Who Is Woody McClain’s Wife or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Woody McClain does not have a girlfriend currently, nor is he married. The dancer and actor is currently single and is fully focusing on making it big in his various careers.

Woody rose to the spotlight by starring as Bobby Brown, the lead role in the 2017 TV series known as The New Edition Story. The actor is known for his content on various social media platforms like Vine, Instagram, and Facebook. He also has a massive following on those platforms. Since his rise to the spotlight, people have always wanted to know about his love life.

Is Woody McClain Married?

Woody McClain is not married, nor does he have a wife. He has not been married in the past or had any rumors about him tying the knot secretly. The actor was born on May 14, 1989, in Charleston, South Carolina, the United States of America.

He rose to the limelight in 2017 after he appeared in the 2017 TV series known as The New Edition Story. Woody McClain has appeared in several other movies, like The Harder They Fall, All The Way With You, A Little Closure, and many more. He is also a backup singer and has worked with top artists like Chris Brown and Fifth Harmony.

After he uploaded several dance videos on Vine, he was signed to a production company founded by the actor Kelvin Hart. While in the production company, he started creating comic content. With all the popularity gathered, his love life became a major public concern. However, he is not married and isn’t in any serious relationship at the moment. The actor will still go into a relationship in the future or get married.

Is Woody McClain Dating Now?

According to reports, Woody McClain is currently single at the time of this writing. The actor has chosen to keep the public in the dark when it comes to details of his love life. He may be in a secret relationship with someone but has chosen to keep it away from the knowledge of the media.

He has been in a few relationships in the past few years. As much as Woody McClain has been trying to keep his private life off the media, he has been caught in a messy controversy that made him reveal his past relationship. According to sources, the actor faced lots of backlash following his tweet in 2017. In his words, he stated in his tweet that “if it ain’t white, it ain’t right.”

The statement was seen as racism, and this made many dig up his old tweets that sounded like a disrespect to the black race. In one of his tweets, he stated that when he becomes famous, he would only date white women. In another tweet, he posted that he was really thinking about finding a white girl. He further stated that black girls are so overrated these days.

Woody McClain concluded the tweet by stating that if it is not white, it is not right, ending the statement with the laugh-out-loud acronym (lol). Within a short time after his tweets were dug up with lots of backlash flooding in, the actor uploaded a picture of himself and a black lady in defense. He claimed that he had been in a relationship with the lady in the picture for ten years.

The picture was later taken down by the actor. In an interview, he further cleared the air on the public’s claimed racial post by stating that his mother and sisters are all blacks. In addition, he stated that the whole tweet was a joke. Meanwhile, he has chosen to keep details of the mystery lady that he uploaded away from the media.

There are no details of her name, what she is up to, how she met the actor, or what resulted in their breakup. Woody revealed in a YouTube video that his reason for not being in a relationship is that he is so in love with the craft of acting. He further stated that he couldn’t think of any relationship but to be a better actor. He has not been spotted with anyone in a romantic way and is seen to be focused on his various careers.


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