Willie Alexander Robertson and his Sister Sadie
Willie Alexander Robertson and his Sister Sadie: Image Source

It’s not unusual for people to become famous by virtue of who their parents are. That is the case with Willie Alexander Robertson. He is the child of the famous actor Willie Jess Robertson and his wife Korie Robertson. The couple has six children together and Willie happens to be their second son. He is not their biological child as he was adopted by the couple who have loved, adored, and supported him in every way since he came under their wings. His adoptive parents are happy that he is a part of their family and they treat him like all their other children so that they are all one big and happy family.

Willie joined the Robertson family when he was quite young and has lived with them ever since. Like the rest of the clan, he also stars on the family’s reality television show called Duck Dynasty, however, his character does not play a major role because he is relatively younger and less accomplished than his older siblings. However, Willie is on the rise and is bound to make a name for himself one of these days in any profession of his choice.

Willie Alexander Robertson Bio

Willie Alexander Robertson was born on November 8, 2001. His original birthplace is not known at this time, neither is the identity of his birth parents or what they did for a living. He was adopted by Willie and Korie Robertson when he was only a few weeks old and they became his legal guardians.

His parents have been there for him in every important moment of his life regardless of how busy their schedules are and they have tried to raise him to be a responsible man who has the right morals and values.

He comes from a very religious family. His parents are devout Christians and they have brought him up according to the teachings of their faith. His father often preaches in their church, where he regularly extols the beauty of parenting and doing good deeds. Willie Alexander Robertson is loved by his adoptive family and thanks to the enormous wealth that his parents have accumulated, he has enjoyed a very fulfilling and comfortable life.

He attended a wonderful private school and from all indications, Willie should be headed to college anytime now. There is not a lot of information available with regards to his personal life and what he’s up to because he prefers to keep a low profile and lead a normal life away from all the cameras and media attention.

His Family – Mother and Father

Willie Alexander Robertson
Willie Alexander Robertson and his father: Image Source

Willie Alexander’s father is Willie Jess Robertson, a reality television star, who is also a business mogul, hunter, motivational speaker, author, actor, and a lover of the outdoors. He appears on Duck Dynasty, a reality television series which he is best known for, but he has also been featured in Last Man Standing, Billy the Exterminator, God’s Not Dead, and Whose Line Is It Anyway? Willie Sr. is the CEO of the company Duck Commander.

Willie’s mother is named Korie Robertson. She is a television personality, businesswoman, and author behind the books Strong and Kind: And Other Important Traits Your Child Needs to Succeed, and The Women of Duck Commander. She is actively involved in the running of the family business, specifically Duck and Dressing, the boutique arm owned and operated by the Duck brand. Korie married Willie in 1992, shortly after they finished high school and they have raised six children together so far.

Out of Willie’s five siblings, three of them are the biological children of his parents, while the other two are adopted like him. His siblings are John Luke, Sadie, and Bella on the biological side, with Rebecca and Rowdy on the adoptive front.

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Other Facts about Willie Alexander Robertson

1. Willie Alexander loves hunting and spending time outdoors like his father.

2. His brother, John Luke, is an accomplished author who wrote the book titled Young and Beardless: The Search for God, Purpose, and a Meaningful Life. Luke is also an enthusiastic traveler who jets around the world and documents his trips alongside his wife.

3. His sister, Sadie is also uber-successful. She is a writer who has authored best-selling books and she also serves as a public speaker.

4. Willie Alexander Robertson helps in the running of the family business in whatever capacity he can.

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