Who is Susan Dee Robbins? All About Dale Robertson’s Wife

Susan Dee Robbins (born 1954; Aged: 70) is the wife of Dale Robertson, the late popular American actor.

She was born in San Diego, California, and was married to Dale Robertson who brought her life and career into the limelight. We will provide you with valid information regarding Susan Dee Robbins and her personal life.

Summary of Susan Dee Robbins’ Biography

  • Full name: Susan Dee Robbins
  • Gender: Female
  • Year of Birth: 1954
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Susan Dee Robbins Husband: Dale Robertson (deceased)
  • Susan Dee Robbins Net worth: $1.9 million
  • Famous for: Being the wife of the popular American actor and TV personality, Dale Robertson

Susan Dee Robbins Was born in San Diego, California

Susan Dee was born in San Diego, California in 1954. At the time of writing this piece, there was no information about her siblings’ or parents’ background and professions in the public domain, however, we know that is of white ethnicity and is a citizen of the United States of America.

We know also know that she acquired her basic education (elementary and secondary) in her hometown in California, but the names of the institutions she attended are not known. There is also no information regarding the tertiary institution she attended.

Susan Dee Robbins Met Dale Robertson On A Flight

Yes, Susan Dee Robbins was married to Dale Robertson, a popular American actor, and TV personality, however, their first meeting was unpredictable and exciting. Susan met the actor on a flight from California to Oklahoma while working as an air hostess at American Airlines.

She quickly recognized Dale Robertson and was intrigued to meet the actor of one of her best series at the time – Tale of Wells Fargo, which is one of Dale Robertson’s popular series. At this point, Susan threw caution to the wind and introduced herself to Dale and the rest became history between the duo who ended up walking down the aisle in a couple of years.

Susan Dee Robbins’ marriage and personal relationship with Dale Robertson became more of a private affair and this was as a result of the unsuccessful marriages Dale Robertson had in the past with his wives such as Mary Murphy, Frederica Jacqueline Wilson, and Lula Mae. To avoid a repeat of the past, they decided to keep their marriage from publicity.

Despite Her Husband’s Popularity, Their Marriage Event Was Hushed

Susan Dee Robbins and Dale Robertson’s wedding was a simple ceremony and their marriage was a secret one. Her husband had had a rough ride with women in the past and had decided to give up on the idea of love, marriage, and women, and remain focused on his acting career before she met him on that flight.

According to Dale Robertson, he felt inspired by her beauty and character and decided to give love and marriage a chance again with Susan. They decided to be private with their newfound love as Robertson did not want his marriage with Susan to end on the same note. They went to live in their Farm House in Oklahoma where Dale Robertson began taking care of horses.

Dale Robertson Served In The US Army Before Becoming An Actor

Besides being an actor, Dale Robertson was a former United States soldier and served with the Army before his marriage to Susan Robbins. After his service in the US Army, he wanted to venture into boxing, but that was not to be as a result of the injuries he sustained while on one of his missions as a member of the United States Army.

Dale Robertson made a choice to go into the movie industry and try new explorations. He made his movie debut in The Boys with Green Hair (1948) where he played the role of a policeman. He also starred in two other movies by Randolph Scott Westerns – Fighting Man of Plains (1949), where he played the role of Jesse James, and also The Caribok Trail (1950).

His amazing talent, gained him lots of supporters and huge success when he signed a deal with the famous movie company The 20th Century Fox, landing himself a seven-year contract with the company.

Dale Robertson’s first movie under his contract with the firm was Two Flags West (1951), where he played a supportive role  – a role he also repeated in Call Me Mister (1951). Shortly after, his career took a turn for the better as he took on a more advanced role in movies like Take Care of My Little Girl (1951), playing the love interest of Jean Crain, and also Golden Girl (1951), in which he played a support role to Mitzy Gaynor.

Dale Robertson appeared in the NBC series The Ford Show in 1960, which also featured Tennessee Earnie Ford. Embracing his acting career, Robertson went on to appear in several comedy shows and variety series, and in 1963, his popular series, Tales of the West Fargo ended its five-year run.

Susan Was Dale Robertson’s Wife For 32 Years Before His Death

Susan Dee Robbins’ marriage to Dale Robertson lasted for 32 years until the actor’s demise on February 2, 2013. To Susan, that was one of the most tragic moments of her life as she greatly adored her husband. Robertson was a major part of her life and a huge support to her.

Their marriage did not produce any children but Susan Dee Robbins was a stepmother to Dale Robertson’s three daughters from his previous marriages.

Besides the case of childlessness, Susan Dee Robbins’ marriage to the actor was void of any controversy or scandal as Dale Robertson tried his best to avoid the issues that swallowed up his previous marriages.

She Worked As An Air Hostess for The American Airlines

Susan Dee Robbins used to work as an American Airlines air hostess and it was in this line of work that she first met Dale Robertson. Aside from this job, there is no record of any other career path she pursued. It would seem that she is a celebrity wife whose only route to fame was her marriage to Dale Robertson.

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