Who Was Cheslie Kryst’s Husband or Boyfriend?

Cheslie Kryst was not married and also did not have any boyfriend as she was not in any relationship known to the public.

Aged 30 at the time of her death, Cheslie Kryst was such a vibrant young woman who took her own life on Sunday morning on January 30, 2022. The late attorney, media personality, and pageant queen (former Miss USA) was more focused on building her career and helping people. Thus, she didn’t have time to share much about her love life, which looked non-existent most of the time.

Did Cheslie Kryst Have a Husband?

Cheslie Kryst was never married. Until her death, she didn’t prioritize her love life but paid more attention to her career. The late Miss USA and former Miss Universe contestant was a beauty to behold. She was also an actress, model, and social media personality, among other things. This suggests that her life would have been bared for the public to devour, but this was not the case.

At least, she consciously tried to share only that part she wanted the public to know, and her love life wasn’t part of it. Until the day she died, Kryst didn’t reveal anything about her love life to the public. Nevertheless, it is clear she was not married. The fact that she left a suicide note with instructions to leave all her stuff for her mother further proves that she was not married.

If Cheslie was married, it would have leaked to the public, at least during her reign as Miss USA, which ended on November 9, 2020, when she handed over the crown to Asya Branch as her successor. Since we can’t confirm Cheslie Kryst’s marital status before her demise, let’s look at her possible past relationships.

Who Did Cheslie Kryst Date in the Past?

Cheslie Kryst was a beauty to behold in her lifetime, but all that was lost when she took her own life, and there was no relationship linked to the model. When you are this beautiful, people often assume that you have a lot of attention from admirers, and there is no doubt Cheslie had it all, but it didn’t form an important part of her existence.

The American beauty did not date anyone publicly when she was reigning as Miss USA as she was more dedicated to her journey as a beauty queen. All her social media activities were focused on expanding her career.

As the daughter of a former beauty pageant winner, it didn’t come as a surprise when Cheslie chose the same career path. She began her pageantry career in her teens and won Miss North Carolina in 2019. In the same year, she was crowned Miss USA and also competed in the Miss Universe pageant.

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All these didn’t stop her from pursuing her education to the highest level. She first earned a degree in Marketing and Human Resource Management and later added a Juris Doctor and a Master’s of Business Administration to her portfolio.

After winning Miss USA, Cheslie Kryst was shot into the spotlight. She landed a job as a New York-based correspondent for ExtraTV, attracting two Emmy Award nominations due to her performance. All these exposures were not enough for the ex-beauty queen to spill the beans about her love life. Instead, she focused all her energy on getting her career to the next level.

So far, no man or woman has been romantically linked to the former Miss USA. Whether she was dating anyone before her death or dated anyone in the past remains a mystery to date. Nevertheless, she used to post pictures with friends on pages and websites, but nothing romantic came out of them. Her site was mainly used to share her photographs, interviews, and numerous achievements with her fans.

Cheslie Kryst Jumped To Her Death In An Apparent Suicide

It was a sad Sunday for her family, friends, and the general public as news of Kryst’s death filtered through the media. Before her death, which came as a shock to many who knew the former beauty queen, Cheslie was a resident of The Orion, a 60-story high-rise apartment building located in Midtown Manhattan. It was from the same building that she jumped to her death.

The tragic incident took place on January 30, 2022. Though her apartment was on the 9th floor, Cheslie was last seen on the terrace of the 29th floor, which was where she jumped from. She took the leap around 7:15 a.m. in the morning. The late model was later discovered on the sidewalk beside the building by passersby, who raised an alarm.

Cheslie Kryst’s Death Was Ruled a Suicide

Following the discovery of the lifeless body of Cheslie Kryst on the sidewalk beside her residential apartment, an autopsy was launched, and eventually, the coroner ruled the incident as suicide the next day, January 31, 2022.

Part of the statement released by her family said -“Her great light was one that inspired others around the world with her beauty and strength. She cared, she loved, she laughed and she shined.”

Just hours before her death, Cheslie took to her Instagram page to share her final post that said – ‘May this day bring you rest and peace.’ She also left a suicide note that instructed that everything she owned be given to her mother.

Kryst’s mother, April Simpkins, who was completely heartbroken by the sudden death of her daughter, later released a statement about the possible reason she made such a terrible choice to end her own life. According to Simpkins, Kryst had suffered from “high-functioning depression” before her death. The condition ate deep into her, but she covered it up and continued to render her services to humanity the best way she could.

Her death saw lovely tributes flood social media as public figures honored her memory. Among those who paid their respect are former Miss South Carolina – Makenzie Divina, ExtraTV host – Billy Bush, and Renee Bargh from ExtraTV. From what they wrote, it’s easy to deduce that Cheslie Kryst was a sweet soul, a kind and intelligent woman who shocked everyone with the way she decided to end it all.

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