Who Is Steve Wallis’ Wife and What Happened To Her?

Steve Wallis’ wife is Jessica Audrey Wallis, a former music teacher. She supported his career in no small measure before she died in 2022.

Steve Wallis is a Canadian YouTuber who makes videos on camping and other forms of outdoor recreation. His YouTube channel boasts over 1.26 million subscribers, and his late wife was instrumental in his success. Although she was a very private person who rarely featured in his YouTube videos, she encouraged him and offered him her unflinching support. Her death, therefore, rocked his world.

Steve Wallis’ Wife is Jessica Wallis, a Music Teacher

Jessica Audrey Wallis, the wife of Steve Wallis, was born on 10th September 1981 into the family of Brad Hatton and Sheila Boretski (Edmonton). She had her elementary education at Archbishop McDonald High School and bagged a Bachelor of Music degree at the Augustana Campus of the University of Alberta.

As a lover of knowledge, she studied pedagogical methods at the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Kecskemet, Hungary. Jessica also obtained an Education-After degree from the Concordia University of Edmonton.

Her knack for music saw her singing in choral groups and playing flute and the piano. She also had a brief stint in teaching before taking a break. Jessica taught music for a year at Evergreen Catholic Separate School Division at Holy Spirit Catholic School in Devon, Alberta.

They Met While He Was Homeless and She Helped him a Lot

Jessica and Steve Wallis met when he was homeless, and she’s been instrumental in his success story. While they were dating, Jessica helped him start a business and supported him in getting a home. They tied the knot in 2017. The couple lived together for five years before Jessica’s demise. Through his wife’s support and influence, Wallis made a name for himself as a prominent documentary maker and YouTuber.

Despite being instrumental to her husband’s success, Jessica Wallis lived a secluded life and didn’t like being on camera. However, as a supportive wife, she appeared in her husband’s YouTube video to celebrate his win of garnering one million subscribers. The Camping with Steve creator has earned over 150 million views on his YouTube videos focused on non-traditional camping styles.

Jessica Wallis Died in her Sleep in August 2022

Jessica Wallis died in her sleep on Saturday, August 20, 2022. The actual cause of death isn’t revealed to date. However, it’s obvious that she was struggling with some health issues, which may have resulted in her death. Some fans speculated that Jessica Wallis died from cardiac arrest. Others assumed she had a brain aneurysm. Steve Wallis hasn’t come out to declare or refute the claims.

Jessica and Steve Wallis never had kids together before she died. It was quite a shock to Steve Wallis as he and Jessica shared a strong bond. The Canadian YouTuber announced her death on August 25, 2O22, in a video titled, “Rest In Peace My Beautiful Wife”. He informed his viewers that he was going to take his time to pour out his heart as he lamented about the sudden and shocking death of his wife.

Her Husband Took Time Off to Deal With The Grief

Steve Wallis further stated in a heart-rending moment that the only reason there’s a Camping With Steve at all is because of Jess. And if he had never met her, he would still be living in a motorhome trying to finish a documentary.

Steve also mentioned that he was going on a hiatus to help him deal with grief. He made it clear that he wouldn’t stop making videos entirely as Jessica would not want that but rather just wanted to have some time off to take a breather.

Furthermore, he urged people to donate to food banks and homeless shelters in honor of Jessica. According to Steve, he and Jessica gave packages, including water bottles, socks, and deodorant, to the hungry and homeless.

Since his wife’s death, Steve has battled depression and anxiety. However, he’s improving by the day, creating his usual camping videos. He’s not dating anyone currently.

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