Who is Sheila Carrasco? All About The American Film and TV Actress

Sheila Carrasco is an American television and film actress and producer who gained popularity for playing “Flower” in the CBS TV series, Ghosts.

But before Sheila starred in the CBS series, she had actually started acting as a child back in the 1990s. In the years that followed, she groomed her acting skills by getting the right education from some of the best educational institutions and also working with some incredibly talented people. Here’s how everything has played out in her life and career so far.

Summary of Sheila Carrasco’s Biography

  • Full name: Sheila Carrasco
  • Nickname: Sheila-la-land
  • Gender: Female
  • Birthplace: Chicago, United States
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Sheila Carrasco’s Husband: Josh
  • Sheila Carrasco’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Sheila Carrasco’s Height in Centimeters: 176 cm
  • Sheila Carrasco’s Weight: 60 kg
  • Body measurement in centimeters: 32-26-33
  • Education: NYU Tisch College of Arts, Harvard University, Moscow Artwork Theater
  • Occupation: Actress
  • Sheila Carrasco’s Net Worth: $1 Million
  • Famous for: Playing Flower
  • Sheila Carrasco’s Instagram: @sheilatabasco

Sheila Carrasco was Born in the US State of Chicago

Sheila Carrasco was born in Chicago, the United States although she has never disclosed her actual date of birth. As such, we could not verify how old she currently is. She is an American of mixed ancestry as she has Chilean/Mapuche and American roots. She also speaks fluent Spanish and a little bit of Russian.

While the identities of her parents are unknown, we were able to confirm that Sheila is the youngest of four children, and she has a brother and sister who are both Lieutenant Colonels in the US Marine Corps and the US Air Force respectively.

The names and ages of her three siblings are yet to be revealed by her, though she disclosed that growing up was fun, with lots of craziness constantly going on in her house. The actress was fondly nicknamed Sheila-la-land by her siblings, as a result of her tendency to tune out on everyone and everything going on around her.

She is a Harvard Alumnus

Sheila attended various schools in her quest for knowledge and personal development. She earned a degree in Fine arts direction and set design from New York University Tisch School of the Arts after which she acquired a Master’s degrees from Harvard University and Moscow Art Theater.

Her educational achievements were instrumental in her career advancement as they equipped her with the knowledge and skill required for her craft. Even before she entered college, Sheila had already shown she had a knack for the arts, therefore it can be said that with the right education, her talent was amplified.

Sheila Carrasco Began Acting From a Young Age

Sheila first acted as a child actor in the 1993 television series The Untouchables. There are speculations that she was only eleven at the time she appeared in the series, although she has neither denied nor confirmed the fact. She interpreted the role very well and this landed her so many other acting gigs in the future.

Although Sheila has appeared in various TV and film series over the years, she is more popular for the role she played in the CBS Series Ghost. Her character in the sitcom was a free-spirited young hippie who spread laughter, peace, and love in the series. Sheila completely immersed herself in the role and this endeared her to the numerous people who watched the series.

Sheila is multi-talented as she is also a producer. She produced the 2016 TV program, Marisol, in which she also acted. Sheila is dedicated and passionate about her career as an actress and this has landed her many acting gigs, some of which we will be outlining below.

Some of Sheila Carrasco's Best Movies
  • The Untouchables 1993
  • Cupid 1998
  • What Does Eco Mean? 2010
  • One Night Stand 2011
  • Monster Roll 2012
  • The Beauty Inside 2012
  • Dude, Where’s My Chutzpah? 2013
  • Ralphie 2013
  • Boots 2013
  • Bluebird Street 2013
  • Get Lost 2014
  • Return to Sender 2015
  • How to Survive High School 2015
  • Trophy wives 2016
  • Marisol 2016
  • Life in Pieces 2016
  • Killer Charm 2017
  • The Odd Couple 2017
  • American Housewife 2017
  • In the Hole 2017
  • Me and My Grandma 2017
  • Jane the Virgin 2017
  • My Future Self 2018
  • Morning Harmonizers: Carpool 2019
  • Johnno and Michael Try 2019
  • The Edge of Sleep 2019
  • #VanLife Jewel 2019
  • Open House 2019
  • The Good Place 2019
  • Michael and Michael are Gay 2019
  • Finding the Asshole: Chapter 3 2019
  • I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson Vanessa 2019
  • Good Luck with Everything 2020
  • Outmatched 2020
  • Ghosts 2021
  • A Lot of Nothing 2022

Sheila Carrasco’s Theatre Performances

Sheila’s acting career is not limited to TV and film alone. She has acted in some theater plays including:

  •   The Groundlings
  •   American Repertory Theater
  •   Moscow Art Theater
  •   Chicago’s Court Theater
  •   Steppenwolf Garage

She has Written TV Scripts

Sheila is also an accomplished writer who has written scripts for some popular TV series like the 2018 CBS Diversity Showcase. She also wrote for Broadway Video’s Premium comedy studio; Mas Mejor and functioned as the Head writer for CBS in 2019 where her responsibility included running the inaugural staff writers room.

Additionally, Sheila wrote a virtual comedy titled Anyone but Me, which she also performed in. The show was shown at Pico Playhouse in Los Angeles, under the direction of Margaux Susi.

What is Sheila Carrasco’s Net Worth?

Sheila Carrasco has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Although she has not publicly declared her annual income, the bulk of this sum comes majorly from her successful career in the entertainment industry as an actress, writer, and film producer.

Career Award Nominations and Recognitions

For her dedication to her career, Sheila has received the following award nominations:

  • JFL New Face of Comedy 2018
  • Saturn Award Nomination for Best Actress on Television
  • Critic’s Choice Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actress

Who is Sheila Carrasco’s Husband?

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A post shared by Sheila Carrasco (@sheilatabasco)

Sheila is very intentional about keeping details of her personal life away from the media. While we were able to verify she is married to a man named Josh, we could not confirm his full name or other vital information about him. However, we do know the couple celebrates their wedding anniversary on 8 October, although the exact year of their marriage and how long they have been married remains unknown.

The couple appears to be very much in love, and in a happy marriage, going by the lovely posts she uploads about her husband on important occasions like his birthday or their wedding anniversary. From their wedding pictures, it can be seen that they got married in a simple wedding ceremony that took place in a garden.

She is Active on Social Media

Sheila Carrasco has an Instagram account @sheilatabasco where she has thousands of followers. She constantly posts beautiful pictures of herself having fun, as well as pictures of her husband Josh. She is an animal lover and also uploads pictures of her dog and cat Geneva, named after the city in Switzerland.

From the content she shares on her social media page, it can be inferred that Sheila Carrasco is living a happy life and having the best time of her life pursuing diverse career interests in the entertainment industry.

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