Who Is Trisha Harding – Tommy Morrison’s Wife?

Trisha Harding is the wife of Tommy Morrison, a former American professional boxer and mixed martial artist who performed from 1988 to 2009. Trisha Harding was married to Tommy Morrison for just two years before their marriage ended due to the death of the boxer.

While their marriage was Trisha’s first, it was the late boxer’s third marriage. Aside from gaining popularity as the wife of the boxer, Trisha also has a flourishing career and has made a name for herself in her career. Here is all to know about her life as the wife of Tommy Morrison.

Summary of Trisha Harding’s Bio 

  • Full name: Patricia McQuibban Harding
  • Nickname: Trisha
  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality: British
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Trisha Harding’s Husband: Late Tommy Morrison
  • Trisha Harding’s Children: (stepchildren: Trey Lipp Morrison, James McKenzie Morrison, and Tristin Duke Morrison)
  • Trisha Harding’s Parents: Suze McQuibban (mother)
  • Siblings: Peter McQuibban
  • Famous for: being the wife of Tommy Morrison

Trisha Harding Hails From The United Kingdom

Trisha Harding was born Patricia McQuibban Harding in the United Kingdom. Though the exact place where she was born is not known, however, she is a British citizen who was born under the Pisces birth sign. No credible source has revealed her ethnicity.

Tommy Morrison’s wife was born to Suze McQuibban, while the name of her father is not known. Her mother was a member of the tennis committee for years and also helped in the organization of the novices’ session. On the other hand, what her father did for a living has been unclear. However, reports have it that Harding has a brother, Peter McQibban, who is a popular tennis player.

He was an Oxford Blue who was a part of the team that played in the Prentice Cup against Havard and Yale in the United States. Trisha’s brother has also played in the Prentice Cup in England. Peter McQuibban is the Chairman of the International Tennis Club of Great Britain and a full member of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

Trisha Harding grew up under the care of her parents alongside her brother, as there are no other records to indicate if she has other siblings. She spent some of her life in the United Kingdom before moving to the United States later in life.

Though Trisha has been able to gain a spot in the limelight, she still conceals some details about herself. To this end, there are no records of where Tommy Morrison’s wife had her elementary and high school education. It is not known if Trisha earned a degree or not, nor is the name of the University that she attended revealed.

Trishia and Tommy Morrison Got Married in 2011

Trisha Morrison revealed that she heard about Tommy Morrison in 1996 and met him ten years later. In 2009, the boxer walked into a hotel where she worked in Wichita. Meanwhile, when she saw him, she wondered if she should throw a punch in his face or be nice to him. However, she chose the latter and became nice to him.

Though it is not known what their relationship looked like, after their first meeting, they began dating shortly afterward. They eventually took things to a greater level and got engaged in the same year that they met. Two years after they got engaged, they tied the knot. Meanwhile, the kind of wedding ceremony that they had and where they had their wedding ceremony were not mentioned.

Based on the fact that Tommy Morrison had become famous at the time of their wedding, it is believed that dignitaries attended their wedding.

They Remained Together Until The Boxer’s Death in 2013

Trisha Harding and Tommy Morrison were married for just two years. Their marriage ended after the death of the boxer in 2013 at 44 years old. According to reports from credible sources, Tommy Morrison died at Nebraska Medical Centre in Omaha, Nebraska, of a cardiac arrest that resulted from multiorgan failure due to septic shock, which was caused by a Pseudomonas aeruginous infection.

Meanwhile, his mother, Diana, revealed that her son had been HIV-positive, which grew into AIDs, and had been bedridden for over a year. However, Trisha Harding never believed that her husband had HIV and debunked every rumor or news that said otherwise. Morrison’s HIV status was a subject of controversy during his lifetime and even after his death.

After his death, an autopsy was carried out on him, and his HIV status remained negative. Trisha sued Quest Diagnostics in court to find out how they arrived at her husband’s HIV results being positive. Meanwhile, while her husband was alive, she was supportive of him and took care of him in his last days. Since the death of her husband, nothing is known about her relationship life, as she has maintained a low profile.

While their marriage was Trisha’s first marriage, it was Tommy’s third marriage. Tommy Morrison was married to Dawn Freeman in 1996, and their marriage ended in 2000. At the same time that he was married to Dawn he was also married to Dawn Gilbert in 1996, and their marriage ended in 1998. They got back together once more in 2001 and divorced for the final time in 2007.

How Many Children Does Trisha Have?

Trisha Harding and Tommy Morrison did not welcome any children together. Meanwhile, Tommy Morrison welcomed two children from his previous marriage, who in turn became Trisha’s stepchildren since her marriage to the boxer. Meet her stepchildren:

Trey Lipp Morrison

Trisha Harding

Trey Lipp Morrison, who was born Trey Derek Morrison, is the first child of the boxer. He was born on September 27, 1989, in Grove, Oklahoma, in the United States.  Trey’s birth mother is known to be Cristi, a lady whom Tommy dated way back. The first son of the boxer is also a heavyweight boxer in the United States.

Trey started his career as a boxer in 2014 and has achieved great success in it. He has fought not less than 19 bouts and 41 rounds. The boxer currently lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and has been inactive in his boxing career for a while.

James McKenzie Morrison

James McKenzie Morrison is the second son of Tommy Morrison and the stepson of Trisha Harding. He was born on July 18, 1990, in Miami, Oklahoma, and is 33 years old. Meanwhile, his birth mother’s identity is not known, but it is believed that it is one of Tommy’s ex-wives. James is also a heavyweight boxer who has a record of 22 fights, emerging victorious in 20.

Tristin Duke Morrison

Tristin Duke Morrison is Tommy Morrison’s child. The boxer’s son keeps a very low profile, making his birth details unknown. There is also no information about what he does for a living or where he is at the moment.

Trisha Harding

Trisha Harding is a Former Tennis Player

Trisha Harding worked in a hotel in the United States before she met Tommy. She was also a former English tennis player who was listed on the Sundridge Park website as one of the famous players for Kent. Trisha was also on the tennis tour and took three games off Sue Baker at Eastbourne.

However, she quit tennis when she was beaten by Anthena Cooper in Kent. What she does for a living at the moment is not known, but it is believed that she is earning a decent living.


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