Who Was Victoria Anne Simmons – Joseph Simmons’ Daughter Who Died?

Victoria Anne Simmons was the daughter of Joseph and Justine Simmons, who was born on September 26, 2006, but sadly passed away a few hours after her birth. She had a congenital disease known as omphalocele, which is a birth defect that caused her organs to grow out of her body. It was sad, to say the least, for the celebrity couple to lose their child at the age of one day, however, they found solace in each other and in God. 

Joseph Simmon is a renowned American rapper, DJ, producer, TV personality, and minister best known by his stage name, Rev Run or DJ Run. Asides from being a celebrity, Joseph is a practicing minister hence the “Rev” attached to his name.

Victoria Anne Simmon’s Bio

  • BIRTHDAY: September 26, 2006
  • BIRTHPLACE: United States of America 
  • BIRTH SIGN: Scorpio 
  • ETHNICITY: Black 
  • FATHER: Joseph Simmon
  • MOTHER: Justine Simmon
  • SIBLINGS: Jasmine Simmon, Angela Simmon, Vanessa Simmon, Daniel Simmon, Russell Simmon, Miley Simmon.
  • WEIGHT: 4 pounds 5 ounce 

Victoria Anne Simmon was Joseph Simmons’ Sixth Child

When Justine found out that she was going to have another child with her husband, she was elated at the news. The couple were already parents to five beautiful children when Victoria was conceived.

At the period of Victoria’s conception and birth, the couple shared two children together; Daniel Simmons (Diggy) and Russell Simmon (Russy). Justine further served as the stepmother of Vannessa, Angela, and Joseph “JoJo” Ward, Joseph’s children with his first wife, Valerie Vaughn.

However, midway through the pregnancy, they were informed that Victoria had grave complications, which left her chances of survival minimal, but the couple chose to carry on with the pregnancy regardless of the odds, as predicted by the doctors.

Joseph and Justine Have Been Married for Almost Three Decades 

Two years after his divorce from his first wife, Valerie Vaughn, Joseph reconnected with his old-time sweetheart Justine Jones. The duo first met in a concert. Justine had gone to watch Kurtis Glow but ended up meeting her prince charming. Although the couple met when they were both teenagers, they didn’t date but rather separated.

It’s not known when they began dating, but the couple got married on June 25, 1994. While it was Joseph’s second marriage, it was Justine’s first. Their love story is a pretty interesting one and has lasted for almost three decades now.

Who Was Victoria Anne Simmons - Joseph Simmons' Daughter Who Died?
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What Happened to Rev Run’s Daughter Victoria?

On September 26, 2006, Justine and her husband welcomed their third baby Victoria. Sadly, they lost their daughter a couple of hours later. She was diagnosed with a birth defect known as omphalocele, a rare condition that causes a child’s internal organs to grow outside the body. However, it came as a rude shock when the doctors announced the death of Victoria to Joseph and his wife.

Victoria Anne Simmons died a few hours after her birth from a congenital disease known as omphalocele. She was born through a cesarean C-section and weighed four pounds and five ounces at birth.  The news of her demise broke not just the heart of her parents but that of the general public.

Victoria Anne Simmon’s Death was Covered and Announced by a Media Crew 

After the death of the baby Victoria, the couple chose a unique way to announce the demise of Victoria to the rest of their children; hence, they permitted a media crew into the hospital as they went on to formally inform the kids that their baby sister was no more. The Simmons wanted to give their viewers and followers a peek at how they were dealing with the news of Victoria’s passing.

In their book titled “old school love; and why it works,” the couple shared how they dealt with the grief of losing their daughter. Also, they discussed how adopting Mikey a year after Victoria’s passing was instrumental to their healing. Justine has opined that adoption was, to them, a miracle.

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