Who Is Scoey Mitchell’s Wife Claire T. Thomas and Are They Still Together?

Claire T. Thomas (born April 25, 1924: Age: 99) was the wife of Scoey Mitchell. They were married for almost five decades before Mitchell lost his life to kidney failure at the age of 92.

Before his death, Scoey Mitchell was a famous actor, writer, and TV director in the 1970s and 80s and was regarded as one of the first black people to come on camera. He was a regular face on game shows like Tattletale, Match Game, Super Password, and Hollywood Squares.

Summary of Claire T. Thomas’s Biography

  • Full name: Claire T. Thomas
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: April 25, 1924
  • Claire T. Thomas’s Age: 99 years old
  • Ethnicity: African-American
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Widowed
  • Claire T. Thomas’s Husband: Scoey Mitchell (deceased)
  • Claire T. Thomas’s Parents: Joseph V. Thomas and Anna C. Hannagan
  • Claire T. Thomas Net Worth: $2 million
  • Famous for: Being the wife of late actor and writer, Scoey Mitchell

Claire T. Thomas Is An Afro-American

Claire T. Thomas was born to her parents Joseph V. Thomas and Anna C. Hannagan on the 25th of April, 1924, however, her place of birth is not known. She has Black ancestry and holds an American passport which makes her an American citizen.

It would seem that Claire T. Thomas is a very discreet woman who treasures her privacy because, despite the fact that she was married to a popular figure, there is not so much known about her family background and childhood.

Growing up as a little girl, she had a great family. Some media sources have reported that she attended private local schools and has a University diploma. On her part, Claire has not said anything about her educational background and there is no information about her qualifications on the web.

Scoey Mitchell Was Claire T. Thomas’ Wife For More Than Four Decades

Claire T. Thomas and her late husband, Scoey Mitchell, were married for quite a long time. This couple met in 1972, just one year before their wedding in 1973 after Scoey had been introduced to Claire by a mutual friend. Unfortunately, that is all that is known as other finer details about that first meeting like where it happened and the particular event it was are not known.

From there on, they kicked off their relationship and started dating, and barely one year into dating, the lovebirds announced their wedding. Claire T. Thomas and the late Scoey Mitchell would go ahead to get married in a private ceremony on April 7, 1973. Their wedding was graced by their family members and friends.

Claire T. Thomas

Claire T. Thomas enjoyed bliss while her marriage lasted and was never divorced until the death of her husband, Scoey Mitchell. Claire and Scoey tried to keep their marriage away from the prying eyes of their fans and the media. While it lasted, there was no scandal associated with their marriage, no news about infidelity, and no child out of wedlock.

Another aspect of Claire and Scoey’s marriage that wasn’t so clear was their children. While there was no public indication that the couple had any child, and some reports suggest that they had no children because they were not fertile, others have it on record that Claire T. Thomas and the late Scoey Mitchell had two children together. However, there is nothing that is known about the so-called children.

Claire T. Thomas’ Husband Died In March 2022

Until March 2022, Claire and Scoey stayed together in their marriage of almost five decades. But on March 19, 2022, Claire became a widow when her husband succumbed to kidney failure just one week after he celebrated his 92nd birthday. He breathed last at the Hospice Care Facility in Torrance, California.

Scoey Mitchell’s death was a big blow to his wife, Clair,e who mourned his death and shut herself off from the public. Her brother-in-law, Billy, was then saddled with the responsibility of keeping the public updated on his brother’s death.

Scoey Mitchell, Claire T. Thomas’ Husband Was A Hollywood Sensation In The 80s

The late Scoey Mitchell (born March 12, 1930) was a popular Hollywood actor and TV director. His birth name was Roscoe Mitchell Jr. and he was born in Newburgh, New York City. He grew up with his family and spent his early days with his brother, Billy Mitchell.

Just like his wife, he was an African American, and even though he did not disclose his educational qualifications to the public, fans believe that he was well-schooled. Unfortunately, he died on March 19, 2022, as a result of kidney failure. Scoey passed on a few days after his birthday in Torrance California, at the full age of 92.

Claire T. Thomas

During his lifetime, Scoey Mitchell was an iconic writer, comedian, and actor. He was said to have spent a long time in the entertainment and movie industry and was well-known for his role in the 1970s game shows. He frequently appeared in Match Games and Tattletales and also created a couple of TV series like 13 East and Mr and Mrs.

Similarly, he was regarded as a talented actor in his time and was featured in many movies like Cops, That Girl, The Odd Couple, and a lot more. He also reappeared in a movie production nearly thirty years after being away from the movie industry, in 2017.

What Does Claire T. Thomas Do For A Living?

Claire T. Thomas is a celebrity wife. She became famous by being married to the American comedian and Hollywood actor, Scoey Mitchell. She has long maintained her status by being Mitchell’s wife.

This 99-year-old woman has not been very forth coming with information about herself, including what she did for a living even before meeting her husband.

As a consequence of her discretion, the public is not aware of what she does for a living or her net worth. However, some media houses have estimated her net worth to be approximately $2 million. Her current net worth is on account of her late husband’s wealth.

Scoey Mitchell’s Wife Now Lives A Private Life

Contrary to the normal celebrity lifestyle, Claire is quite withdrawn. She lives her life off the media and is not active on social media. The widow of Scoey Mitchell is so private that even when her husband died, the news was made public by her brother-in-law, Billy Mitchell.

Claire T. Thomas is not on Instagram. Her lifestyle is the complete opposite of a celebrity wife and is also not on any other social media platform, including Facebook. She currently resides in the United States but her place of residence is not known.

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