted artist is sweet on anyone and who the person that has managed to win her heart is.

Is Willow Smith on the Dating Scene Yet?

No longer the little girl she used to be, Willow has made the inevitable transition into the world of dating. From her appearances on her mother’s web series, Red Table Talk, it has become known that she holds a lot of nontraditional views about relationships.

Willow Smith doesn’t believe that monogamous relationships work for her and has expressed interest in being part of a throuple, a three-way relationship where the participants all date each other. She is bisexual and likes both men and women so she wants to be able to express her sexuality freely with both genders without feeling like she has to give one up. Willow doesn’t think all that fear about letting the person that you love be free to love other people is useful, so, she tries to make sure they don’t inhibit her love life.

Being a famous person, she has more than her fair share of eligible potential partners to choose from, male and female, making her dating pool quite interesting. However, Willow seems to have found someone special who shares her ideas and passions.

Who Is Willow Smith Dating?

Willow Smith and Tyler Cole
Willow Smith and Tyler Cole: Image Source

On numerous occasions, Willow Smith has been spotted out hanging with her new boo – a handsome rapper and actor named Tyler Cole. Unlike his girlfriend, he wasn’t born into wealth and class but was raised by his working-class single mother. He was born on July 7, 1998, which makes him two years older than Willow who was born on October 31, 2000. His mother moved with him to Los Angeles when he was little so she could pursue her dreams of becoming an actress.

Tyler Cole’s mother is white while his father is black, so the musician is biracial. He has stated that he often feels alienated as a result of this because people sometimes think he’s too white or not black enough to be making the kind of music he creates. Aside from his musical career, Tyler has also worked his way into the acting industry. Some of his most notable roles in film and television include Between the Miles and Family Reunion.

He belongs to the artistic collective MSFTS republic founded by Jaden Smith, with his girlfriend Willow as a member. The group is dedicated to supporting the earth and waking up her population through knowledge and personal growth. They produce all kinds of artsy merchandise such as apparel and books on photography. As a solo artist, Tyler Cole has released two albums titled Stranger and We’re in Love & the World is Ending — the latter was inspired by his love for someone. Could it be Willow?

As if a music career and rising actor profile aren’t enough, Willow’s boyfriend is also interested in filmmaking. He has already directed a couple of music videos, as well as one feature film titled The Father Complex, and he plans to do a lot more work behind the camera in the coming years. He has collaborated with several other artists on their musical projects; he was featured on Jaden Smith’s ERYS album and co-produced his girlfriend Willow’s self-titled album with her.


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