Who Is Tyler Hynes’s Wife or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Tyler Hynes has never been married and as such, he does not have a wife. However, he has been in a relationship with someone who was revealed to be Racquel Natasha Bettencourt.

Though a lot is already known about the reality TV star, even more is still left to be unraveled. The Canadian actor has an irresistible look which makes him every woman’s dream. This has made many want to know what his relationship life is like, bringing up the question of who Tyler Hynes’s wife is. Everything there is to learn about his relationship has been explored below.

Is Tyler Hynes Married?

Tyler Hynes does not have a wife at this time. The Canadian actor has never walked down the aisle with anyone before. Though his charming physique has got many speculating that he might have been married and kept his marriage a top secret. Meanwhile, he is yet to react to those claims.

The actor has shown lots of commitment to his profession and has not revealed any plans to get married soon.

Are there Pictures of Tyler Hynes’ Wife?

As stated earlier, Tyler Hynes is not and has never been married, and as such, he does not have a wife. However, he has been involved in a few relationships and has been allegedly linked to some people.

Based on the fact that he is not married, there are no pictures of Tyler Hynes’s wife at the moment. However, the pictures of his wife will be updated whenever he ties the knot.

Is Tyler Hynes Gay?

No! Tyler Hynes is not gay. He has never come out to speak about his sexuality. Though there are no gay rumors circulating about him at this time, the fact that he hides his relationship from the public might hint at the rumor.

However, the actor has been linked to several women and so cannot be considered gay. At this time, he is reportedly in a relationship with a woman, which confirms the fact that he is straight.

Is Tyler Hynes in a Relationship?

Tyler Hynes is currently in a relationship. The actor is quite reserved and has remained tight-lipped about sharing what his relationship life is like. Meanwhile, in an interview, he revealed that he was in a relationship but did not mention the name of his lover.

He also revealed that his girlfriend had his social media password and could access it at any time. This made the relationship look so serious, but he still kept the public puzzled about the identity of the woman he is involved with. However, he could not keep it for long, as the curious public got a glimpse of her through his social media handle and did not hesitate to make the picture go viral.

Who Is Tyler Hynes’s Girlfriend?

Tyler Hynes’s girlfriend is said to be a woman named Racquel Natasha Bettencourt. She is a commercial model who rose to fame after she was alleged to be Tyler’s girlfriend.

The news about their relationship began to circulate in 2017. This was after the actor posted a picture of a woman sitting beside a pumpkin alongside his dog and captioned it missing my girl. The actor took the picture down shortly, but the public was quick to capture who was in the picture.

This is because Tyler Hynes has been super secretive about his relationship, though he has admitted to having a girlfriend. Meanwhile, the public identified the lady that was seen in the picture as Racquel Natasha Bettencourt. The duo has always remained tight-lipped about their relationship and has not revealed much about their moments together.

This is evidenced by the scarcity of their loved-up pictures. However, at this time, it is not known if they are still together or have broken up.

Tyler Hynes and Erin Krakow’s Relationship

Tyler Hynes and Erin Krakow have been alleged to be in a relationship due to their on-screen romance. The duo appeared in the Hallmark movie, It Was Always You. Tyler played the role of David, the love interest of Erin, who played the role of Elizabeth.

Tyler Hynes's Wife

Since the show was aired in 2021, the duo has began spending time together. This has further brought about the claim that there is something romantic going on between them. Till they come out to clarify the facts, our fingers remain crossed.


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