Who Is Sonny Side’s Wife and Love of His Life

The name of Sonny Side’s wife is not known; however, it’s known that she is a Vietnamese woman. When they got married and the details of their wedding have also remained vague.

Sonny Side is an American writer, producer, director, filmmaker, and food and travel YouTuber famous for creating and hosting the Best Ever Food Review Show. He has been able to capture the hearts of his audience with his outstanding food reviews on his YouTube channel. Having risen to the limelight, he has become a hot topic for discussion, and his personal life is not left out of it. Keep reading as the truth about Sonny Side’s wife has been revealed in this article.

Is Sonny Side Married?

Yes! Sonny Side is married, but he has remained mute when it comes to making details about his love life known to the public. He made appearances with a wedding ring in 2021, thus raising clouds of dust about his marriage.

Meanwhile, there are no records of when he met his wife or when they started dating. However, according to Sonny Side, when he met her, he was starting his YouTube channel and wanted to use his video to make her see that he was cool.

In a video, he wanted to put his face together with hers, but she refused, saying that the police would come after her. The YouTuber did not care about the police, as he would love to see them chase after him for his love. They later started dating, but how long they dated, when they eventually got married, and where they had their wedding are unknown.

Their wedding pictures have also remained a top secret as it has never surfaced on the internet. Meanwhile, after the YouTuber started appearing in his videos with a wedding ring on his finger, the public’s curiosity rose once more, this time quite intensely. Sonny Side was asked by many of his fans if he was married, but they did not receive any answers. In one of his videos, his cameraman congratulated him on his marriage.

However, more questions about Sonny Side’s wife have been asked and will keep coming until he makes her identity known. At the moment, it is believed that they are living their best lives as a married couple.

Sonny Side Has Been Reserved About His Relationship

Right from the early stage of his dating life, Sonny Side has always chosen not to reveal any details when it comes to his dating life. However, he often shared joke videos on YouTube where he talked about stamina and his girlfriend.

In a 2020 video session where he was revealing his deepest secrets, a fan asked him if he was single and he responded by saying that he was not available. This gave the hint that he was dating at that time but chose to make the identity of his partner a herculean task to decipher.

He was further asked by a fan if he had a crush on the woman who accompanied him on every video. Sonny Side laughed it off but later stated that he wouldn’t answer the question because his girlfriend might watch the episode. He did not mention the name of his girlfriend but gave the public a hint that he was dating someone at that time.

Who Is Sonny Side’s Wife?

The identity of Sonny Side’s wife has remained a mystery, as he is hell-bent on not giving up her details. In a video where he was asked about how he met his wife, it was seen that she was Vietnamese.

Meanwhile, other details about where she was born, her background, her education, and more have remained under wraps. What she does for a living is not also known, but she has made appearances in some of his YouTube videos.


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