Who Is Sarah Ludden, Allen Ludden’s Daughter and Betty White’s Step-Daughter?

Sarah Ludden is the third child and daughter of Allen Ludden, the late Hollywood actor, and also the stepdaughter of Betty White, the late American actress. Sarah Ludden was born in 1952 and is a 72 year-old dancer, ex-karate instructor, and audiologist.

Growing up in a high-profile family makes a lot of people admire your life and want to learn more about you which is the case of Sarah Ludden. Read on to get closure about Sarah Ludden’s life.

Summary of Sarah Ludden’s Bio

  • Full name: Sarah Ludden
  • Gender: Female
  • Sarah Ludden’s Age: 72 years old
  • Year of Birth: 1952
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christian
  • Sarah Ludden’s Parents: Allen Ludden (father), Margaret McGloin (mother), and Betty White (stepmother)
  • Siblings: David Ludden and Martha Ludden
  • Sarah Ludden’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Sarah Ludden’s Height in Centimeters: 172.72 cm
  • Sarah Ludden’s Weight: 57 kg
  • Body Measurements in Inches: 32-23-34 (Chest-Waist-Hips)
  • Sarah Ludden’s Net Worth: $700k
  • Famous for: Allen Ludden’s daughter and Betty White’s stepdaughter
  • Facebook: @Sarah Ludden

Sarah Ludden is the Last Born of Allen Ludden’s Children

Sarah Ludden was born in 1952, which makes her 72 years old. She is the third and last of the three children born to Betty White’s husband, Allen Ludden, and his late wife, Magaret McGloin. Sarah was just nine years old when she lost her biological mother to cancer on October 30, 1961.

Sarah Ludden

She is well educated as she received her elementary education before enrolling at Horace Greely High School for her high school education. While in school, Sarah was a very good athlete and loved sports activities a lot. After high school, Sarah went on to graduate with distinction from the North Western University advanced education program.

Sarah Ludden is a born athlete and has always been a sports lover. she first started her career as a dancer before going on to be an audiologist. She also had an interest in martial arts, which propelled her to go further to pursue a career in Karate with Nancy Lanoue. The duo became acquainted during her training sessions and they both joined forces together and opened the Thousand Waves martial arts school, where they get to train people on the martial art.

They also jointly established the Thousand Waves scholarship fund, which has assisted many of their students with more than $100k in tuition. Sarah earned her fifth-degree black belt in the World Seido Karate Organization and Kajukenbo Kung Fu. Sarah and her friend Nancy went further to open a women’s gym and a feminist health club.

Sarah Ludden’s Father was a Successful Actor and Show Host

Sarah Ludden’s father, Allen Ludden, was well known as an actor, TV personality, emcee, and host of Bob Stewart’s television game show, Password from 1961 – 1980. Allen was born on 5th October 1917 in Wisconsin, USA, to Elmer Ellsworth and Leile M. Allen.

Before he began his acting career, he worked for the United States Army and was also a recipient of various awards like the Bronze Star medal and Peabody award.

Sarah Ludden

Allen also went ahead to launch a classic album titled “Allen Ludden Sings His Favourite Songs” in 1964 on RCA Records.

Both of Sarah Ludden’s Parents Died of Cancer

Sarah’s biological parents, Allen Ludden and Magaret McGloin, got married on 11th October 1943 in a private ceremony that was attended by family and friends. For the years they spent together, their union was blessed with three children – a son and two daughters.

Sadly, their happily ever after came to an end due to the passing on of her mom on October 30th, 1961, which was as a result of cancer. Sarah was just 9 years old at the time her mother died of cancer.

Two years after the death of her mother, Sarah’s father decided to move on with his life and fell in love with actress Betty White who had already been married twice. They wedded in 1963 and were happily married for eighteen years. Betty White did not see the need to remarry after Allen passed as he was the best husband, and she was not willing to replace him with another.

Allen Ludden was diagnosed with stomach cancer which he was afflicted with until his demise on June 9th, 1981, in Los Angeles. He was later buried beside his father in the Ellsworth family plot.

Sarah Had a Good Relationship as Betty White’s Step-daughter

Sarah Ludden

Sarah Ludden, unlike her sister Martha, was close to her stepmother, just like her brother David Ludden. Sarah, after the demise of her mother, had accepted Betty into their family as her stepmother. Sarah was said to be the one who would most often intervene whenever her elder sister Martha would pick a fight with Betty White, as Martha had disapproved of her father taking another wife after their mother’s death

This goes to show that the pair had a good mother and daughter relationship, not minding if she was their biological mother or not.

Sarah Ludden’s Lovelife is Relatively Unknown

Despite her being born and raised by parents who are well known in the entertainment industry, Sarah Ludden has managed to keep her personal life away from the public and has always avoided being in the spotlight. This makes it difficult for us to ascertain for sure if she is married or in any relationship.

Many had questioned the type of closeness and friendship Sarah and Nancy share, with some even going as far as insinuating they were lovers, but up to date, there has been no response from either Sarah or Nancy regarding their dating rumors.

Sarah Ludden

The ex-karate champion is presently retired and living in Chicago, enjoying her old age, and is having the best time of her life, maintaining a very healthy diet just like her stepmother. Sarah Ludden, being an extremely private person, is not active on other social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, except on Facebook, where she is available under the username @Sarah Ludden.

Does Sarah Ludden Have an Inheritance From Betty White?

Sarah’s stepmother Betty White never had biological children of her own beside her three stepchildren. This goes to mean that the legendary actress does not have any legal heir to inherit her wealth and properties. Not much is known about the inheritance she left, but from information gathered, Betty White’s estates were sold, and her personal belongings are to be auctioned in September 2022.

This goes to mean that Sarah did not get to inherit any of her stepmother’s property. Well, if she did, it is not known to any source, although there had been rumors that the majority of Betty White’s property would be given to animal charities in which she was greatly involved while alive.

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