Who is Sheryl Wilbon? All About Michael Wilbon’s Wife

Sheryl Wilbon is the wife of Michael Wibon, an American broadcaster and former sportscaster. Sheryl Wilbon and Michael Wibon got married in 1997 and have kept their love going to date. His wife who is a former popular American lawyer was born in 1965 and is 59 years old at the moment.

Sheryl Wilbon and Michael Wilbon’s marriage has spanned 27 years and has produced a son. Unlike most people who gain prominence by being associated with public figures, Sheryl was well-known as a popular lawyer even before she got married to Michael.

Throughout their years of marriage, they have drummed their support for each other’s careers and love life. Everything there is to learn about Michael Wilbon’s wife has been explored in this article.

Sheryl Wilbon’s Bio

  • AGE: 59 years old
  • BIRTHDAY: 1965
  • BIRTHPLACE: Washington, D.C., United States

How Old is Sheryl Wilbon?

Sheryl Wilbon is 59 years old. She was born in the year 1965 in Washington, D.C. in the United States. However, her month and date of birth still remain vague, and this has made her zodiac sign unclear. Consequent to this, Sheryl has also kept information about her background away from the knowledge of the media.

Based on this, the identity of her parents is not known likewise her siblings. Nothing is known about her ethnicity and where she spent her childhood. However, it is believed that she spent a greater part of her life in the United States.

Just like Sheryl Wilbon loves to keep details about herself away from the media, the names of the elementary and high schools that she attended are unclear. Meanwhile, she graduated with a degree in law from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, in 1992. Michael Wilbon’s wife later majored in foreign affairs at Virginia University.

When Did Sheryl Wilbon Become Michael Wilbon’s Wife?

Sheryl and Michael Wilbon got married on April 9, 1997. Meanwhile, among the things that Sheryl has kept off the record is her love life. There are no records of when she met her husband or when they started dating, but based on several reports, they dated for quite a long time before they decided to tie the knot.

There is no credible information regarding the type of wedding that they had, but following Michael Wilbon’s status, it is believed that it was a glamorous one. The duo has been married for 27 years and has not stopped showing their love for each other. Sheryl and her husband have been through thick and thin but have stood for each other. She currently lives in Bethesda, Maryland, the United States with her son and husband.

Sheryl and Her Husband Welcomed Their Son in 2008

Sheryl Wilson and her husband are proud parents to their son, Matthew Raymond Wilbon, whom they welcomed on March 26, 2008. Prior to the birth of their son, Michael Wilbon’s wife suffered several significant complications in her pregnancies. This made the doctor talk her into getting a surrogate so she could give birth to her child without facing more complications.

The former lawyer and her husband heeded the advice and eventually got one though they have kept her identity away from the public. Their son was later born, and he is now 16 years old. Though they make several public appearances with their son, they still kept details about him vague.

Following this, the names of the school that he attends at the moment likewise his level has not been mentioned. He is currently growing up under the care of his parents, getting all the love that they can give. Matthew Raymond Wilbon does not have a career at the moment, but based on his pictures on Instagram, he is an avid sports lover and might follow the career path.

Michael Wilbon’s Wife Was an American Lawyer

Just as Michael Wilbon is a famous American broadcaster and former sportscaster, his wife has also made a name for herself in her own right. Sheryl Wilbon was a former American lawyer who practiced for some time. She eventually quit the profession to become a homemaker which she maintains to date.


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