Who Is Yeonmi Park’s Husband and Is She Still Married?

Yeonmi Park does not have a husband at the time of this writing. She was previously married to an American known as Ezekiel, but after being together for about four years, they pulled the string on their union.

The North Korean defector and human rights activist has gained a lot of reputation as a public figure. This is one of the major reasons her marital life and other aspects of her life have become hot topics for public discussion. Most of her fans have been eager to know her marital status ever since she made the statement of being single. Read on as we take a look at her marriage experiences and the reason for her separation from her American husband.

Yeonmi Park’s Husband Was Known Simply As Ezekiel

Sources made it clear that Yeonmi Park was once married to an American man whose name was only reported as Ezekiel. Her husband seems to keep details about himself on a low as there are no details of his month, date, or year of birth. The schools that he attended and their location have also been kept off records.

Ezekiel and his ex-wife have also kept the public in obscurity about the details of his parents and siblings. In addition, what he does for a living has also remained a mystery as none of them has made mention of it.

Yeonmi Park and Her Former Husband Tied The Knot In 2017

Yeonmi Park and her ex-husband got married on January 4, 2017, but some reports had it that they got married three days earlier. However, the actual date remains January 4th as Yeonmi shared a post on her social media handle celebrating their third wedding anniversary on the said date.

Before they got married, the duo were a little private about their relationship and as a result, there are no details of how they met and how long they dated before tying the knots, but according to several online reports, dated for a long time.

They were reportedly in a long-distance relationship as the North Korean defector and human rights activist was always shuffling between China and America to be with her lover. However, rather than tear them apart, the distance only made the bond they shared stronger.

After years of being in a relationship, Yeonmi Park and Ezekiel decided to make their relationship official by getting married. They reportedly had an elaborate wedding that was well attended by their family and friends.

However, they still maintained their private life about their relationship as they did not share pictures from their wedding. This made it difficult to confirm if they were even married in the first place as pictures usually stand as proof. They seem to have agreed on keeping that information to themselves.

The couple remained married for over four years before they decided to call it quits. During the time they were together, Yeonmi would always flaunt her lovey-dovey pictures of her and her husband all over her Instagram page.

What Led to The Separation Between The North Korean Defector and Her Husband?

Having been in a love-filled relationship before marriage, divorce was not expected, but however, it happened. Yeonmi Park and her ex-husband, Ezekiel, decided to pull the string on their union after being together for four years.

The news about their divorce was made public by Yeonmi. She publicized this through one of her YouTube videos on January 30, 2021. Speaking in the video titled Let’s Talk about the Lies- North Korean Defector, she confirmed that she was no longer married.

She further revealed that was currently single, which meant that she’s open to any relationship. However, neither Ezekiel nor his ex-wife has come public to state the reason for their separation.

Most celebrity marriages are usually rocked by publicized scandals before divorce, but it was not so for Yeonmi and her ex-husband, which was why it came as a surprise to the public when news of their split broke.

To date, Yeonmi’s Instagram still contains pictures of her ex-husband, and this has made some of her fans doubt the separation claims. Some reports claim that the separation may be a prank for a big surprise on her fans but there’s nothing to confirm this yet.

Has She Been In Any Other Relationship After Her Separation From her Husband?

It’s been over a year since Yeonmi Park parted ways with her husband but up till now, there has not been any news of her being romantically linked to anyone. For most people, one year, or even less, is enough for them to get involved in a new relationship, but the beautiful activist is obviously on in that category. For reason best known to her, she has remained single ever since, as of the time of this report.

This made us believe that she may have made a decision to focus more on her career than on a new relationship. Her ex-husband, on his part, lives a private life and as such, nothing is known about his current relationship. If Ezekiel hasn’t moved on with his love life, then he should be focusing on his career too.

Yeonmi Park Welcomed A Child With Her Ex-Husband

According to reports, Ezekiel and Yeonmi Park welcomed a child before they got separated from each other. The former couple welcomed their child on October 8, 2018, which means he should be 5 years old by October 8 of this year.

Announcing the arrival of their son named James via her official Twitter page, Yeonmi wrote: “Life is a miracle. I never knew I would survive starvation and become a mother of this beautiful angel. No matter what, let’s not lose hope. We have more things to be grateful for than…”

From the replies to her tweet, is was obvious that lots of her fans were surprised to hear that she had a child. However, as much as we would all love to know all about the little boy as he grows, that may not be possible as his mother have extended her private life to him. Thus, none of his recent pictures are seen on her social media. There are also no details about who got custody of him after her marriage to the child’s father ended.


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