Who Is Stephanie Soo’s Fiance and What is His Name?

Stephanie Soo’s fiance is assumed to be a man who goes by the name Riu Qian. Meanwhile, she refers to her fiancé in her vlog channel and on Instagram as MisterMangoButt. She has also not revealed his facial identity, as he still hides behind a panda mask whenever he wants to appear online.

Stephanie Soo is well renowned for her mukbang and ASMR videos, which propelled her to the top of her niche on YouTube. Following this, fans are curious about her relationship, which she talked about a little on her second vlog channel, MissMangoButt. However, Stephanie has kept her fiancé’s identity very private despite his involvement in her vlogs and on her social media profiles.

Is Stephanie Soo Really Engaged?

According to the available information online, the young YouTuber, Stephanie Soo, is currently engaged to her long-time boyfriend. The YouTuber often refers to him as MisterMangoButt on her Instagram page and vlog channel. The the two have been in a relationship for a very long time but have decided to step up their game.


It was confirmed that Stephanie Soo’s fiance engaged her in 2019. Her engagement was also confirmed by her comments on her reddit.com account, where fans were getting curious about when she was going to get married. One of Stephanie’s fans posed the question, noting that she has been engaged for over three years (as of 2020).

Meanwhile, in one of her vlogs titled “Why we haven’t had our wedding yet,” the YouTuber explained what appears to be their reason. She stated that their reason is centered on their different family opinions on how their wedding should be done. However, as for the question of whether Stephanie Soo is engaged, it is true that she is engaged to her fiancé, whom little is known about.

What Is Stephanie Soo’s Fiancé’s Name?

To date, it is assumed that Stephanie Soo’s fiancé’s name is Rui Qian, whom she always refers to in her vlogs as MisterMangoButts. As much as the YouTuber and her fiance are very open about their relationship, she is very secretive about the identity of her fiance.

On all her social media pages, Stephanie Soo’s fiance is always hiding his face with an oversize panda mask. In any picture where he appears, his face is likewise masked with stickers to still hide his identity.

Why Did They Decide To Hide His Identity?

The reason behind the concept of keeping her fiance’s identity hidden has called for different opinions from the public. This is because neither Stephanie Soo nor her fiance has decided to disclose the reason for hiding his identity.


To some of their fans, they believe it is just the style they want to employ in gaining the attention of the audience. However, others believe that it may be a technique to keep her fiance’s personal life out of the spotlight. Likewise, others just believe she is being protective of her fiance.

Among all these opinions, one fact remains that they have decided to keep his facial identity a huge secret. We believe that whatever the reason, it must be worth more than just achieving fame on social media. Being that her fiance is fully involved in her social media career, some would take the opportunity to gain social media fame, but he neglected it.

Has Stephanie Soo Done a Face Reveal of Her Fiance?

Stephanie Soo has to date not done any face reveal of her fiance. Although she has done some videos that gave a clue to what her fiance looks like. However, none of her clues can actually get you close to confirming the real identity of her fiance.

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Since Stephanie Soo’s fiance’s identity is hidden, some took it upon themselves to unveil him. So far, this has led to a viral picture of someone by the name of Rui Qian, an agent advisor and sales executive who is believed to be her fiancé. Neither the YouTuber nor the discovered Rui has made any comments. As a result, the general public believes that he may actually be the mysterious fiancé.

Meanwhile, Stephanie Soo has not also confirmed that Rui Qian, or the man in the viral picture, is her fiancé.


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