Who Was Kevin Samuels’ Wife or Girlfriend and Was He Gay?

Kevin Samuels was not married at the time of his death, but records show that he was married twice during his lifetime. The identities of the women he married were also carefully concealed from the public. The late YouTuber was also not in any relationship at the time of his death, although he had been previously romantically linked to various women.

Kevin Samuels was also not gay, even though many thought he was because of the very disparaging comments he was known to make against women, especially those of African American descent, and also due to a call incident during one of his live streams.

Who was Kevin Samuels’ Wife?

Kevin Samuels never revealed the identity of the woman he married. He was married twice in his lifetime, and while it has been a useful tool to defend his position as a straight man, the relatively short-lived period of those marriages has also made it a double-edged sword used by many of his detractors to insist that he was gay.

Even though he occasionally spoke about them, both women refused to make public appearances while he was alive. Now that he is dead, the chances of the public and the media getting to find out who these women were have been significantly reduced.

Kevin Samuels’ First Wife was His High School Sweetheart

Kevin Samuels’ first marriage was the shortest of his two marriages, having lasted for just a year. Incredible, too, is the fact that that marriage was contracted to his high school sweetheart. Not much is known about the relationship except for the obvious part about them meeting in high school.

Besides that, we have been unable to uncover the identity of the woman, what she does for a living and where she is at the moment. Other aspects of the marriage which have been shielded from the media and the public include how long they dated before getting married, the date at which the wedding took place, and the details of the ceremony itself.

One clear fact remains that Samuels’ first marriage ended after just one year. During that time, though, Kevin Samuels had a daughter with the woman in question, and she took sole custody of the daughter upon their divorce. A few months before he died, there were reports that Kevin’s first wife was coming forward to levy accusations against him, which included defaulting on child support payments. Those reports failed to materialize, and her identity remained a secret.

Asked why his first marriage failed, Kevin conceded that the relationship should not have gone beyond them being friends and that getting romantically involved with each other ruined their relationship.

Kevin Samuels’ Second Marriage Lasted 3 Years

Very much similar to his first, there are no public details of Kevin’s second wife, who he married a few years after divorcing his high school sweetheart. There is also a lack of information about how they met, where they met, how long they dated, and the finer details of their wedding ceremony.

We can also not overlook the fact that Samuels’ second marriage was equally as short-lived as his first, albeit a couple of years longer. Kevin was married to his second wife for three years, and during that time, the former couple did not have any children together. Kevin confirmed that they split due to irreconcilable differences, although many believe that there is more to it than that.

Did Kevin Samuels’ Have a Girlfriend?

At the time of his death, Kevin Samuels’ was unmistakably single. Following his second divorce, however, the late guru was seen in the company of many women, most of whom were significantly younger than he was. Some of them were quite ordinary and relatively unknown, while some of them, such as @sixthegood, an Instagram model and influencer, were relatively well-known to the public and media.

It is important to note, though, that Kevin Samuels’ notoriously kept a tight lid on his personal affairs and may have been in a relationship that he kept secret from even those close to him. After all, in 2021, the late “love guru” expressed the desire to get married again at some point. He never got to take that chance on marriage again before he died in May 2022.

Kevin Samuels’ Gay Rumors Started After a Live Stream

Kevin Samuels (full name: Kevin Roshon Samuels, born March 13, 1965) was a 59 year-old African American Image Consultant, YouTube, and Dating expert who was born and bred in Atlanta, Georgia. Samuels received his high school diploma at Millwood High School before bagging a degree in Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma University.

The late internet-styled love guru gained a lot of experience in marketing before launching his YouTube Channel in 2016. Following the launch of his channel, Samuels began making live streams that were centered on giving people advice about their love lives. Most of his content divided opinions, and part of the reason people thought he was gay stems from the way he castigates women, particularly those who come from his ethnic group.

Samuels’ opinion of women came as a shock to many considering the fact that after his parents’ divorce became final, the late ‘love guru’ was raised by his mother, who he was reportedly quite fond of. As earlier stated, Kevin Samuels made several YouTube content that was disparaging to women, and that placed him not just in the misogynistic category but firmly in the gay category, an idea that has been difficult to dislodge from the minds of many who had dealings with him.

Kevin Samuels

Another worrying reason for the gay rumors that began pervading the net before he died was a recorded video call incident during one of Samuels’ live streams. The stream showed a half-naked man lying on the YouTuber’s bed. In response, Kevin came out to say that the man in question had been caught in call waiting and had pushed the wrong button.

No matter what he said, the minds of many were made up about his sexuality as a gay man. This categorization didn’t sit well with Samuels, who was angry with the LGBTQ community for not clearing his name in that regard. He also buttressed his claims of not being gay by stating that had he been truly gay, his detractors would have had the decency to not come after him for being gay and that their constant taunts were designed to rile him up.

Who is Kevin Samuels’ Daughter?

Recall that Kevin Samuels’ had a daughter with his first wife. The daughter in question was allegedly born on June 29, 2000. However, the identity of Samuels’ daughter has hitherto remained unknown, very much similar to all other aspects of his personal life.

In June 2021, an unknown lady came out to publicly claim that Kevin was her father. There were a lot of inaccurate things about her claims, and she was quickly sidelined. There are also reports that Kevin did not have a good relationship with his daughter, although nothing about the kind of relationship they had has been confirmed.

For someone who dished out advice to people on how to make their relationship work, Kevin Samuels’ credibility as an effective dating expert was mitigated by his failed marriages.

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