Who Was Johnny Culpepper Bundy, Ted Bundy’s Father?

Johnny Culpepper Bundy was the stepfather of Ted Bundy, an infamous American serial killer who committed a series of murders, kidnaps, and rapes on women and girls. He was a hospital cook born on April 23, 1921, and died on May 17, 2007, at the age of 86 years.

Johnny Culpepper Bundy was able to become famous for being the stepfather of Ted Bundy. He lived most of his life out of the spotlight, however, here are things to know about him.

Summary of Johnny Culpepper Bundy’s Bio 

  • Full name: Johnny Culpepper Bundy
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: April 23, 1921
  • Johnny Culpepper Bundy’s Date of Death: May 17, 2007
  • Johnny Culpepper Bundy’s Age at Death: 86 years
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Johnny Culpepper Bundy’s Wife:  Eleanor Louise Cowell Bundy
  • Johnny Culpepper Bundy’s Children: 5, Ted Bundy
  • Johnny Culpepper Bundy’s Parents:  Charles Horace Bundy and Ludie Ann Haskett Bundy
  • Siblings: Jesse Lee Bundy, David Clyde Bundy, Henry William Bundy, Hebery Lloyd Bundy, Essie M Bundy Wilson, Mary Elizabeth Bundy, Lundie Ann Bundy Colson, and Earl Armistice Bundy
  • Famous for: being the stepfather of Ted Bundy

Who is Johnny Culpepper Bundy?

Johnny Culpepper Bundy is the stepfather of Ted Bundy, born on April 23, 1921, in Elizabeth City, Pasquotant County, North Carolina, the United States. He was an American national born under the Taurus birth sign and was of white descent. The cook was born to Charles Horace Bundy and Ludie Ann Haskett Bundy, whose occupations are unknown.

Johnny Culpepper Bundy was the third child out of the nine children born to his parents. His siblings were Jesse Lee Bundy, David Clyde Bundy, Henry William Bundy, Hebery Lloyd Bundy, Essie M. Bundy Wilson, Mary Elizabeth Bundy, Lundie Ann Bundy Colson, and Earl Armistice Bundy. Meanwhile, nothing is known about them except that they are all dead, according to reports

Nothing has been disclosed about Johnny Culpepper Bundy’s educational background, including where he had his elementary and high school education. There are no further details on whether he attended a university or not.

He Married Eleanor Louise Cowell Bundy In 1951

Johnny Culpepper Bundy reportedly met Eleanor Louise Cowell Bundy at an adult singles night at the First Methodist Church in Tacoma, Washington. This was after she changed her name to Nelson and left her family home in Philadelphia for Tacoma in search of a better life with her son, Ted Bundy. After some time, Johnny and Eleanor fell in love with each other and began dating shortly afterward.

Altough there is no information about when Johnny Culpepper Bundy and Eleanor Louise Cowell Bundy began dating and how long they dated, it is known that they eventually got married on May 19, 1951, in the United States. The cook and his wife lived peacefully while they were married and stood through thick and thin.

Was Johnny Culpepper Bundy The Birth Father of Ted Bundy?

No! Johnny Culpepper Bundy was not Ted Bundy’s birth father, rather, Johnny adopted him after he got married to his mother. At that time, Ted was identified with the last name Nelson, but he changed it to Bundy after the adoption. However, though Johnny was a great dad and husband, Ted never acknowledged his sacrifices.

Ted Bundy never respected his stepfather and hated him because he did not earn much. As much as Johnny tried to overlook his stepson’s bad attitude, he still got to the point of having fallouts with him. Eleanor Louise Cowell Bundy always came in between them at this point and settled their differences, yet they never got along well.

Despite this, Ted Bundy’s stepfather put a lot of effort into giving him the love and care that a father could give. He went as far as raising money to get him bail after he was apprehended by the authorities for his crimes.

Meanwhile, he was never aware of his stepson’s activities till Ted confessed after he was apprehended by the authorities. Johnny Culpepper Bundy was also present in most of his trials, though it was not revealed if he had some doubt that he committed the series of crimes that he confessed to or not.

Together with his wife, they had to endure the ridicule and derogatory remarks that they got from the public during and after the trials. They even changed their phone numbers and addresses to avoid the threatening and angry calls that they often got.

They spent the remaining time of their lives in Tacoma and maintained a very low profile. Irrespective of these, they still stood for their love while raising their other children. They did everything in their power to avoid the media until their deaths.

Meet Johnny Culpepper Bundy’s Other Children

Johnny Culpepper Bundy and Eleanor Louise Cowell Bundy welcomed four children after they got married. Meanwhile, the gender of their children is not known, as the couple succeeded in keeping their details from the public. Consequent to this, their names as well as their dates of birth are a mystery. There are also no records of the schools that they attended or the level of education that they attained.

All that is known is that they grew up in Tacoma under the care of their parents. However, what they are up to at the moment and where they are has also been concealed by their parents. It is believed that they were shielded from the public to avoid the scrutiny that they would get from being related to their half-brother, Ted Bundy.

Ted Bundy’s Stepfather Was a Cook

Johnny Culpepper Bundy worked as a cook at the local veteran’s hospital. It is not known when he started working there and how long he worked there. Meanwhile, what he had his hands on at a later time in his life is also not known, but it is believed that he lived a fulfilled life.

Unfortunately, he died on May 17, 2007, at the age of 86, in Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington. Prior to his death, he remained a committed member of the First Methodist Church in Tacoma, Washington. He was buried at Mountain View Memorial Park, Lakewood, Pierce County, Washington, USA.


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