Who Is Sepideh Moafi’s Partner? Is She In A Relationship?

Sepideh Moafi is not in any relationship currently and does not have a partner. As far as we know, the actress’s sexuality has remained straight, as she hasn’t openly confirmed being in any same-sex relationships.

The Iranian-American actress and singer have since 2015 landed herself in the spotlight, through her character as Loretta in HBO’s The Deuce. However, her subsequent casting as Gigi Ghorbani in The L Word: Generation Q has fired up curiosity among fans to know more about her relationship and sexuality. Read on as we unfold all there is to know about Sepideh Moafi’s relationship and sexual orientation.

Who Is Sepideh Moafi’s Partner? 

Sepideh Moafi is not in a relationship currently. Knowing her relationship life or history is one of the things the actress definitely knows the public would be curious about. However, she has remained tight-lipped whenever it comes to her relationship and has not revealed anything about both her past and present lovers.


Considering the rumor going on about her relationship status, she was speculated to be in a relationship with Arienne Mandi, a co-star in the drama series The L Word: Generation Q. Although the speculation seems not to be true, it doesn’t remove the fact that she may be in a secret relationship with someone. However, since she has not disclosed having any partner, we choose to keep it that way until she comes open to disclose otherwise.

Is Sepideh Moafi Gay? 

It is assumed that in reality, Sepideh Moafi’s sexual orientation is straight. The word ‘assumed’ is used because the actress has not cleared the air in that regard. Her sexuality has been the subject of a huge debate by fans following her role in the drama series, The L Word: Generation Q.

What is the Sexual Orientation of Sepideh Moafi in the Series The L Word: Generation Q?

Sepideh Moafi portrayed the role of Golnar Ghorbani, a lesbian, in the American drama television series The L Word: Generation Q. The series has so far succeeded in giving the actress a new biography, which may contradict her real personality. For instance, she is almost assumed to be a member of the LGTBQI+ community, but she has not made any remarks in that regard.

In the series, Sepideh Moafi, who is the main character, was portrayed as a fiery and short-tempered realtor that is balancing her career and co-parenting with her ex-wife, Nat Bailey. The children they are co-parenting are from Nat Bailey, who is of the same gender as Sepideh.

Sepideh Moafi is not the only straight movie star who has been assumed to be gay after portraying gay characters in films. Some of the movie stars that have been wrongly assumed to be gay because of their movie roles are listed below:

  • Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett on (because of their characters as Therese and Carol in the 2015 drama film Carol)
  • Annette Bening and Julianne Moore (for their roles as Nic and Jules in the 2010 American comedy-drama film The Kids Are All Right)
  • Charlize Theron (for her role as a serial killer in the 2003 film Monster)

Most of these actresses have to publicly disclose that they are not members of the LGBTQI+ community before the tag that they are gay was removed. To a large extent, we assume that it is the same case with Sepideh Moafi.

Were Sepideh Moafi and Arienne Mandi in a Relationship?

According to Sepideh Moafi’s social media accounts and other online reports, the actress is not dating Arienne Mandi. The rumor of them dating each other began to spread after they both appeared as lovers in The L Word: Generation Q.

They are now regarded as a good fit because of the attention their on-screen chemistry has received from the audience. Their roles as Gigi and Dani have even earned them the ship name Gini. The two, however, have not addressed the claims that they are dating and have remained silent on the subject.


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