Who is Tami Gingold? All About Julia Garner’s Mother

Tami Gingold is the mother of Hollywood actress, Julia Garner. She is an Israeli-born former actress, comedian, and therapist.

While she was still active as an actress, Tami featured in movies like Morning Star (1980), Anashim BeMil (1984), The 17th Bride (1985), and House Committee Rivalry (1986). Most of her movies are Israeli movies, which is why she isn’t widely recognized as an actress in America. To the American public, Tami Gingold is best recognized as Julia Garner’s mother. Julia is an Emmy-winning American actress famous for her role in the television series, Ozark.

Summary of Tami Gingold’s Bio

  • Full Name: Tami Gingold
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Jewish
  • Nationality: Israeli-American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Judaism
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Tami Gingold’s Husband: Thomas Garner
  • Tami Gingold’s Children: Julia Garner and Anna Garner (daughters)
  • Tami Gingold’s Height in Inches: 68 Inches
  • Tami Gingold’s Height in Centimeters: 172 cm
  • Tami Gingold’s Weight: 62 kg (137 lbs)
  • Tami Gingold’s Net Worth: $1 million
  • Famous for: Being Julia Garner’s Mother

Julia Garner’s Mother, Tami Gingold, Was Born Into A Jewish Family

Former actress Tami Gingold was born in Israel in the mid-sixties, however, her exact age is not available at the moment. The obscurity of her background details is most likely her own doing since she is a very private person. However, it is known that she was born into a Jewish family, and is very devoted to Judaism.

Her date of birth, age, and zodiac sign are among the details that she has chosen to keep to herself. But, to hazard a guess, Tami Gingold, at the time of this writing should be somewhere between 60 and 65 years old.

The retired thespian is both Israeli and American. She was born to middle-class Jewish parents, but she never publicly talks about them. That not withstanding, she does take a lot of pride in her Jewish heritage despite the colossal gap in her family history.

Similarly, Tami Gingold’s educational background is just as sketchy as other details about her. There is no mention of any school she attended on the internet. This doesn’t mean the actress wasn’t schooled because judging from her command of vocabulary, she appears to be fairly well-educated. She began her acting career at a very tender age, which might be interpreted to mean that she probably received her college education much later.

She Used To Be An Actress

There isn’t an official record of when Tami Gingold began her acting career, but it’s been reported that she started acting when she was in her early twenties, which appears to be in the eighties.

She made most of her movie appearances in her home country of Israel and most of them were minor roles. Tami also worked as the host of an Israeli nighttime comedy show believed to be the Israeli version of the American Saturday Night Live (SNL) show.

Tami Gingold

Her career as a comedian, however, was short-lived, and Tami soon decided to focus on her acting. Still, she never actually became a household name in the Israeli movie industry.

Her roles were mainly minor supporting roles and she never played the lead actress in any of her movies. Her filmography consists of only the four movies, which includes Anashim BeMil (1984) where she played the role of a random sergeant.

She also appeared in the 1985 film titled The 17th Bride (1985), House Committee Rivalry (1986), where she played a character named Yardena Shoresh, and Morning Star (1980).

Of all her movies, her best-known one was The 17th Bride. Set in the Czechoslovakian Republic, the movie is a war drama about a 30-year-old Jewish woman (Lisa Hartman), who made the painful decision to marry a man she didn’t like just to avoid being sent to a concentration camp.

The movie attempted to showcase the effect of World War 2 on regular Czech citizens. In the end, the protagonist became mentally ill due to the undue stress caused by her marriage, an effect of the war.

Some other actresses who appeared in The 17th Bride include Rosemary Leach, who played Esther; Lisa Hartman, who played Liza; as well as Tami Gingold herself, who played a minor passing character named Magda.

Observing Tami Gingold’s acting career, one can notice that all her movie appearances were between 1980 and 1986. These six years were the most active years of her career. When she relocated to the United States, she became a therapist. This was her second and final career switch.

Not much is known about Tami’s therapy practice, but if she can practice in the United States, then it’s safe to conclude that she is both qualified and licensed to do so.

Tami Has Been Married for Over 30 Years

Tami Gingold is currently married to a man named Thomas Garner. The exact timeline of their relationship is unknown just as it is with almost every aspect of Gingold’s life.

Although very little is known about Thomas, it’s a fact that he is an American man whom she met shortly after she came to America. Several sources also have it that he is from Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Like Tami, Thomas moved from his small hometown to the big city of New York in search of greener pastures. According to their daughter, both of them are very academically inclined.

While Thomas is a Christian, his wife has been described by her daughter as a devout Jew. Despite their background differences, the two have remained steadfastly committed to each other for over three decades.

They have two children together and they live in a cluttered apartment in New York, filled with antiques, which they both love. Although he is often mistaken for American actor Thomas Garner because of his daughter, Tami Gingold’s husband is a teacher and painter, and the furthest person from a celebrity.

Tami Gingold is Blessed with Two Daughters

Tami Gingold’s union with Thomas Garner produced two lovely daughters named Anna Garner and Julia Garner. Anna, born in 1991, is the couple’s first child. She is currently 33 years old.

Anna Garner is a special education instructor and painter. She currently works at a high school in Manhattan, New York, where she teaches English as a Second Language (ESL). Like her parents, Anna loves art, and she inherited her talent for painting from her father.

Tami’s second daughter is Julia Garner, the famous Hollywood actress. Julia was born on February 1, 1994, in The Bronx, New York. She is best recognized for her work in popular shows like Ozark and Inventing Anna, the latter of which she played the lead and titular character.

At the moment, Julia’s television credits number over 32 films and television series. She began acting at the tender age of 15 and already has one Emmy award to her name, as well as a Golden Globe nomination.

Julia is currently married to singer Mark Foster. She has quite a presence on social media and is most active on Instagram @juliagarner, where she has about 1.3 million followers presently.


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