Who Is Yulanda Wilkins? All About Tyler Perry’s Sister

Yulanda Wilkins is the sister of Tyler Perry, an American award-winning actor, comedian, playwright, and filmmaker. He is well known for portraying the role of a tough elderly woman, Madea, in the Madea film series.

Yulanda’s brother began his acting career with stage performances, and by 2005, he produced his first movie, Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Tyler Perry has since become a force to be reckoned with, thus bringing Yulanda Wilkins to the spotlight. Here is everything that has been disclosed about the actor’s sister.

Yulanda Wilkins’s Biography Summary

  • Full name: Yulanda Wilkins
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: African American
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Yulanda Wilkins’s Parents: Willie Maxine Campbell and Emmitt Perry
  • Siblings: Emmbre Perry, Tyler Perry, and Melva Porter
  • Famous for: being the sister of the comedian, playwright, filmmaker, and actor, Tyler Perry

How Old is Yulanda Wilkins? 

Tyler Perry’s sister’s real age remains unknown at this time. This is because her date, month, and year of birth have not been revealed to the public since she came to the limelight. Meanwhile, much about Yulanda Wilkins is not known as she has managed to keep her details on the low, despite being thrust into the spotlight by her brother’s popularity.

Since her brother was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, it is believed that she grew up alongside her brother in the same area, under the care of their parents. She holds an American nationality and is an African American descent.

Willie Maxine Campbell and Emmitt Perry are Yulanda Wilkins’ Parents 

Yulanda Wilkins was born to Willie Maxine Campbell and Emmitt Perry. Her father, Emmitt Perry, was a carpenter who was very abusive, as revealed by her brother, Tyler Perry. Her mother, Willie Maxine Campbell, was a preschool teacher who worked at the New Orleans Jewish Community Center. She was also a staunch churchgoer but died on December 8, 2009, at the age of 64.

Meanwhile, Yulanda’s childhood experience wasn’t revealed, and this makes her relationship with her father unclear. However, judging by her brother’s revelation about his childhood, hers might not be far-fetched from what he experienced at the hands of her father. Notwithstanding her abusive father, her mother still instilled good morals in her and her siblings and ensured that she held on to a strong Christian faith.

Since Yulanda Wilkins is very private about her personal details, her basic and high school educational backgrounds are not known. On that note, it was also not disclosed if she earned a degree or what her course of study was.

With a brother who has become a household name with his on-screen career, it is expected that she should take the same career path. However, it is not so, as there are also no details of the career that she is practicing.

Is She Married?

Though there are no details to back up her marital life, Yulanda Wilkins seems to be married. Based on her last name, which is “Wilkins,” it is believed that it is her husband’s last name, as her brothers still bear “Perry” as their last name. There are, however, no wedding dates, pictures, or videos to back up the fact that she is married. Howbeit, our fingers remain crossed till she comes out to clear the air about her marriage.

Also, there are no details on if she has welcomed any children, and the number of children that she has welcomed since her marriage still remains questioned.

Yulanda Wilkins Has Three Siblings

Yulanda Wilkins has three siblings with whom she shares the same parents. Her siblings are Emmbre Perry, Tyler Perry, and Melva Porter. Here is all to know about her siblings:

Tyler Perry

  • Date of Birth: September 12, 1969
  • Age: 54 years old
  • Occupation: Comedian, playwright, filmmaker, and actor

Tyler Perry, born Emmitt Perry Jr. on September 13, 1969, in New Orleans, Louisiana, is the most famous of the Perrys. He is a comedian, playwright, filmmaker, and actor who has gained fame for his role as Madea.

The actor started his acting career with stage performances and has appeared in I Can Do Bad All By Myself, Laugh To Keep From Crying, and many others. He is notable for the films Madea’s Christmas, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, A Madea Homecoming, and many others. He has also appeared in some television shows like For Better For Worse, Zartima, and others.

Aside from his acting career, he is also the founder of the Tyler Perry Studio in Atlanta. He has also authored some books, including Don’t Make A Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings and Higher Is Waiting.

According to the actor, he grew up under the care of Emmitt Perry Snr., thinking that he was his father, but after carrying out a DNA test, the results proved otherwise. On this note, he is Yulanda Wilkins’ half-sibling, as he just shares a mother with her.

It is not known if Yulanda Wilkins is older than Tyler Perry, as her precise age has not been revealed. In addition, concluding with their physiques is impossible, as Yulanda might have experienced lots of changes through childbirth if she has any children.

Emmbre Perry

  • Occupation: Actor, director, and producer
  • Date of Birth: August 17

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Emmbre Perry is Yulanda Wilkins’ brother, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, to the late Willie Maxine Perry and Emmitt Perry, Snr. Just like his sister, his exact age is not known, but according to his Instagram handle, he celebrates his birthday on August 17 every year.

Though he gained fame as the brother of Tyler Perry, he is also pursuing a career in showbiz. He is an actor, producer, and director who runs his own production company known as the Emmbre Production Company, in Fayetteville, Georgia.

As a director, he is notable for the movies Two Is Better Than One, No More Games, Madea’s Family Reunion, Every Family Has Problems, and others. He also has acting credits in some movies like Supernatural, Swamp Slaughter, and Madea’s Family Reunion.

Melva Porter

Melva Porter is Yulanda Wilkins’ only sister, born in the United States of America. She also gained fame for being Tyler Perry’s sister. Just like the other members of her family, no details about her age have been revealed.

Her educational background and career have also been kept off the public record. There is also no information on the career path that she has followed.

Though much about her is not known, she made headlines in 2016 after her son murdered his father and her husband in front of her. Her son was jailed, and after some time, she became a topic for discussion once again. This was after her 26-year-old son committed suicide in his cell room.

As reported by the prison officials, he hung himself with his bed sheet. Tyler Perry hired the best pathologists to conduct an autopsy because he did not want any foul play. The results came out at 98% sure that his death was the result of suicide and not foul play.


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