Who Is Trevor Bauer’s Wife or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Trevor Bauer (full name: Trevor Andrew Bauer; born January 17, 1991) is a 33-year-old American professional baseball pitcher who plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers in Major Baseball League (MLB). The conflicted MLB star has never been married and has never been in a committed relationship. He has, however, been linked to several women, including one of the agents who represent him.

Is Trevor Bauer Married?

The answer to that question would be an unequivocal no. Trevor Bauer, it would seem, doesn’t believe in the concept of marriage. No record in his relationship history conveys the fact that he is married or that he has ever been married.

According to the MLB pitcher, marriage has a sort of finality to it that he does not feel comfortable with. He has an unusual way of handling his sporting contracts that several other players would think insane. Trevor doesn’t usually sign long-term deals; instead, he opts for the relative freedom that short-term contracts provide as opposed to the security and assurance that longer-term contracts provide.

It has become evident over the years that this is a philosophy that he has carried over to his private life and relationships. Trevor once earnestly revealed in 2019 that he believed he would make a very bad husband if he were married at that point. He was 28 years at the time, and as of the time of writing, he has yet to alter his philosophy on the concept of marriage.

Does Trevor Bauer Have A Girlfriend?

Trevor Bauer does not have a girlfriend. The reason is down to the fact that he has a very similar opinion to the concept of a committed relationship as he does to the concept of marriage. According to the 33-year-old, the exclusivity that comes with committed relationships makes it quite a challenge for him to leave the relationship whenever he becomes unhappy with the situation.

Many might consider his view warped, but the MLB star has somehow made it work for himself and also makes sure to be upfront about his desires and wishes before going into a relationship with any partner at any time. Trevor Bauer lives by three relationship rules, and he was very clear about those rules during a profile segment with Ben Reiter and Sports Illustrated, by extension.

The first rule that any potential partner must agree to is the no feelings rule. This rule ensures that he remains unattached because of his emotional unavailability. According to Trevor, once he gets wind that his partner at any point starts developing feelings, he puts an end to their arrangement. The second rule is the one that ensures that every potential partner does not make social media posts about him when they are together.

Trevor is well aware of his celebrity status and believes that private lives should be just that, private. He also understands that the majority of today’s couples love to flaunt their relationships on social media, and he has nothing against anyone else doing so. He just refuses to be in a relationship with anyone who cannot do without telling the world about his private affairs.

Trevor’s last rule deals with the issue of exclusivity, which in many people’s opinion, is the very foundation of a romantic relationship. That foundation is one that Trevor refuses to build on, and he makes it clear from the start of any relationship that he is going to sleep with other people and that if a woman is not okay with that, she is very welcome to remain platonic friends with him.

With the aforementioned rules, it’s no wonder that Trevor doesn’t have a girlfriend, three years on from the date on which he revealed these secrets to the public. However, there is a woman to whom Trevor Bauer is constantly linked romantically. The woman in question is an agent who works for and with the MLB star. Her name is Rachel Luba.

Inside Trevor Bauer and Rachel Luba’s Relationship

Born Rachel Erin Luba on July 27, 1992, in Monterrey, California, 31-year-old Rachel Luba is a certified female baseball agent. She is, at the moment, the youngest ever certified female agent in the history of the sport. Rachel has a Law degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and also went to Pepperdine University for a Postgraduate degree in an as-yet unidentified course of study.

After getting her license to practice Law, Rachel Luba worked as a salary arbitration attorney at MLBPA before launching her own sports agency, Luba Sports in 2019. Her company’s ethos is to provide a better representation of players as well as a better landscape for the sport. She already represents a handful of notable MLB stars such as Yasiel Puig, Eric Jagers, David Hess, and of course, Trevor Bauer.

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Suffice it to say that Rachel Luba has worked exceptionally hard to get to her current position in her career and is also well aware that one misguided rumor could tear down all she has spent years building. That said, Rachel was faced with the one thing she dreaded in 2020 when images of her and Trevor in a more than friendly cuddle sparked rumors that they are involved in a relationship.

Many criticized their alleged decision to mix work with pleasure, while some others believed that they were both consenting adults who could do whatever they wanted regardless of the optics. Rachel was quick to hit back at those critics while stressing that they were celebrating a contract she had just helped him secure. Trevor also revealed later on that his relationship with his agent was both professional and platonic.

Those rumors intensified when the news that Trevor Bauer was facing sexual abuse charges from a woman he had been sexually involved with.

Who Is Trevor Bauer’s Accuser?

The woman who accused Trevor of sexual assault is a Cincinnati woman named Lindsey Hill. The assault charges earned Trevor Bauer a suspended leave pending the outcome of the investigations. The leave has seen Bauer away from the field for more than 8 months, and he is not taking it lying down.

Other than the fact that Lindsey Hill is from Cincinnati, not much is known about her life, family history, and employment history. She essentially rose to fame after the sexual assault claims became public.

What Are Trevor Bauer’s Accusations?

In June 2021, Lindsey Hill filed a sexual assault complaint against Trevor with the Pasadena Police Department. The accusation effectively put Bauer under police investigation, while Hill went on to file an ex-parte restraining order against the MLB star. The order was granted but later overturned because it was materially misleading.

Bauer, through his representatives, made it clear that everything that happened between him and Hill was strictly consensual. His statement to the court expressed the fact that the woman had actively pursued him for rough sex, a request he granted. However, after the first time, the woman wanted more and was even more specific in her request that the 2nd time between them be rougher than the first.

Unknown to Trevor, she was laying the groundwork for her sexual assault claims which Bauer’s lawyers’ claim was designed to extract a huge payday for Ms. Hill from their client. Bauer also cited a similar experience that led to him suing a San Diego woman and her lawyer for defamation.

Hill’s lawyer, on the other hand, revealed that her client’s representation of the facts, which include several photos of Hill that show her in a battered state, were true and that they were expecting criminal proceedings to commence against Bauer. They have also filed a countersuit against Bauer’s defamation suit stating that it is Bauer’s attempt at further victimizing Lindsey Hill.

The outcome of this legal battle is still pending but has unfortunately left the MLB star at his wits’ end and unable to exercise his contractual rights with the Los Angeles Dodgers following his suspension from the MLB.

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