Who Is Teddy Swims’ Wife or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

Teddy Swims is not married but he has a girlfriend who is known as Cassidie Cottone. 

The singer’s relationship status has long divided opinion with many of his fans unsure of whether he is married or not. Read on as we demystify the burning question of Teddy Swims’ relationship status.

Teddy Swims Was Once Married

Teddy Swims is not one to raise dust when it comes to details of his personal life. If anything, the singer has actively refrained from publicly speaking about his relationships, past or present. However, he did cause a ruckus with his October 3, 2016 tweet when he blatantly told the Twitter community and the world by extension that his wife had left him.

Up to that point, Teddy, who wasn’t as big a sensation as he is now, had kept the world in the dark about his personal life. That tweet began a round of speculations that suggested he was married and those speculations were reinforced by another tweet on April 12 2017 telling @kanyewest that his wife had left him.

The only question that remained after that follow-up tweet confirming his then recently ended status as a married man was the identity of the wife who left Teddy Swims. As previously mentioned, Teddy has always been cagey about his relationship status and this invariably resulted in the public and the media not being privy to the details of his marriage.

It would seem that only people close to him were aware of the nitty-gritty details of the relationship, including when they met, how long they dated and when they eventually got married. No information is available about how long the marriage lasted because nothing about Teddy’s 2016 tweet made reference to that timeline.

Teddy Swims Has Gotten Multiple Online Marriage Proposals

Teddy Swims’ attractive physical appearance has meant that the singer has never been short of female admirers. Most of his female fans are drawn to his rugged appearance, which includes a full-bearded face and tattoo-covered skin.

This attraction has even led to some of these fans brazenly expressing their intentions to marry Swims. While Teddy would surely have seen these tweets and Instagram posts from his numerous admirers, he has remained silent and has never responded to them, directly or indirectly. The reason for that is simple, Teddy Swims appears to be very satisfied with his relationship with his current girlfriend.

The Singer and a Woman Named Nelly Were Together For a Long Time

In 2020, four years on from Teddy Swims’ tweet that indicated his wife had left him, fans were also made aware of the fact that the singer was in a relationship with a woman named Nelly. Most of his fans became aware of this relationship through the singer’s Instagram social media platform.

On Valentine’s day 2020, Teddy took to the platform to celebrate his relationship with the woman in question. He did so by sharing a slideshow of a couple of pictures that featured him and Nelly in a cozy embrace with the caption that essentially said that he was learning that home isn’t a place before he went ahead to wish her a happy Valentine’s day.

Not to be outdone, Nelly took to her Instagram page to share the same pictures and declared her love for the singer while stating that she felt that she had loved him forever and didn’t remember a time when she didn’t love him.

Expectedly the output of love and emotion from Teddy and Nelly drew a lot of posts in the comment section of their respective posts. Many of the comments were essentially rooting for the couple to keep going strong together.

Those posts, along with one on Nelly’s page which came on the singer’s 28th birthday where she called him her best friend who fills her days with joy and laughter, have since been deleted from Teddy’s and Nelly’s Instagram platforms and this has led to a fresh round of speculations regarding the former couple.

Nelly Might Be The Wife That Left Teddy Swims In 2016

While it is yet to be confirmed, the events that occurred after Teddy’s 2016 tweet suggest that Nelly was the wife that left him in 2016. This speculation arose from the fact that one of her January 2020 posts about her renewed relationship with Teddy sort of pointed fans in that direction.

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In the post, she stated that she had gotten her baby boy back and that they had just passed their 10th anniversary as a couple. She further expressed her gratitude for getting a second chance with the singer and that they were returning to each other at the right moments in their lives. Those captions and posts left many fans in no doubt that Nelly was the wife Teddy had referred to in his 2016 tweet.

However, beyond 2020, nothing in Teddy’s social media handles suggests that he was still married to Nelly and we can’t be certain about why she left in the first place in 2016 or why they are no longer together as a married couple.

The Singer Is In A Relationship With An Artist

As of 2022, Teddy Swims is in a romantic relationship with a woman known on her Instagram page as Cassidie Cottone. From her Instagram profile and the content on her page, we can tell that she is an artist who primarily uses oil to showcase her talent as a painter.

Not much is known about Teddy Swims’ recent girlfriend but a July 21, 2022, Instagram post from Swims wishing her a happy birthday confirms that she celebrates her birthday every July 21st. Her post on August 5, 2022, where she alluded to being 26 years old suggests that she was born in 1996.

While it has not been confirmed, Teddy’s girlfriend was most likely born in Los Angeles, California where she currently resides. Not much is known about members of her birth family except for a sister whose birthday she belatedly celebrated on July 17, 2022. She never revealed if the sister in the post was older or younger but her words left no doubt that they were sisters.

The timeline of the end of Teddy’s relationship with Nelly in 2020 and the emergence of social media posts linking him and his current girlfriend together suggests that Teddy Swims and Cassidie became official sometime in 2021. The abundance of body art on the couple’s bodies is just one of the many things Swims and his new beau have in common.

They also appear to be very much in love with each other and their IG posts suggest that they are actively involved in each other’s lives and careers. Time, as always, will be the true judge of how long their relationship will last. For now, though, Teddy Swims is having the best romantic experience of his life.

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